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10 Reasons to Get Excited About Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters

Sony has been attempting to get in on this whole cinematic universe trend that is all the rage in the film industry today. And with the success of Tom Hardy’s Venom film, it seems they have finally found a way to excel in the shared universe department. This box office sensation that outdid all expectations has officially been greenlit for a sequel and has established a solid foundation for the studio to set up Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.

Different from Disney’s MCU which is made up of a multitude of Marvel characters, this cinematic universe consists only of the 900 Spider-Man characters they have the rights to. So they are rolling the dice with focusing on villains and lesser-known heroes than that of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Now that Venom has got the party started, there are many things to get excited about with this upcoming series of films. Here are ten reasons to keep your eye on Sony’s shared universe.



Diversity is definitely the name of the game in Hollywood nowadays and Sony is definitely taking that into consideration when deciding on its lineup of characters to get the movie treatment. And Nightwatch is a great example of that as well as a great choice. The character is African-American and has a very unique storyline that could provide the overall narrative of this shared universe a lot of opportunities to take.

Nightwatch’s secret identity is that of Dr. Kevin Trench. The doctor witnesses a man in a suit get killed and when he approaches him it is revealed that the person under the mask is him from the future. in order to stop his death, he takes the suit and goes to a desert island. But eventually, he returns to save the day in the high tech futuristic power suit that resembles Todd Macfarlane’s Spawn. All of this makes Nightwatch a solid entry into Sony’s newest franchise push.[1]


Jackpot marvel character

Jackpot is probably the least popular character on this list. She hasn’t had much play in much more than just the glossy pages of Marvel comics but is yet another great example of Sony trying to offer audiences something new when they go to see a superhero film. The studio has also stated it wants to make more mature films within the genre and this one seriously feels like it could be a great choice for that new stance. This is very apparent considering the character is a female in her 40s, something that hasn’t been done in the modern superhero landscape.

Sara Ehret is who Jackpot is when she isn’t doing Jackpot things and was created back in 2007. Ehret is a scientist working on research for Parkinson as well as gene therapy at a subsidiary of Oscorp. When she receives an accidental dose of the treatment in development, she gets superhuman strength. Then Ehret retires and sells her identity to Alana Jacobsen. So there are a lot of options for this character and her existing arc has a lot of potential for a hit film.[2]


Silk marvel character

With titles like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, we can definitely say that we are living in a golden age for female superheroes to get their time in the spotlight. So the choice to bring in a female wall-crawler to its Spider-Man free films is no surprise and the friendly neighborhood Spider lady they’re going to roll out in the Venom establishing universe is none other than 2014’s Silk.[3] Silk is a Korean-American girl that will also get her own film in the SUMC.

When Silk isn’t fighting crime with spider powers, she goes by the name Cindy Moon. This superheroine got her powers after she was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man. Her powers are a bit different than the popular web-slinger. Silk can shoot webs out of her fingertips, move at incredible speeds, and has an advanced Spider-Sense known as Silk Sense. This lovely lady may end up giving classic Spider-Man a run for his money after she makes her triumphant debut.

Silver Sable

Silver Sable marvel character

At one point Sony had a Black Cat and Silver Sable team-up film on the roster that ended up never getting made. Instead, the studio opted to split this one into two standalone films. This means that we will be getting A Black Cat film and A Silver Sable film which is pretty great. While Black Cat is pretty popular, Silver Sable is lesser known until recently.

The character is somewhat of an antihero in the comics. She has risen to fame in the hit PS4 video game as the silver beauty is a legitimate part of the game’s story and works for a private security firm.[4] In a universe with Venom running around biting people’s heads off definitely means some top-level security will be getting some good business. Her character has a massive potential to resonate well with fans and definitely fits nicely into the SUMC gameplan.[5]

Black Cat

Black Cat marvel character

Bringing in a lot of relatively unknown characters who are far from household names is a great idea and gives the filmmakers some room to play around. But not everybody coming into play for the SUMC are all oddities. Black Cat, not to be confused with DC Comics’ Catwoman, is a superpowered antiheroine that has been around since 1979. She has been featured in several adaptations outside of the comics including the ‘90s animated Spider-Man series and the hit PS4 Spider-Man game. The feline femme fatale is getting her own solo outing in the SUMC.[6]

The character of Felicia Harding has had several attempts at being brought to the big screen. At one point Anne Hathaway was supposed to play the character in the 4th Sam Raimi Spider-Man film, but that movie never happened.[7] It was thought she would be in Sony’s second attempt at Spider-Man as Felicity Jones’s character had the same name and could have possibly played the character in future films. Well now it seems she will not only get the movie treatment but she’ll be doing so in a standalone.

Mobius the Living Vampire

Mobius The Living Vampire

Vampires are always a tricky bet unless you hang-up some of the cliches that come with the genre. Mobius is Marvel’s successful attempt to change the blood-sucking demonic being game with their popular living vampire. This story is one of the most exciting of all the titles mainly because of who is taking on the titular character.[8] Academy Award winner Jared Leto is that man which means audiences are in for one great performance.[9]

Dr. Michael Mobius was originally a villain for Spider-Man for the early part of his comic run. He then went on to become a gritty antihero in his own series that saw him doing some heroic deeds. He becomes the living vampire after a failed experiment attempting to cure his rare blood disorder. He is a compelling character dealing with his struggle to stop the thirst for blood along with his nightmarish vigilante way which could translate very well on screen.[10]

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter

Venom has already been established in this Universe. So it is not crazy to think he will heavily be involved with the introduction of other characters. With the creature being half human and half alien it would be safe to assume that if one was to hunt down Venom it would be considered hunting the greatest game. So Kraven the Hunter coming into play in the SUMC could mean that is how he makes his debut. Whatever way he enters this world, it has been a long time coming and this famous Spider-Man villain is definitely one of the most anticipated titles on this entire list.

Kraven The Hunter is not someone you want tracking you down. In the comics, he becomes bored with hunting the creatures of Earth. So he decides to track and kill everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. And the only way the wall-crawler can defeat the menacing predator is with the help of Venom, another one of his arch-nemesis. So Venom may have to fight this one alone or at least without the Amazing Spider-Man.[11]



While these characters mentioned already have not been introduced yet, not all of the reasons to get excited are under that designation. Venom wasn’t the only character in the box office record breaker. One of them was played flawlessly by actress Michelle Williams. And it wasn’t just her portrayal of Anne Weying that won audience’s hearts, but her form when she combines with the titular alien symbiote. It was a brief introduction but it stayed with everyone long after the credits rolled, and that character is that of She-Venom.[12]

She-Venom has had a solid run in the comics and is definitely something many people involved in Venom say they are down to further explore the character. While no solo film has been confirmed or is even known to be in development it is important to point out that Michele Williams has signed on for a Venom sequel and has stated enthusiasm in giving fans more She-Venom. So while it is not on the menu now, it could definitely be part of the SUMC’s future.[13]



Another character that has already been somewhat introduced is one that wasn’t in the actual film of Venom at all. But he did manage to shock all the viewers that stuck around into the credits as a scene involving Eddie Brock at a prison for an exclusive interview. The person he interviews ends up being a serial killer named Ketus Cassidy. Savvy comic book fans know this to be the alter ego of Carnage, one of the most popular Spider-Man villains as well as one of the most popular Marvel characters of all time.

Woody Harrelson is set to start some serious carnage in the Venom sequel and if that works out well, it would not be surprising if the character continued to show up in more films within the SUMC down the road. Even if he just ends up being the cinematic universe’s staple villain, Harrelson’s take on the infamous bad guy promises to be a memorable affair.[14]

The Sinister Six

The Sinister Six

The Avengers and Justice League were team-up movies that came together after a series of films highlighting the heroes released. Suicide Squad was the opposite with the villains coming together to save the day also being introduced in that flick. So the idea of ensemble flicks can either be a solid win at the box office or could be a critical nightmare. So when Sony announced they were developing a Sinister Six film, fans everywhere are just as excited as they are very concerned as to what this could mean. after what happened with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 attempting to shoehorn this into a poorly put together plot, its understandable about the concern.

The Sinister Six has had different lineups throughout its illustrious run but is basically six of Spider-Mans worst villain that team up to take down the famed wall-crawler. So when you have a shared universe made up mostly of villains it makes sense this would be one of the goals in their desire for cinema dominance. So whether Venom is leading the team or taking them on, this will most likely be the biggest gamble for Sony that if it easy off will be an excellent movie experience for all fans.[15]

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