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Top 10 Most Unusual Hotels From Around the World

Some people are looking for a holiday experience like no other by staying at uniquely themed, bizarre and even haunted hotels that will enable them to experience accommodations that offer exciting adventures just as their trip itself. From around the world, there are stranger and stranger hotels that keep popping up, and some people find it hard to believe that they are real. These hotels are not just a place to spend the night; they also bring highlights to any travel experience and make it profoundly memorable. Here are ten of the most unusual hotels from around the world that will undoubtedly amuse you.

Manta Underwater Room – Zanzibar

Manta Underwater Room - Zanzibar

The Manta Resort is located on the tropical Pemba Island in Zanzibar. The accommodation allows guests to spend for three days minimum stay on a private floating island with the bedroom thirteen feet below the surface of a marine environment. The Underwater Room is quite like having a vacation stay inside an aquarium where the people sleep with the fishes. On the other side, people are the attraction for the fishes.

The bedroom features a comfortable double bed that provides the perfect view for watching while feeling the serenity of the tropical marine environment. There are spotlights placed underneath each windowpane to light up the surroundings of the room and create an attractive view of the marine life around it, whereby all kinds of marine creatures that swim pass almost appear glowing. There is a ladder that leads up to the roof where it has a lounging area. From there, the guests can sunbathe during the day and go stargazing at night at the roof of their bedroom.[1][2]

Ice Hotel – Quebec City, Canada

Unusual Hotels - Ice Hotel – Quebec City, Canada

Hotel De Glace is the first and only hotel made entirely of ice and snow in North America. The hotel was first built in Quebec, Canada, in 2001. It’s been recreated every year and is only open to guests for a few months each year which is from January to April. Everything was designed out of snow and ice with an incredible feat of engineering. The hotel has complete features of ice sculptures and carvings, an ice bar, ice beds, and even an ice chapel.

The hotel has a total of 45 rooms and suites with different themes that offer complimentary wireless internet access. Other amenities of the hotel include the nightclub, a bar/lounge, five restaurants, a spa tub, and a sauna. The temperature inside is between minus three degree Celsius and five degree Celsius. There are firepits inside the hotel to keep the guests warm. The hotel offers numerous winter activities on sites such as snow slides, dog sledding, snow rafting and ice skating in the Winter Playground.[3]

Robot Hotel – Nagasaki, Japan

Robot Hotel – Nagasaki, Japan

The Henn na or Weird Hotel is robot staffs run a hotel in the east of Tokyo, Japan, that and owned by the Japanese travel agency HIS. The front desk staff is a dinosaur that speaks in English, instructing the visitor to push a button on the desk and use the touch panel screen to type in their information. And the other is a female humanoid that speaks in Japanese. From the receptionist to the porter, there is an automated trolley that can take luggage to the hotel room.

During check-in, the guest’s face is registered which is also used to unlock their hotel room, instead of the standard electronic keys. Hideo Sawada, the one who runs the hotel, insisted on using robots as a serious effort to use technology and highlight innovation. He has big intentions of opening another robot hotel in Japan and is also planning at expanding abroad. He is also interested in adding more languages to the robot’s vocabulary, such as Chinese and Korean.[4]

Utter Inn – Sweden

Utter Inn – Sweden

Utter Inn has only one available room that houses only two beds, a table, a toilet, and a small cooker. It is a hotel room, an art piece, and a marine life observation station created by a Swedish artist, Mikael Genberg. The guests get to experience sleeping in a single underwater room with panoramic windows in all directions to make it look like an underwater aquarium. The single room of the Utter Inn lies three meters below the surface of Lake Malaren in Vasteras, Sweden.

The small Swedish red hotel was opened in June 2000 during the coldest, rainiest day in the whole summer and has ended up attracting a lot of people to try to have the experience on sleeping on a floating, underwater hotel. Guests even have the opportunity to explore some of the small human-made islands located miles from the shore and use the inflatable boat at the port. The guests can spend their time upstairs watching the sunset, have a sunbathe, and watch the passing birds overhead.[5]

Palacio de Sal – Bolivia

Palacio de Sal is a hotel built entirely of salt blocks and is located on the banks of the majestic Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the largest salt flat in the world. The hotel is unique for having everything being entirely built out of salt bricks, featuring the walls, floors, ceilings, sculptures, and even furniture such as beds, chairs, tables, and couches. The Salt Palace also ended up becoming a tourist destination because many visitors enjoyed staying at this salt hotel along with the salty landscape and the sensation of being in the middle of a dessert.

The hotel is organized as a palace with a dry sauna, steam room, saltwater pool, salt beds, whirlpool baths, massage room, game room and a nine-hole golf course that is available from May to November. The guests can even have the option to take a trip to the Isla Incahuasi, a rocky island located in the center of the Salar de Uyuni. The hotel accommodates 16 private rooms with bathrooms with domed roofs. To maintain the integrity of the hotel’s structure, guests are strictly forbidden to lick the walls.[6]

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort – Saariselka, Finland

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort – Saariselka, Finland

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort is located in a northern region of the country called Finnish Lapland – the northernmost region of Finland. It is a well-known resort in Finland with glass and snow igloos and traditional cozy log cabin chalets. The roofs of the igloos are made of thermal glass to allow the room to remain at a warm temperature and to avoid obstructing the guests’ pleasant views of the enchanting Northern Lights and through the field of glass.

Kakslauttanen is one of the best places on the world for watching the Aurora Borealis, or the magical glow of the Northern Lights. It is the main attraction at Kakslauttanen that happens during the aurora season that lasts from late August until the end of April. It is also the perfect place to plan out your dream winter activities. During the winter season, the visitors can enjoy plenty of available snow activities to do such as riding on snowmobiles, go ice fishing, horse sleigh rides, horseback ride, and snow tank rides.[7]

Crane Hotel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Crane Hotel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Crane Hotel Faralda is located at Amsterdam’s NDSM shipyard and is one of the world’s most publicized unique hotel experiences and most unusual design hotel because it is set in a former harbor crane of 50 feet high. It has a panoramic view of the city from its rooms and rooftop spa pool. The hotel has even attracted many celebrities, DJs and travelers. It had three luxury suites, each with air-conditioned and decorated with a different theme.

The rooms are furnished with a king-size coco-mat mattress, a flat-screen TV and a seating area. The bathrooms have rain showers, baths, and toiletries. On the upper deck of Faralda Crane Hotel, there is a Faralda Spa where guests can enjoy relaxing in a spa pool while admiring the view of the cityscape of Amsterdam. The guests can have the options to enjoy a private boat ride, a helicopter tour of the city, have an exclusive Prosecco breakfast in bed, or a continental breakfast at DoubleTree by the Hilton Hotel, complimentary wine, and champagne for a surcharge.[8]

Book and Bed – Tokyo, Japan

Book and Bed – Tokyo, Japan

Book and Bed is a bookstore-themed hotel located right by the JR Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo, where guests get to nestled in small compartments within the bookshelves laden with over 3,000 of English and Japanese language books. The capsules behind the bookshelves are decked out with a mattress, pillow, blanket, and a couple of hangers. The capsules come with an individual power outlet and an electrical lamp, along with a black curtain to secure privacy.

Every room is also equipped with earplugs for those who want to enjoy reading or sleep peacefully without worrying about hearing some noises. The hostel was designed to provide a unique experience for book lovers where the patrons can enjoy the whole setting that felt much like a real library and read their chosen book at the comforts of their bed and ready themselves to sleep. If the guests prefer to relax outside the capsule, there is a shared large lobby area filled with comfortable cushions and sofas and can select their books from the rich book collection.[9][10]

Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge – Chile

Unusual Hotels - Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge – Chile

Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge is an extraordinary hotel shaped in a volcano-like building that daily spews water over its sides instead of lava. This magical lodge is made of natural timbers and is built around the forest of Huilo Huilo by the adjoining communities of Neltume and Puerto Fuy. The structure of the building is covered in moss and vines, and for the guests to access the lodge, they must cross the swinging rope bridge. The ‘Magic Mountain’ hotel only accommodates 13 guest rooms, each of them is named after a local bird and have wooden interiors.

There are outdoor hot-tubs carved from gigantic tree trunks and many unusual animals in the surroundings. The lodge features an indoor pool, a spa a wellness center. Free WiFi access is even available. Among the several activities available, the guests can enjoy a wild-course mini-golf, skiing, cycling, horseback riding, jungle trekking and have access to the longest zip wire in South America which is 1,500 feet from the ground.[11]

Silver Mine Hotel – Stockholm, Sweden

Silver Mine Hotel – Stockholm, Sweden

The Sala Silver Mine Hotel Suite is located deep in the bowels of an old mine. The small luxury suite is found in the Swedish town of Sala, which was home to the largest and most important silver mine in the country during the early centuries. The small bedroom suite, which is situated 155 meters underground, took ten years for the miners to carve out with the mining method of fire-setting. During the twentieth century, the precious ore had run out, leaving behind empty tunnels and excavated chambers which ended the mining in 1908.

The abandoned area eventually become the world’s deepest luxury hotel room and even the best-preserved mine settings and serves as a tourist attraction with tour guides. The suite is furnished with a double bed and silver furnishings. The temperature of the surrounding tunnels is at a constant, chilly two degree Celsius while the hotel room is at a comfortable, warm air of eighteen degree Celsius. The underground setting is a bit cold, damp and dark but very alluring.[12]

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