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10 Unbelievable Animals That Saved Human Lives

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This world’s history is full of harrowing tales where the extraordinary became a reality, and the odds were indeed defied. The impossible becomes possible when lives are at stake, and destiny calls upon someone to save the day. Most people think of a superhero with a cape and mask stopping the bad guys from harming the innocent. Justice is blind, and so are the people that firmly believe that all heroes must come in costumes. Because in reality, some do not even wear pants. Some of the furry individuals that make up the animal kingdom are responsible for some unbelievable heroic acts.

Animals have been capable of remarkable things throughout history, and that includes saving the lives of people all over the world. It is a fantastic thing to witness a being of little cognitive ability to realize that it is time to save someone from a dangerous situation. The difference between life and death has happened more than a few times thanks to the work of the creatures found in nature. Of all the acts of valor committed by the beasts of the world, here are ten times unbelievable animals saved humans that are without a shadow of a doubt the stuff of legends.

Toby the Golden Retriever

Unbelievable Animals That Saved Human Lives - Toby the Golden Retriever

Everyone knows that a dog is man’s best friend. But when it came to Toby, a 2-year-old golden retriever, he proved that they are definitely woman’s best friend too. His owner, a woman named Debbie Parkhurst, was choking on a piece of apple. She was in danger of suffocating to death with only Toby around to assist her. Now this Golden Retriever has had no formal medical training or even attended a seminar at his local YMCA on the Heimlich maneuver. But that did not stop this bone loving toilet water drinking hero in the shadows to step up when destiny called him to arms. Toby performed the Heimlich on his owner saving her life and solidifying that dogs are mankind’s greatest ally.[1]

Mila the Beluga

Mila the Beluga

Whales are definitely the gentle giants of the sea. So when one thinks of animal superheroes, this one tends not to make the list. That changed the day Mila the Beluga decided that nobody was going to die on her watch. During a banal apnea competition that took place in an actual beluga pond located in China something went wrong. One of the competitors was Yang Yun and everything as going smoothly until it just wasn’t.

Yun’s legs ceased to function, and she was unable to reach the surface. Unable to hold her breath forever, darkness would soon descend upon her until Mila decided to save the underwater competitor. She grabbed Yun’s leg with her jawbone and brought her to the surface. Yun survived thanks to the heroic acts of mils the beluga whale.[2]

Lulu the Vietnamese Pig

Lulu the Vietnamese Pig

Pigs are quite pork-ish fellows that are a bit on the large size. So the movement is never their forte, and there aren’t many heroes resembling swine. So a story of a Vietnamese Pig making the ranks of the Avengers and Justice League in the saving lives department is quite the find. Lulu decided that pigs needed to be recognized as defenders of the innocent, so when the day came to save her owner, she did not hesitate.

Joann Altsman, Lulu’s keeper, went into cardiac arrest and was destined for the afterlife. Lulu knew she needed to get help or her owner would expire. She ran at full speeds into the road, risking life and limb to get someone’s attention. She continually went back to check on Altsman and continued to try to attract attention from people by playing dead. One person finally followed Lulu to her master and called for help before it was too late.[3]

Willie the Parrot

Willie the Parrot

Parrots are the chatty Kathy’s of the bird realm. They are a talkative bunch, but most of what there squawking is recycled nonsense. But sometimes the right words get out. These right words made sure little Hanna was able to survive a choking incident. She began to hold her throat and display all the signs of someone whose breathing has been severely impaired. This did not go unnoticed by her winged green pet.

Her parrot Will caught on that something was wrong, and when her face began to turn blue, he did the only thing he could do. William made some serious noise. The babysitter came running out of the bathroom once she heard Willie scream out “mommy baby” and noticed Hanna was choking. Willie became a legend that day and from that day on when he spoke the people listened.[4]

The Three Guardian Lions

Unbelievable Animals That Saved Human Lives - The Three Guardian Lions

Lions are popularly known for being the kings of their respected domain. They are fierce hunters that lead the pack and make sure that danger stays at bay. They are the great protectors of the wild, and that ranges outside their species. So when the story of three heroic lions coming to a person’s rescue and protecting that individual until help arrived, it naturally caught people’s attention.

Back in 2012 a poor young woman was kidnapped and forced to marry a man against her will. She was beaten and threatened with rape until an unlikely group of saviors arrived. Three magnificent lions chased off her captors and were standing guard ensuring the young girl’s safety. As soon as police arrived and it was understood the girl would be saved, the lions let the humans take over as their job was done.[5]

Jambo the Gorilla

Jambo the Gorilla

Gorillas are considered very dangerous if a person is to enter their territory uninvited. They are very protective of there surroundings and can become hostile if they feel threatened. There have been many cases of people going into enclosures with these large animals, and the results have been less than stellar. They are not naturally aggressive creatures but are not to be underestimated as they are some of the wild’s most formidable adversaries that any human could encounter.

These gentle giants are very protective creatures, and that can manifest itself in more ways than one. A while back a young boy fell into the gorilla pen at the Jersey zoo, and everyone thought this story would have a very tragic ending. But Jambo had other plans as the silver-backed gorilla quickly jumped to the boy’s rescue. He protected the child from his fellow gorillas and caressed his back letting him know everything was Ok when he cried. He even got his counterparts to vacate the area to allow rescue tor each the poor child.[6]

Mandy the Goat

Mandy the Goat

Goats are not the most heroic animal, not even the most graceful if one is completely honest. They are goofy looking creatures that eat garbage. But people should not judge a book by its cover, and people should not count out the goat to step up when it counts. One goat, in particular, defied the odds and proved that when someone is in danger, anybody or animal can be a hero. Mandy, the goat, was that hero for farmer Noel Osborne.

On a typical day in the world of Noel, she was attending to her farming needs when the disaster struck. Osborne had fallen and injured her hip to the point where she was unable to move. She cried for help, but the only one that heard her cries was Mandy. This Goat stayed with Noel for five days keeping her warm at night and allowing her to survive off her milk. This is indeed one of the most remarkable stories of an animal saving a human being. Mandy solidified that she is the goats of all goats, the greatest of all time.[7]

Kabang the Dog

Kabang the Dog

Not every heroic animal makes it out unscathed when saving the day. Some take a severe hit that ends up leaving a scar behind. This was the case with Kabang, the dog. In the Philippines, two young girls were almost taken out by a motorcycle. The girls were 11 and three years old. Had it not been for the heroics of the canine savior known as Kabang, these two young girls would have been seriously injured or even killed.

To save the damsels in distress Kabang, with no regard for himself, threw his body in front of the motorcycle preventing any harm coming to the children. The motorcycle driver was not hurt in the incident; the real victim was Kabang. The poor guy lost his snout when it got caught in the spokes during the ordeal and was left permanently disfigured. After the vet wanted to euthanize the dog, the owner refused, and Kabang went ton to have puppies. This hero dog is now a legend and an inspiration to us all.[8]

Ning Nong the Elephant

Ningnong the Elephant

Elephants are massive beings that walk the land like giants. They are a spectacle to see, and the things they can accomplish are quite amazing. They also work very well in a crisis. While most people would assume that these larger than life beasts would fumble over a situation, but they are actually a solid operator when things go wrong.

These creatures known for never forgetting did the unforgettable during the terrible Tsunami crisis that took place in 2004 which ravaged the Indonesian coastline. A 4-year-old elephant known as Ning Nong saved Amber Mason form a watery death. The elephant could sense she was in danger and carried her to safety. When the waves came crashing down, the elephant shielded the small girl from the water. This is one of the most remarkable stories of heroism by an animal, and Ning Nong deserves a spot in the history books.[9]

Lefty the Pitbull

Lefty the Pitbull

It is no surprise that not one, not two, but three dogs have made this list of epic animal heroes. The last entry in this hall of fame of creature saviors is that of Lefty the pitbull. Pitbulls sometimes have a bad rap and are feared. But not all of them are dangerous, and some just need a loving environment to become more sociable. Lefty is definitely one of the good ones when it comes to Pitbulls. When burglars attempted to rob the home in which Lefty and his master resided in, the criminal degenerates were not going to hesitate to do what it takes to get what they came for.

This led these intruders to open fire on Lefty’s dad. The dog threw himself into the field of fire acting as a shield for his owner. Lefty’s effort was a success, and he was able to shield his master from the impact of the speeding bullet. But Lefty was hit in the ordeal. He ended up having to get his leg amputated all because of some lousy robbers. But the good news is both Lefty and his owner are alive and happy today.[10]

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