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10 Craziest Things People Did to Get a Job

Job hunting is one of the most daunting tasks in the unforgiving corporate world forcing people to pull off miracles just to get a job. In a bid to stand out among many job hunters, someone just has to impress the employer. It is, however, difficult to understand what the employer is really looking for meaning everyone has to present their best. A good resume and great qualifications sometimes get the job but when everyone can match the specifications, extreme measures become necessary. To get the employer’s attention, some people may lie on the resume, try out an impressive speech or simply stalk the employer. Some people however put in a lot of creativity to impress the employer and in the end, they shock the whole world.

The Chocolate Bar Resume

Chocolate Bar Resume

Are chocolates really irresistible? Well, this job seeker decided to test the theory. People use many platforms to present their resumes seeking an interview. However, investing in chocolate bars can be a risky move if the interviewer enjoys the chocolate without inviting you for a sit-down, leave alone if they don’t like chocolates but Nick Begley did it anyway. He became the most famous job seeker in New York when he created his famous Resume Bar. He wrote his name and a cover letter saying “credentials that will satisfy any organization’s appetite.”

The bar was not large enough to carry everything a common resume would carry so he only wrote a summary of his qualifications on it. He sent the resumes to the departments where he wanted an interview and went with more bars as “leave behinds” after his interviews. He made a few attempts before landing a job at Sportsvite, an NYC based online community for adult recreational athletes. His stunt, however, pulled more delicious reactions online than he had imagined. His creativity with a $30 investment got him his dream job.[1]

The “Save Me From Emigration” Billboard

The “Save Me From Emigration” Billboard

In 2011, the unemployment rate in Ireland was over 14% and the headlines were full of talk about how more than 50,000 job seekers would leave the country. Mac an Iomaire, a bachelor of commerce degree holder got tired of job searching and decided to share his desperation with the world. He used the last of his savings to rent a billboard on a busy Dublin road for 2 weeks then put his marketing skills to use.

He put a picture of himself pulling a suitcase ready to move to the US. He even included the Statue of Liberty in his advert which told his potential employers to give him a job and save him from emigration. He advertised his experience and the 10-month-long job hunt which had pushed him to the brink. This was still a risky bet because most employers in Ireland were laying off employees rather than taking up new ones. His $2800 investment later paid off as he started receiving interview offers. He was employed by a fellow paddy at the Irish bookmakers Paddy Power.[2][3]

The Alec Brownstein Google Ad Experiment

The Alec Brownstein Google Ad Experiment

Getting an interview with a top executive can be hard especially if you just want to tell them you are the best web marketer around. Some jobs require special presentation just to prove your competence and Alec Brownstein, a web advertising expert did just that. He remembered that he liked googling his own name online and hoped that the top executives of the advertising agencies he wanted to work for did as well. He selected the top 6 executives he wanted to work with then bought a Google Ad space next to their names to appear if someone searched for them online.

He customized the ads to show the name of the executive and present his request to them specifically for a job. The aim was that when the executives searched their own names on Google, they would see the ad and give him a job. This was quite smart because he realized that top executives would go online every now and then to find out how they are performing on the internet. Brownstein’s $6ad did not just land him a job, it hit over 5 billion impressions online as people were amazed at his creativity. One of the executives in his searches was impressed by the ad that asked him personally for a job so he contacted Brownstein and gave him an interview.[4][5]

Hiding a Resume in Doughnut Boxes

Get a Job - Hiding a Resume in Doughnut Boxes

Lucas Yla was a 29-year-old Lithuanian who came to San Francisco for the first time with the hope of landing a tech job. The process was harder than he thought because he didn’t know anyone and didn’t know exactly where to send the resume. He then decided to use the only thing everyone eats to deliver his message, doughnuts! He dressed up as a delivery man and started hand delivering doughnuts to the companies he hoped to work with around the city.

Inside each box, he put his resume with the statement “most resumes end up in the trash but mine will end up in your belly.” Despite the risks of annoying the executives or being ignored, his job search worked out quite well. He delivered 40 doughnut boxes to various companies and got 10 interviews. He didn’t explain whether he landed the job but his chances were greatly improved especially where every applicant drops resume in Emails and waits for a response that may never come.[6]

The Christmas Light Resume

People have lots of Christmas wishes but very few would fight to achieve them like Liz Hickok. She lived in Georgia near Southlake drive in 2011 and decided that her house’s location and Christmas lights were the best way to look for a job. She then designed an ad that said her Christmas wish was to land a job in HR adding her details and her Linkedin link. Her little stunt caught the eye of many people who stopped by to share job openings they knew of. She also received many messages inviting her for jobs as far away as Italy. She, however, waited for opportunities in Atlanta. Her job search became the Christmas attraction for many. Hope Santa answered that well-explained wish.[7]

Using “Magic Cleaner” to Get a Job

Jill, a magazine editor in New York was looking for a job for over 2 years. She attempted to get a job using conventional methods including creating thousands of connections and applying early on every job opening but nothing came up. She remodeled her resume specifically for each job and attended so many interviews with no breakthrough. With all known methods failing, she thought a higher power was blocking her luck so she turned to a spiritual job hunt. When she heard the advert of the magic kitchen cleaner that would allegedly command attention and make people do as you say, she decided to try it out.

The voodoo kitchen cleaner did not work either so she resorted to making deals with both God and the devil and making sacrifices. Her main sacrifice was resorting to date an ugly man she did not like hoping God would react with a job offer but this also failed. She then stopped drinking as part of her agreements and this is when things started working because she got three offers in a week. Maybe she should have just stopped drinking earlier.[8]

Presenting a Resume Made From Legos

Leah Bowman from Johnstone USA was a student at Southwestern University doing marketing in 2014. while applying for her summer internship, the recruiting agency required her to design a good marketing piece with her as the product. She understood that the agencies drop most plain cover letter-resume applications in the trash and so decided to present something that would stand out. The 20-year-old loved Legos since childhood and it was the only thing she thought of. She ordered a customized Lego set and designed a Lego version of herself to accompany the application. She then wrote to the agency that this was not her actual image but that the company needed a perfect Lego loving intern to do sales for them. Luckily for her, the recruiter was impressed and she landed the job.[9]

Preparing an Interactive Video Resume

Preparing an Interactive Video Resume

Resumes are effective but if pictures speak louder than words, why not make a video resume instead. Interactive Resume job hunts have become more popular in recent years as people get tired of waiting for responses from thousands of applications. Placing themselves strategically on YouTube, they narrate everything they would be needed to express in their Resume except this one looks livelier.

The most popular case is that of Graeme Anthony who moved from Manchester to London and needed a job in a hurry. He went to YouTube with his resume adding links to a set of videos that explained his skills in detail. He needed a job in PR and like many others, he believed writing a resume was not good enough. The video attracted more than 200,000 views within a short time and also the attention of many recruiters. He was finally invited for an interview by the London based Frank PR which was impressed by his creativity.[10]

The Resume Delivered on Beer Bottles

The Resume Delivered on Beer Bottles

This is the story f the popular Resume-Ale created by Brennan Gleason from British Colombia Canada. He was a final year Graphic design student at the University of Fraser Valley and he wasn’t ready to start explaining himself to interviewers after finishing school. It is quite difficult to explain to people how sweet your beer can taste, just brew it and send it to them. However, as Gleason himself confirmed, alcohol alone may not be enough to convince an employer, in fact, that stunt would paint you in a very bad picture in most industries.

He still had to create an impressive resume that could accompany the beer and use it as the label. This way, everyone would see his ability as a good designer, well, and brewer too if his beer was that sweet. He started brewing his own brand of blonde beer 7 weeks before finishing school. He then created labels named Resume Ale and delivered it to the companies he really wanted to work for. He got many offers and finally decided to work for the Vancouver based Techtone as the creative director.[11]

The Video Game Resume That Took 2000 Hours

The Video Game Resume That Took 2000 Hours

Most resumes take 1 hour or less to type up but when a resume reproduces a company’s best product, it really has to land the job. Gaming studios are another set of employers that require proof of competence before hiring anyone in their development team. Alexander Velicky was a 19-year-old high school graduate who really wanted to work for Bethesda Studios. With no experience or a college degree to spice up the resume, Velicky decided to create an improvement of Bethesda’s greatest game Falskaar instead. He requested the help of other people with the soundtrack and the voices then sat down to build the best CV Bethesda could ever look for. He added 25 more hours of play to the game with more landmass and more player-friendly features.[12]

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