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10 Unsettling Things Your Favorite Superheroes Have Done

People need heroes to look up to, and comic books have provided some truly outstanding role models. On the opposite side, they’ve produced some intense evildoers for the good guys to prove their bravery against. But Just because they are heroes doesn’t necessarily make them perfect little angels. The stresses of the job and the pressures to save the day can weigh heavy, causing some odd behavior. And just like ordinary people, those with powers have faults, flaws, and vices. So it is safe to assume because they live a much different life being powerful and such, that they are going to do some pretty corky things that many may find strange and even downright uncomfortable. Some may just find them hilarious. Either way, out of all the crazy stuff superheroes have done, here are ten of the most unsettling moments experienced by the illustrated defenders of freedom and the innocent.

The Sexual Habits of Ant-Man

Kitty Pryde

Ant-Man is the infamous hero in Marvel comics that, through the use of Pym Particles technology, can shrink in size or grow to enormous proportions. He also can command a massive ant army. These are not your everyday, run of the mill superpowers, and to some, they probably seem all kinds of strange. That leads to some weird speculation over what else could be going on with that odd ant-obsessed microscopic giant person.

In regards to the character’s sexual endeavors, the powers that be at Marvel Comics decided it was probably in their best interest to stop all the wondering and show precisely how the man of Ants gets down and dirty. And yes, it’s peculiar. In an Avengers issue, he is seen shrunken down emerging from Wasp’s nether regions into her cleavage after he had been moaning for him to do more. One of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes shrinks himself to become the world’s most excellent sex toy. Wonders never cease in the world of comic books.[1]

Kitty Pryde Phases When She Orgasms

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is one of the most influential members of the fan-favorite superhero group known as the X-Men. Her celebrity is not hard to believe when you see what this little lady is packing. Not only does she have a purple dragon by her side that can breathe fire, but she also can phase through walls. All she needs to do to not literally fall through to the Earth’s core is to keep a considerable amount of concentration going all the time. So this is entirely natural for anyone to wonder what would happen if something or someone was to break that concentration?

During the Astonishing X-Men series, Kitty Pride and the impenetrable strong man Colossus rekindle their mutant romance. The usually innocent and shy Kitty Pryde flips the script on both the readers and her chromed out beau when she strips down to seduce him. While the two are getting it on the passion becomes too much for Pryde, causing her to lose that concentration and she begins to phase through the floor falling into the TV room while a classmate is catching up on his favorite programming. Mutant problems are the worst.[2][3]

Superman Shot a Porno


Superman writer John Byrne took the Man of Steel to some dark places during his tenure with the Action Comics series in the 1980s. He was tasked with reinventing the hero before taking over and then was expected to keep fans engaged. Byrne definitely accomplished that goal, even if he did it in what some say is a bit of an unsettling manner.

The Last Son of Krypton was once a pornstar. Well maybe not a star but he took a crack at the business that bares all on screen. Big Barda and Superman get taken over by an appropriately named individual called Sleez. The evildoer decides the best thing to do with two of the greatest heroes in the universe is have them shoot a naughty movie. Readers weren’t privy to the content they filmed, but when Darkseid hands the tape to Big Barda’s husband, his reaction says it all.[4]

Zatanna Lobotomizes Villains Wipes Batman’s Memory

Zatanna Lobotomizes Villains

Everyone that reads comics knows that a hero is only as strong as his or her secret identity. If who they are is revealed, not only are they in danger, but their loved ones are as well. So keeping this information out of the hands of their rivals is of the utmost importance. So when this became an issue, certain heroes took it upon themselves to solve this matter. It was revealed in the Identity Crisis series that because the villains were constantly unveiling who was under the mask, Zatanna took it upon herself to wipe their memories. But one time, things had gone too far.

In a shocking turn of events, Dr. Light sexually assaults Elongated Man’s wife, Sue Dibney. He then tells the JLA he’ll rape their wives as well, and tell the world about his wicked deeds. Instead of just depriving him of this as well as enjoying the awful memory, Zatanna goes a step further and drastically alters his mind to the point where he becomes a B-List villain that can barely survive the Teen Titans. But when Batman finds out about this, he isn’t too happy, so Zatanna is forced to wipe her ally’s mind.[5]

The Atom Treats Prisoners Inhumanely

The Atom

When the good guys need to get information out of the bad guys, they sometimes resort to means that aren’t very becoming of their character. Torture isn’t something practiced by all heroes but some, unfortunately, cave in to the pressure and break their moral code for the greater good. Now even though this seems like an act of nobility, in reality, it can become very heinous if administered in a sinister manner. And one DC hero that is guilty of this is Ray Palmer, also known as the Atom.

The Atom, like Marvel’s Ant-Man, can shrink down to being microscopic and then he can grow back. So when he enters the prisoner’s nasal cavity and slowly begins to grow, causing immense pain to the subject, one would have to classify that as some seriously cruel and unusual punishment. The pain from the nasal cavity experienced by the victim is so excruciating that in the end, they are forced to talk. While Palmer meant well, no one should be chasing answers down a tunnel of snot where the chance of massive trauma to the head could occur. That method of interrogation is anything but heroic.[6]

Batman Was a Straight Up Killer


Most people are under the impression that Batman is not a fan of killing people. The guy has an entire code against the very practice of taking one’s life. This has been apparent in most adaptations as well as a majority of the source material. But there have been some instances where the Dark Knight has been a murderer.

In the first few years of the Detective Comics run, where Gotham’s Caped Crusader made his debut, he was packing heat and killing villains in all sorts of ways. He even would go as far as to give a witty quip to conclude each fatal situation. It is hard to imagine the beloved freedom fighter snapping necks and throwing evildoers into vats of acid like a Cartel kingpin. He’s even left people to starve to death. So while he has mostly maintained he’s not about taking lives, some moments of his history are quite the opposite.[7]

That Time Green Lantern Was a Mass Murderer

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is one of DC’s most powerful heroes. The power of will prevails overall for the man that rocks the ring, patrolling hisc sector for crimes against the innocent. But sometimes the job of savior can get a bit overwhelming, and it is understandable when one loses control, right? Well after Coast City, the home of everyone Hal Jordan loves is destroyed, he goes a bit mad trying to gain the powers needed to rebuild his home.

In the process of this impossible endeavor, some individuals, including other Lanterns, happen to get in his way, or at least how the grief-stricken, deranged version of the green lantern sees it. This number continues to grow until Hal eventually saves the world. This heroic deed somewhat redeems him of the sizeable number of killings, but really just proves everyone, including meta-humans, is only one bad day away from becoming a monster.[8]

Blob Eats Wasp Then Giant-Man Eats Blob

If one was to look through every comic panel ever created, it is safe to assume that there would be some strange things witnessed during the endeavor. But what one does not expect to see is the act of humans beings eating other human beings or super-powered individuals feasting upon other super-powered individuals. Cannibalism just doesn’t seem like it’s in the formula for a comic book story. But anyone believing that to be the whole truth would be mistaken in a double whammy of catastrophic proportions.

The Ultimate series is arguably the edgiest of all the storylines to come out of Marvel comics. Ultimatum was the story that was to cap off this non-conventional run of narratives, and it was packed to the brim with some serious violence. This included a very gross seen of The Blob biting off the Wasp’s head. Then in retaliation, Ant-Man transforms into Giant-Man and devours the Blob’s noggin spectacularly.[9]

Punisher Was Once an Angel


The Punisher is a lot of things, but most people would probably hesitate to label him a saint. The infamous gunslinger has gunned down his fair share of bad guys in the name of vengeance, but unfortunately for the man also called Frank Castle, that kind of work rarely gets one through the pearly gates of heaven. But there apparently are exceptions to every rule so when Castle finally did kick the bucket, what happened next was entirely unexpected.

The antihero was repurposed in death to become an avenging angel for the divine. He was then dispatched by those that reside in the heavens to Earth to exterminate the minions of Satan. That’s right; the man with a skull across his chest’s body count was at one point in the name of the Almighty. Then ironically, as a reward for doing their bidding, they sent him back to Earth alive as punishment for doing such a good job.[10]

Ant-Man Attempts to Kill His Wife


MCU Fans recognize Ant-Man as a funny, family loving character who only hurts the bad guys. In the comics, the character Hank Pym, who is the original Ant-Man in the comics, hasn’t always been the nicest guy like his cinematic doppelganger. The hero has been known to physically abuse his wife, who is the hero known as The Wasp. This was mainly because he was suffering from a mental breakdown, and the madness caused him to become violent. But when the Ultimates series came along, things got a lot worse.

Instead of just committing domestic abuse, the two superheroes fight each other in an all-out brawl utilizing all their skills and weapons on the person they thought would keep them safe forever. At one point, Wasp attempts to hide by becoming very small, but Pym eventually finds her. He sadistically sprays her with Raid insect repellent which he brags that it will feel like Napalm on her precious sin. When that doesn’t force her to come out, he sends in his army of ants to destroy her. The only thing more disturbing then this murder attempt is how quickly the two reconcile and get back together.[11]

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