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10 Things That Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Dies

Queen Elizabeth II is quite a historical figure. She has been a great queen for the people and has had a very interesting tenure on the throne. She has overcome many challenges while she has worn the crown and there is no question that she is universally loved by many throughout the world. This strong woman has endured so much and has helped her monarchy survive in the modern world. But all great things and dynasties must eventually come to an end. In 1952 she took the throne at the young age of 25. She is the longest-reigning British monarch at 92 years old. So it is hard to imagine what will happen when she is gone.

Unfortunately, the queen will not live forever and when she does inevitably move on to the next life so many things will change. A member of royalty passing away is a huge deal, and many things occur when this loss happens. When the sad day does come when Queen Elizabeth passes on many things people do not realize will have to happen. Buckingham Palace has a specific plan code-named Operation London Bridge that will go down the minute the world loses its beloved British queen. Here are ten things that will happen when Queen Elizabeth II passes away.

1. Prince Charles Will Become King

Many things will occur upon the sad news of Elizabeth II’s death. The Queen’s private secretary, a man by the name of Sir Christopher Geidt, will immediately contact the Prime Minister who will let other governments and world leaders know of the loss. Then the world will undoubtedly be notified to begin the mourning process. But one thing will occur before all this. The first thing that will need to happen is a new person will need to wear the crown. This means that Prince Charles is next in line.

This isn’t something that will take place days after her death, It will be instantaneous, and his siblings will kiss his hands. Prince Charles will be crowned king and sit on England’s throne beginning his reign in the modern world. Charles will most likely give his first address as a king on the eve of the queen’s death. At 11 AM the next morning, he will swear an oath known as the accession declaration, and then he will be proclaimed King.[1]

2. The Succession Line Will Change

One thing that will definitely be affected is the line of succession. With the loss of the queen, everyone down the line will move up a slot in the royal line. When Charles is king the next heir apparent and Prince of Wales will be Prince Henry. So this would mean that Henry would be next in line for the throne after Charles.

This would also technically make Kate, Henry’s wife, the Princess of Wales. But she may decline the title out of respect for the late Princess Diana who was killed in a tragic car wreck. This is the same reason that Charles’s wife, Camilla, does not hold that title and instead is called the Duchess of Wales. And Once Prince William becomes the heir apparent to the throne, his children will become next in line. The order will be George, Charlotte, Louis, and then Prince Harry of course.[2]

3. About 10,000 Tickets Will Be Printed

The one thing no one likes to do with the death of a loved one is the plan for the funeral. It is probably the saddest reason for people to get together. This will undoubtedly be a massive event that the entire country will put everything on hold for. This final chance to pay one’s respect to one of the country’s greatest members of the monarchy will be a momentous occasion and has to be planned out perfectly. Between security and event planning, this will not be an easy feat to accomplish. And depending on the person, one may have to arrange for a large ceremony depending on how many lives the deceased had touched before they passed. In Queen Elizabeth II’s case, there will be a good number of individuals wanting to show their respect for the iconic leader. So this means that about 10,000 tickets will be printed for guests for the many different ceremonies that will occur. This includes the funeral and, of course, the proclamation of the new king.[3]

4. All Flags, Including Beach Flags, Will Be Placed at Half-mast

The death of someone as important as the queen will undoubtedly lead to a good amount of ceremony. As is tradition all flags, including beach flags, will be lowered to half mast. The church bells will be heard all over the city. At Westminster Abbey, there is a Tenor Bell that is rung for all the royal deaths. This unfortunate event could also lead to any significant events occurring at the same time to be canceled.

It is also expected that people will gather outside of Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to their queen. At town halls, libraries and museums people will be able to find condolence books featuring loose-leaf pages. This is down so any inappropriate messages can be removed. Provincial cities will erect large screens so that citizens can easily keep track of the events taking place in London for the funeral.[4]

5. Prince Charles Will Go on a Four-day Tour of the Country

Once Charles becomes king he won’t have much time to sit on the throne. After the proclamation is completed, the new king will leave St. James Palace to embark on a four-day tour of the country. As the new king, his first duty will be visiting what are called “home countries” which includes England, Scotland, the British Isles, Northern Ireland, and Wales of course. Along the way, he will meet with various people shaking hands while greeting citizens on a more personal level than most public affairs involving the royal family.

Charles will also meet with leaders in government and attend memorial services for his beloved mother. This will undoubtedly be a difficult time for the new king as losing a mother is never easy for anyone. But when your mother is the queen one must do her proud and continue the traditions the crown requires. Country first and then Charles can mourn his tragic loss when it does, unfortunately, occur.[5]

6. The Queen Will Lie in State for Four Days

Once the king’s royal tour is concluded it will be time to lay the queen to rest finally. A procession will see the coffin containing the queen’s body go from Buckingham Palace all the way to Westminster Hall. This procession that goes from Buckingham palace will end up being a massive military parade to honor her majesty. The crowd control for this event will be based on the plan that was utilized in the 2012 Olympics when the games took place in London because the route is capable of holding half a million people.

When Elizabeth’s father died his fox terrier lead the procession. So the queen’s corgis may lead the way in honor of their fallen master. This memorial parade will arrive at Westminster Hall precisely on the hour. Big Ben will start to ring right as the queen’s carriage pulls up in front of the building. The Queen’s many mourners will be able to pay their respects for 23 days as four soldiers will stand vigil in shifts consisting of 20 minutes. The queen’s various children and grandchildren stand to watch as well.[6]

7. The Funeral Will Be Held Nine Days After Her Death

Everyone remembers watching royal weddings. Mostly because they are on TV for a good chunk of time and take up most of the coverage. Well, for those wondering, the funeral will be just as televised as the events of matrimony. The service will take place nine days after her death and will take place at Westminster Abby. This day will almost certainly become a national holiday for the citizens of England as the world will have lost one of its most iconic leaders in history. One thing that is not televised is the grieving royal family. Camera operators will not film that, most likely out of respect for what they are going through.

The royal jewels will be cleaned after they are removed from the glass case on the coffin that allows the public to view them during this whole endeavor. Other things that will occur is that the stock market will be closed on that day. The rest of the country will go on a bank holiday. And once the clock hits 9 am, Big Ben will strike with the hammer covered with a leather pad to muffle the ringing. This will indeed be an event that will impact many, and her memory will stay in peoples hearts for the foreseeable future after it occurs.[7]

8. All the Money Will Change

The one big thing that will need to change and will most likely be a considerable inconvenience to the entire country will be the changing of what is on the money. If one takes a look at the British money situation, they will notice one common factor. The image of Queen Elizabeth II is all over both paper money and coins. Once the crown is passed to Prince Charles, all the money must be changed. And while this seems like something that would take months and even years to accomplish, they only have ten days to pull this off. That is one very tall order to carry out but must be done.

And while most people will assume this major change in dollars and cents would be limited to just the UK, they would be very mistaken. Any country that is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations will quickly need to switch over. This includes countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as 48 other places. Their traditions may be odd but this the way it is done.[8]

9. Buckingham Palace Will Go Black

In today’s modern world of technology and social media, the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing will spread very quickly. But the traditional method of alerting everyone to this news is much different than a regular news blast. Buckingham Palace will officially go black when the dark news hits. A footman dressed in black will go up to the place gates and put up a black edged notice of the sad news. Everyone usually wears black at the funeral, so this is all very fitting under the circumstances. Black is the traditional color of mourning and will not be limited to just the notice. The Queen’s family will also don the color. The royal family’s website will go back as well. And news reporters that are on camera will also be it as a sign of respect.[9]

10. Laughter Will Not Be Televised

One thing that will happen when the tragic death of the queen occurs is that all the laughter will come to a halt. Well, at least when it comes to the media. The first to get the news will be The BBC. Once the network gets the word that Queen Elizabeth II is no longer with us, they will remove all comedies and any other humorous content from their lineup. Other programs will be rearranged to allow for news updates to be uninterrupted. This change will not just be limited to TV. BBC’s radio arm will focus on covering the news and play appropriate music. The death of the queen is no laughing matter, and the country will be taking that part very seriously. It will indeed be a dark day when Queen Elizabeth II finally leaves this world.[10]

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