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Top 10 Myths About Google Search Engine & Other Google Services

In 2017 alone, Google’s parent company Alphabet made revenue of 110.8 billion US dollars, according to sources. Majority of this income came from the household name search engine, Google. Yes, it’s not only the search engine but the king of them all.

Google has conquered the search engine world in all correct manners, and that’s why the word “google” itself is a synonym for Internet search. In today’s, internet-usage time and scope, it is harder to get distracted from seeing the extent, and social relevance of multitasking google providing people dramatically increased access to all the information which is ever recorded in books and publishing papers.

Google is changing the internet experience and how people remember it. Recalling all the information is now just a click away, even the forgotten ones. Using search history and keywords, it effectively caters user’s interest and unfolds the whole new possibility of exploring the world just by sitting in front of the computer.

Whether believing all the facts and rumors associated with it, people are still going to “google it.” This article explores some of these services, the myths and provides better clarity. Explore the top 10 myths and facts that are hyped surrounding the giant search engine.

1. Google search engine dominates web search

Some believe that Google is an unstoppable dominant force, the dictator of the internet and will continue to be for many more years to come. The being strong nature of Google, in the long run, overshadows the other mediums of Internet especially from the backbone of the Internet Consumers.

But in recent times Baidu has experienced significant growth, capturing more than 11% of the internet search and followed by Bing with 8%. Also, Amazon started to become a search site for people even though their business differs from Google. People search Amazon for more details about the specific product. It is now understood that one can use to search Google and not worry about monopoly as other web search engines also prevail in the market.

2. The big brother Google

Google offers a high-in number of online services like Gmail, Google News, Google Maps, Google Docs, etc. The one misguided myth that is very persistent around Google is it watches you as it has all your details. Yes, indeed your location, browsing history, your interest, gender, and much more is recorded as you search through the site. That does not mean Google is the Big Brother. Understand that the big brother is NSA and there are reasons for the same.

NSA, the National Security Agency peers with almost all tech company’s systems. It further hoovers on the personal details. On the other hand, Google collects info about the individual using the services, and there is no difference what other companies are providing online services does. For instance, Apple has secured close to Eight Hundred million credit card numbers and even photos of individual from iCloud service, etc.

The only reason for collecting information is to provide more appropriate ads based on the user’s interest and in turn charges for the same.

3. Google glass records everything

Google Glass offers a newer and a broader outlook on the earth. However, people feel indifferent and find it not very comfortable. Also, they have several misconceptions about this products. To break those fallacies, Google published all the possible myth about Google Glass.

One prominent myth which must be addressed here includes the thought of people that Google glass records everything. But, the fact is, similar to every mobile phone the screen of the lens is off in default position. The Video recording option on the Glass stays active for ten seconds. Still, people can make use of it to record for more time. That does not mean that Google glass stays in record mode always.  Battery requires charging after 45 minutes continuous use of the glass. Therefore fear not continuous recording and use Google Glass.

4. There is nothing; Google doesn’t know about you

Google is a nameless scripted god who watches on all and gathers gigabytes of information. It’s all true. Google saves all search queries associated with any particular IP address for nine months. It scans web information using software and knows about the person’s location which people may found creepy and can be used in sinister ways.

According to Google representatives, no personally identifiable information is saved and analyzed and is not in access to any Google employee. Mostly all the searches are done by IP address, and hence Google only provides the vague information of IP address location but not the name.

Google advocates the privacy policy and no single entity of a person’s collected information are shared even on request from a government. No Google employee or anybody from inside the company is permissible to make any telephonic, personal, also via mail contact with and User. In violation of so, strict actions will be taken against the person, and a User can take legal steps against the company and that employee. They believe in a policy of making money without being evil.

5. Google Earth – a significant threat to nation’s security

With the voyeuristic unveiling of innovative Google Earth innovation, people are compelling that it is a substantial threat to national security. Depending on people who ask, it is a revolutionary, and it is an intriguing security threat.

People are voicing and have admitted that Google Earth is a vital and valuable asset to aid in a nation’s security challenges. Many organizations have acknowledged that this technology has helped military troops in combat by using commercial imagery of various locations and terrorist organizations. It has become empowered tool and lot more than just a threat. It’s also been known to discover “Ghost towns.”

6. Google ruins your smartness

When Google offers you everything on one click using the search tag correctly, then you feel happy. But equally feel worried about losing smartness as you get all details on the table without putting in much effort. Stay assured and certainly Google does not make your dumb.

Instead, Google has made people intelligent by giving them instant access to the infinite collective knowledge of the world. A person can gather up-to-the-minute information from anywhere, and at any time. If Google is a technologically smart solution for lining the outdated library system at a blazing speed, believing the arguments, it isn’t a bad thing.

The practical explanation for this will make you understand better. People who answer questions on their own is smart, and there is no second thought in that. But if a person seeks help from the search engine to analyze more details, then does he become dumb? On the contrary, it allows individuals to think beyond by providing necessary insights into every topic of search.

Feeling good to have a companion who can always feed more details? Yes, undoubtedly Google does a great job.

7. Google AdWord myth

Majority of the people have a conception that Google AdWords pay for advertising. But, AdWords differs, it is used to display the content to the potential users and help the find details about what they search for. Only if you manage to get the special algorithm and otherwise it supports in getting high ranking for your on search by users.

Also, AdWords allows users to gain a better searching experience. For instance, when any business owner wants their page to be found on the top of search results by the users, they can use AdWords. Getting confused? No need to, you must merely specify AdWords with distance mentioned letting only the people in your vicinity to take a look at the Ad. This will help find relevant customers for your business.

8. Google+ similar to other Social Networking sites

Google+ indeed works as a social networking site, but not like FacebookTwitter, etc. It also has an association with Gmail, analytics, maps, finance, earth, and search.

In simple words, G+ acts as a portal accessible to the complete Alphabet network.

G+ post is getting several Facebook Likes and hence obtains better weight and placement during the search. Apart from serving as a social networking site, G+ weighs the posting frequency and the content originality.

Remember that the search ranking would become difficult failing to use Google+. This confirms that Google+ is more than a social networking site. Read and learn more about G+search.

9. Gmail does not support MS Office

Since Gmail is owned by Google and Outlook belongs to Microsoft, people feel they don’t help each other. But the fact is Microsoft Office actively obtains mutual Google Cloud’s features. It connects with users to allow them access emails with either Gmail website or using Outlook App.

It’s quick and easy now as you can swap between both and no worries about their compatibility issues.

10. Google Chromebook does not work offline

People feel sorry for Chromebook not supporting offline work. The truth will astonish every chrome user, and yes you can use Google doc, sheet, slides and all others in Google drive offline by just making the necessary settings.

The best part is you can read emails and draft your reply offline to send them to queue to make sure it gets delivered when the internet connection is available. Yes, Mac users had named this concept as Mail apps. Windows user can make use of desktop email client and enjoy these features. In a nutshell, Chromebook does not work offline is a sheer myth. You can use it even when you are away from internet access.

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