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Top 10 Benefits of the Ancient Herb Mullein

Since olden days, the leaves, flowers, roots, etc. of many herbal plants have been used for various therapeutic purposes and has prevalently increased over the period. One such herb, called Mullein, whose different parts have therapeutic value and used for treating several health conditions that include inflammation, heartburn, cough, breathless, and other breathing issues. Regularly, it has been used for the treatment of gout, burns, bashes, and hemorrhoids. It grew in arid, infertile areas and was used for centuries due to its exceptional medicinal qualities. Its excellent properties are located in its roots, leaves, and blossoms.

The common Mullein is an inhabitant of Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia, which later got introduced in Australia and the USA. Also be seen in the Azores and Canary Islands east of Western China, north to the British Isles, Siberia, Scandinavia, and south to the Himalayas. In the early 18thcentury, it was imported in the United States and cultivated for its uses in medicines. This ancient herb is becoming popular due to the benefits it offers. Name any health issue ranging from the simple ear infection to life-threatening cancer; mullein can help. Deep dive, and know the ten chief benefits of using mullein with a detailed analysis of how and why.[1]

Helps to Quit Smoking

Many people at their homes and Smoke aiding centers, use leaves of Mullein to stop smoking. Consume it in liquid form like tea or mixing with another solution. It cures Lung ailment, and if someone can’t control the desire for smoking, he could smoke these herbs.[2] If someone is suffering from a cough, just by inhaling the mullein smoke, its herbal qualities can directly reach to lungs and can stop coughing and relaxes a sore throat. It can be very effective in clearing congestion from the lungs, and it quickly alleviates the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.

For a smoker who concurrently wants to smoke should go for medicinal mullein. Instead of tobacco, it is safe to smoke dried leaves filled in the pipe. It cleanses the congestion from the lungs and helps in curing inflammation of lungs. That has proved to be an efficient way of pressing one ’surge to smoke and as an anti-inflammatory to sore throats. Mullein helps to fight lung infections caused due to smoking. For an active smoker, after some time becomes unsatisfying as mullein doesn’t contain any flavor and is very light in smoke. Doing so will not only help to quit smoking but also save from getting affected by lung cancer.


These leaves are densely populated containing flavonoids, tannins, saponins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. It is used as an infused drink to support the health of various body parts. It contains approx — three percent mucilage which plays a vital role in soothing the mucous membrane. It provides the nutritional level of calcium and magnesium at a high level.[3]

The flower contains phosphoric acid, some mineral salts, glucoside, and the bases which are potassium and lime, etc. Flower-dipped distilled water is reputedly used for curing erysipelas and burns. In other parts, a sweetened drink is made by infusing strained flower water with sugar considerably used in the remedy of colic and catarrhs, etc.

Soil Remediation

Mullein roots actively absorb metals present in the soil. It accumulates heavy metal minerals, transported them to the upper layer of soil. In different parts of continents like Siberia etc., Researchers have found that Mullein plants spread in a large area form a suction funnel in the grounds and absorb the metal in a significant amount. It then has proven as a remedy to cure soil of metal pollutant that gets infused by various methods like using pesticides, rain, etc. This method of removing bulky metal waste from land can be launched on a bigger scale covering more extensive areas.[4]

One should avoid the practice of growing Mullein separate from other crops in healthy soil as mullein might absorb all the essential minerals from the ground and left other plants void of essential minerals.

Mullein on Skin

Mullein leaves are densely covered on both sides with soft hairs. They feel woolly and soft like flannel. The fibers present Mullein offers resistant to the harmful rays coming directly from the sun. Sometimes, these hairy fibers when comes in contact with human skin, they irritate even when they use medicinally. It’s recommended wearing gloves when touching mullein leaves. This action of causing skin irritation is termed as a rubefacient. The cause dilation of capillaries which in exchange increases the blood circulation to that particular area. That can be considered in various varieties of applications therapeutically.

When it is used on the chest portion, then it helps in relieving the lungs from clogging, helps in relaxing the mucous membrane present inside the respiratory tract. In ancient times, mulleins leaves were used in remedy for lymphatic stagnancy, hemorrhoids, etc. It is suggested to use in the form of tea or as a tincture externally and internally. It is also recommended for curing varicose veins. If there is a wound, bruises, cut, inflammation or skin burn, use mullein oil to treat it. Take small amounts of this to lubricate mixture on cotton and soothingly apply on the surface that is affected. It soothes the pain.[5]


If mullein is used in the initial phase of Tuberculosis, it can heal the illness altogether. It has antibacterial and expectorant qualities, each of which is essential in curing TB. Mullein has a promising role in curing TB. For centuries, Mullein has proven beneficial and effective in treating Tuberculosis. Modern medicines also use mullein for curing the ailment.[6]

Many studies, researchers, and facts have confirmed mullein as an ultimate herb for fighting the TB causing bacteria, mycobacteria. It is the most useful remedy to treat TB as we know many antibiotics aren’t that effective for the person suffering from TB. It has been examined against another microorganism with success rate. More studies are necessary as mullein hasn’t been considered widely against mycobacteria.

Joint Pain and Rheumatism

Many old facts and historical researchers have referred the mullein leaf for treating painful rheumatic joints externally. Herbalist Jim McDonald has considered Mullein leaf as a remarkable herb for treating back pain. When taken a small dose of infused roots, it has worked effectively on the back contraction. One should occasionally make a tincture of the treatment to keep back perfectly aligned and free from getting kinked.[7]

The writer Mathew Woods has provided the reasons for the mechanics of Mullein in the book he wrote for the use of general public. He elaborately explains the mechanism of how synovial fluid gets released and scatters internal liquids to the nearby tissues. The way by which it lubricates muscles, joints, ligaments, and bones make it a medication for treating fractures of complexities where it is required to lubricate bone so that it could return to its original place. For spinal dryness, nerve pain, and pain, a small pinch or tincture can be proven effective.[8] For inflammation and pain in Joints, mullein oil is very beneficial and can be proven useful if used for a few times a day.

Bladder Control

Mullein roots have shown effectiveness in curing the ailment when a patient lacks self-control while passing urine during stress, pregnancy, menopause and in childhood. It also helps in BPH – benign prostatic hyperplasia a condition of prostate enlargement and interstitial cystitis (BPH).

Cures Malaria

The common mullein can be used for treating a patient suffering from malaria. It has proven to be a very effective remedy to cure malaria. Mullein leaves are used to beat inside a mortar made up of iron. Its juice then strained in a glass filled with equal amount of French brandy mix with fifteen drops of camphor. The patient should be covered with a blanket before it is given and should be advised to take rest and continue the process for many hours.[9]

Ear Ache

Mullein oil is obtained from bright, yellow flowers. They are kept in the shade in a more stimulating environment which should be clean. The flower dries out and shrinks in size. They then mixed with olive oil in a 1/3 amount and placed in sealed bottles in the sun. Strain the oil and discard the flowers.

Verbascum Thapsus – Mullein Oil works wonder to relieve earaches. A 3-4 drop of this oil in both ears at human body temperature eases the pain. Drain out the ear after 3 minutes. It also helps in removing ear infections. It can be used in the outer and middle part of the ear. One should always keep the oil at home as it is safe to be used for children. It can even cure a very sharp pain. Keep a check on its temperature while using. Mullein oil can be found in the health food stores, and sometimes it can be combined with garlic to cure an earache. Mullein flower oil infused with olive oil acts as an antidote to take away the severe pain and it also a lymphatic action on the area around the ear to get rid of the infection. Mullein Oil should not be used near the perforated eardrum.[10]

Treating Mouth Ulcers

Mullein oil fights inflammation and helps in managing a mouth ulcer. Take a few drops of oil in your palm and apply to the affected area in the mouth. It provides relaxation in pain.

Final Recommendation

Nowadays, Mullein is a known and main ingredient of the medicine used in an earache. After studying every facts and research on mullein, it is safely recommended for children, older people, pets, etc. for curing their pain. Mullein is an excellent herb that cures many diseases like bronchitis, asthma, cold, cough, sore throat, skin infection, etc. One can always go for mullein oil for healing their joint pain and can also be used for cosmetic purpose. Remove hairs from the mullein tea by filtering it either through several layers of cheesecloth or coffee filters otherwise; it can irritate inside. Under the Physician’s recommendation, take the dosage of mullein as mullein can be narcotics.

Mullein flower tea works on the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) and nullifies the effect. It is beneficial for women and children who have outbreaks around the mouth on a frequent basis which may be by the sun, by a food allergy or due to estrogen surge before ovulation. It has some adverse effect against influenza as well. Many Herbalists gives green signal to mullein to be used as one of the domestic herbal items. It is considered an excellent postpartum healer. After childbirth, mothers are given mullein oil to soothes the swelling in the vagina, lowers the pain. If there is C section, then mullein oil is used to avoid the chances of infection.

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