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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever Filed

Injustice and dissatisfaction are relative feelings that differ from one person to another but how we react to them determines how the world runs. The courts are set up to solve many kinds of grievances. However, it is hard to decide on the exact amount of injustice that deserves a judge’s intervention. For example, you will not sue yourself for waking up late? It will be a ridiculous case that can only be solved by accepting and moving on. However, not everybody agrees to that readily. Some people go ahead to seek compensation for everyday events that we consider normal. Of these seemingly frivolous claims, these are the ten most ridiculous cases that judges have been called to rule on.

1. The Lawsuit Against God for Not Keeping a Contract

The Lawsuit Against God for Not Keeping a Contract

Pavel Mircea, a Romanian murder convict, shocked the world when he filed a case to the prosecutors suing God for not keeping the contract they made during Baptism. He sued God for breaking up to 5 laws in the Romanian constitution including Fraud, Misuse of power, breach of contract and Misappropriation of property. He claimed that in his Christain baptism vows, he and God agreed that God would protect him from the devil if he worshiped him and made sacrifices to him.

In his lawsuit, God was identified as the resident of heaven represented in Romania by the Orthodox church. The prosecutors, however, argued that God was not a physical person recognized in Romanian law and he didn’t have a physical address. With no person to physically prosecute in court, his case was ultimately thrown out. The head of the Orthodox church in Romania advised the prison chaplain to tell him the fact that God gave a man the will to choose between good and evil. Maybe, he should have sued the devil instead.[1]

2. Nike Sued for $100 Million for Not Declaring Their Shoes as Dangerous Weapons

Nike Sued for $100 Million for Not Declaring Their Shoes as Dangerous Weapons

Sir Gorgio Clardy was sentenced to 100 years in prison for a 2012 incident in which he stomped a man’s face to a pulp for not paying his prostitute. The man was so severely injured that he had to get plastic surgery to restore his face. The 100 years included his crimes in running a prostitution ring and also beating up his 18-year-old prostitute until she bled through the ears. 2 years later, Clardy came up with a lawsuit laying the blame on Nike.

He was wearing Nike’s Air Jordans at the time of the incident, and he claimed they did most of the damage. He said Nike had the responsibility of labeling their product as a dangerous weapon to avoid causing the harm that he claimed included mental torture on him. The judge was however forced to order him out of the courtroom, Nike later won the case anyway. He was declared a dangerous psychopath with the potential of committing another violent crime and ordered back to prison.[2]

3. The Bank of America Sued for $1.784 Billion Trillion

The Bank of America Sued for $1.784 Billion Trillion

Dalton Chiscolm was very angry when the bank of America gave him inconsistent information during a phone call and made his checks to bounce because of what they called “incomplete routing numbers.” His lawsuit, however, took customer dissatisfaction to a whole new level by claiming from the bank the most substantial amount ever demanded in any lawsuit on Earth. The amount was more than the world’s GDP in 2008 and impossible to settle even if all global economies were dwarfed for his sake. His demands, however, did not end there, he wanted the money deposited to his account the following day plus an additional $200,164,000. In total, the amount Chiscolm demanded amounted to some figure 1 followed by 22 digits, an amount the judge requested him to explain or drop the case. He said the bank would need a branch on every planet on the cosmos to settle that.[3]

4. The Inmate Who Sued Himself for $5 Million

The Inmate Who Sued Himself for $5 Million

Robert Lee Brock who was serving 23 years at Indian Creek correctional center surprised the judge when he claimed he needed to sue himself for violating his civil rights. The case which was filed in 1995 involved multiple complaints by the inmate against the prison facilities, but the one against himself was the most shocking. He claimed that his religion preached against drinking alcohol, but he broke those promises which led him to commit the crimes. Brock, however, said he had no way of paying the money because he was a prisoner of the state and requested the state to lend him the money then he would pay it back on his release. The Judge was angry at his case and dismissed it as frivolous.[4]

5. The Lawsuit on Red Bull for Not “Giving People Wings”

The Lawsuit on Red Bull for Not “Giving People Wings”

Remember the most famous Red Bull advert, well it failed to give a man even a figurative wing leading to a costly lawsuit. He claimed that the use of terms like wings and boost in the advert promised the consumers of the drink some physical power which they never get. The court also agreed that Red Bull consumption doesn’t improve concentration or give wings for that matter and so the claim was valid. The company was ordered to pay $10 in cash to anyone that had bought their product in the past decade or give them $15 worth of merchandise. The claim sounded like a great bonus for the millions of consumers, but the court decided to cap the amount at $13 million. Many people flooded the claim site link forcing the site to crash a few days later. Hope they paid all the customers though.[5]

6. The Weatherman Sued for False Weather Prediction

The Weatherman Sued for False Weather Prediction

Danny Rup, a weatherman for channel 2, became the subject of one of the ridiculous lawsuits when his predictions failed. The woman who wanted $1000 compensation and an apology from the weatherman claimed that the TV channel could not change the weather, but they could at least get it right. They had predicted a sunny day the day before, but it turned out to be a rainy, stormy day that gave her flu. She claimed she was unable to work for four days and had to spend $38 on medication. The additional amount was for her emotional torture and stress for which she blamed the television channel. The media company decided to settle out of court, and she received her apology too. Well, at least someone won in the end.[6]

7. Universal Studios Sued for a “Too Scary Halloween”

Universal Studios Sued for a “Too Scary Halloween”

Universal Studios have held their annual Halloween Horror Festivals for decades with thousands of people struggling for tickets to the famous freaky night. However, the 1998 Halloween Horror Night turned to something too scary for 57-year-old Cleanthi Peters from Seminole County and her 10-year-old daughter. They were allegedly frightened by a maniac wielding a noisy chainsaw which was not lethal because it had no chain. The man followed them as they ran for the exit leading to a fall in the mist which the studio uses to cool its customers. The man continued to threaten them causing unnamed physical injury and trauma to Miss Peters and her daughter. They sued Universal for $15000 in damages and actually won in an out-of-court settlement. A hell of a night that must have been.[7]

8. Mcdonald’s Sued for “Too Hot Coffee”

Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever - Mcdonald's Sued

Stella Liebeck from Albuquerque made international news in 1992 when she sued McDonald’s for burns caused after she spilled coffee on herself. She was trying to add cream and sugar to her coffee but had to hold the cup between her legs. The spill burned 6 percent of her body as doctors said after she was treated for eight days for 3rd-degree burns. She sued the company for serving coffee at temperatures too high for human consumption willing to settle at $20,000.

However, McDonald’s opted to fight it in court, and it turned dirty. More than 700 similar complains in the past came to light in the case. The McDonald’s quality control manager also confirmed that the company knew the dangers posed by their hot coffee. She was given $200,000 compensation and $2.7 million in punitive damages, an amount McDonald’s appealed to $480,000 after claiming that Liebeck was responsible for 20 percent of the spill. This is the case that raised eyebrows over Punitive damage payments in the US Legal System.[8]

9. Victoria’s Secret Sued for a Snapped Thong

Victoria’s secret was forced to respond to a lawsuit regarding their “little angel” heart placed on thong panties as part of their quality attraction. Macrida Patterson, a 52-year-old traffic officer in LA, was hit in the eye by the staple that held the heart in place when wearing her panty. She had to use topical steroids to treat her injured cornea. She said the product was defective and had caused excruciating pain that caused her to scream. The lawsuit demanded $25,000 from the company claiming the product was defective and that Patterson was using it as required. The lawyer, however, argued that the money was not the primary motive of the lawsuit. She just wanted Miss Patterson to be fully redressed for the pain caused by the company’s product and that the company should take responsibility for the faulty item.[9]

10. The Musician Sued for a Minute of Silence

Can Silence be copyrighted? Well, the question remains an open discussion, but in 2002, the Classical Graffiti producer Mike Batt paid a reported $100,000 for putting a minute of silence in the hit song. Mike Batt is famous for his 70s pieces with the Wombles children in the UK, but Classical Graffiti has remained his most memorable work after he was accused in it for stealing nothing. The suit was filed by the John Cage foundation claiming that Batt had copied Cage’s work in a 4minutes 33 seconds silent song that angered crowds in 1952. Batt said it was ridiculous and that he had communicated more in 1 minute than what the late producer didn’t in 4 minutes without breaking any law. He, however, paid the amount out of respect for the late producer in an out of court settlement.[10]

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