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10 Reincarnation Stories by Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

Many religious movements such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism among others believe that human beings are reincarnated after death. According to some of these religious teachings, reincarnated souls have no memory of their past lives. However, in some rare cases, children have been able to access past life memories. Scientific studies on the phenomenon of past life memories maintain that 100% of the cases are recorded in children usually between the ages 2 and 6 years old. Is reincarnation real? Well, you can decide for yourself after reading through these real cases of ten kids who vividly remember dumbfound details about their past lives that have been verified and confirmed true by historical records and physical evidence.

1. Chanai Choomalaiwong: Murdered School Teacher

Chanai Choomalaiwong Reincarnation

Choomalaiwong was born in 1997 in central Thailand with two significant birthmarks; one above his left eye and the other at the back of the head. At the age of three, he started remembering his past life. He was named Bua Kai and was a school teacher. The death of Bua Kai, according to Choomalaiwong, was shot with a gun on his way to school. In his past life, he had been born at Khao Phra, and he was married with two children. Severally, he implored his grandmother to take him to Khao Phra, his former family home.

When the grandmother and Chanai traveled to the village, he led the way to a house belonging to elderly couples whose son Bua Kai Lawnak was a teacher, and had been shot and killed five years before Chanai was born. The birthmarks resemble the entry and exit point of the bullet that Bua Kai had been shot. True to the kid’s narration, Bua Kai had a wife and two children Chanai was able to hand pick Bua Kai’s belongings from others, he also recognized by name the daughters and wife of Bua Kai, and he insisted that the daughters call him father; otherwise, he refused to talk to them. He visited them on several occasions, and they believed that Chanai was Bua Kai reborn.[1]

2. James Leininger: World War II Fighter

Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives - James Leininger

A four-year-old boy from Louisiana, have past life memories as a World War II fighter. The kid started having nightmares screaming that his airplane is on fire,” “airplane crash,” just at the age of four. James was a pilot in WWII whose plane was shot down by the Japanese in Iwo Jima, an island that the US fought to capture in 1945. The kid remembers details of World War II that are unexplainably astonishing. For instance, Leininger remembers that the Japanese shot his plane down using the “drop tank.”

In his past life, Leininger was also called James. He details flying over a ship with as a pilot in the Pacific Ocean. The name of she was Nakoma, a US ship. The parents asked James whether he remembers any friends, he said jack was also the pilot during the World War II, and his family name was Larsen. During a 20/20 TV show with Carol, he stated that the plane he flew was called Corsair and used to get flat tires always and when starting they always wanted to turn left. He recognized that naval corsair to have the tail hook for arresting when landing on the carriers. The information that James gave was correct. According to Dr. Tuck, the professor carrying out reincarnation research, he found out that in 1945 US pilots, there was James Huston killed in action during the World War II. Also, the World War II aircraft carrier that James mentioned was USS Natoma Bay. Many of the documents that were discovered proved to be true, and they were made before anyone in Leininger’s family had heard of James Huston, Corsair, or USS Natoma Bay.[2]

3. Ryan: Boy from Hollywood

Ryan started experiencing horrible nightmares and more frequently at the age of four. When he turned five years, he confronted his mother an told her that he used to be someone else in his past life. He detailed that his home was Hollywood, and he used to meet with stars such as Rita Hayworth. In his previous life, Ryan used to dance in Broadway production and worked in an agency where people changed their names frequently. The exciting thing is that he even remembered the street he lived in his past life had the word “rock” on it.

When professor Tuck took over Ryan’s case in his research, established that the man Ryan claimed to be was Marty Martyn. Many of the things that the boy stated were true, for instance, Hollywood star, Marty was a movie star and worked as a Hollywood agent, the car he used to drive also matched the documented. The findings prove that Marty was also a Broadway dancer and had a big house with a swimming pool and a wife, they were pleased, though, this was the fourth wife as had remarried four times. All these details Ryan’s narration.[3]

4. Sam Taylor: His Father’s Father

Sam was from Vermont was born 1.5 years after his paternal grandfathers’ death. When his father was changing his diaper at the age of one and half years old, he said to his father; “When I was your age, I used to change your diapers.” The boy states that he was his grandfather in his old, past life. For instance, he remembers things about his grandfather that no one had ever mentioned before him. The boy remembers that his grandmother used the food processor to make milkshakes for his grandfather before he died. When talking with his father, he says, “I used to be big now am a small boy.” According to family members, the stories the kid members are accurate about his grandfather. For instance, the garage was his grandfather’s favorite spot where he worked on inventions.[4]

5. Barbro Karlen: Anne Frank

Barbro Karlen Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

Born in 1954, Barbro was a Swiss writer who remembers her past life as Anne Frank, a Jewish victim of the Holocaust and a famous author of the Dairy. When she was three years of age, she told her parents that they are not her birth parents and her name is Anne Frank and not Barbro. She narrates and described her family home as Anne Frank which her parents’ thought were fantasies.

In school, she was confused when her teacher started talking about Anne Frank in class because she always knew she was Anne Frank. She realized that Anne Frank was a famous person. With horrible dreams and past life memories with no one to talk to, Babro suffers traumatic stress and her geography and recent life memory leads her parents to Anne Frank’s house and photos. This compels them to start believing she had a past life as Anne Frank. Barbro was able to recognize Anne Frank’s cousin Buddy Elias, and they had never met before, proving that she is indeed the reincarnated Anne Frank.[5]

6. Pollock Twins: Reincarnated Sisters

The twins were born in Hexham and are often referenced as proof for reincarnation. The English twins, Jennifer and Gillian Pollock, remember that they were their dead sisters in the past life. Their sisters were Jacqueline (6) and Joanna (11), who died in 1957 in a road accident on their way to church. One year later, the twins were born. As the twins grew up, they started asking for their dead sisters’ toys by names. Surprisingly, they had different birthmarks even though they are identical twins. For instance, Jennifer had birthmarks that resemble Jacqueline’s birthmark and scars. They seem to know all the places where their dead sisters used to hang, without asking or being told by anybody.

Further, the twins had a thing for cars as they will often scream “the car is coming to get us” whenever they saw one. However, the memories of their sisters began to fade away at the age of five, and they started to lead a normal life. The case remains one of the most convincing proof of reincarnation as a reality.[6]

7. Shanti Devi: A Wife and Mother

shanti devi reincarnation

As a child in the 1930s, Shanti did not talk until she was at the age of four. She was predominantly silent and depressed. However, at the age of 4, she shocked her family – she told them that she had lived before, and was married, and has a child 30 miles away from where they lived at a place called Mathura. Her parents informed her that was the past, and they encouraged her not to tell anyone and focus on living with them in the present.

However, Shanti Devi was determined to reunite with her old family. Therefore, she told anyone who cared to listen about her past life. For instance, Shanti told her teacher about her past life as a married woman and had a husband and a child in Mathura. She gave him the address. The teacher wrote a letter to the address, and a flabbergasting confirmation came back in a reply from Shanti’s husband, recalling his wife died in the recent while giving birth to their son. This confirmation sparked the spread of news concerning Shanti, and within days she was famous across entire India. As a result, many famous Indian scholars such as Mahatma Gandhi launched a serious investigation into reincarnation in modern history.[7]

8. Chase Bowman: Civil War Soldier

Chase was born with a severe phobia for tumultuous conditions. He was terrified at the sound of anything including cars, people, fireworks among others. He had serious scary nightmares that were driving him insane. He had skin rashes for no reason. His parents decided to hire a hypnotherapist to find out what was wrong with their son. After several sessions, it became apparent that Chase was a black soldier in the American civil war. He recalls the kind of attire he was wearing during the fight, hiding behind the rocks, shooting at the enemy and the fact that the battle is going around him. These memories of past lives were raising the trauma and phobia in his present life. Later, Chase remembers how he died, and he was shot in the right wrist. According to the therapist, the scars on the kid matches the description of how he was killed.[8]

9. Cameron Macaulay: Lived 220 Miles Away

Cameron Macauley reincarnation

He was born in Glasgow and led a normal life in early childhood until he turned five when he started remembering things from his past life. He recalled that he was born in Bara island which is only 220 miles from Glasgow. His parents, especially his mother did not believe him. He narrated the breed of his dog, the color of his house (white), and the view of the window (seeing planes take off). He describes her former life parents and remembers how his father died on the road, “he didn’t look at both sides,” he explained. This is a true story of reincarnation, of the boy Cameron Macaulay born in Glasgow, Scotland.[9]

10. Kendra Carter: Aborted Fetus

Kendra Carter is a girl from Florida USA who was never born in her past life but was aborted as a fetus. She grew attached to her former mother who was also her swimming coach at the age of four. She narrated to her mother how Ginger, her coach had lost her baby in her womb through abortion. When the mother inquired how she knows all that she just stated, “I am the baby that was in her tummy.” The coach confirmed that she had an abortion nine years before Kendra was born in her new family and life.

Interestingly, the child grew attached to her coach such that she was super happy when she was with her swimming coach but very quiet and withdrawn otherwise. The mother was obliged to let her stay with a swimming coach for three nights a week, and she was happy. However, when Ginger cut contact with the family due to disagreement with her mother, the kid went into depression for 4.5 months, she could not talk, engage in any activities whatsoever. However, when Ginger reestablished limited contact, she started talking and eventually became active.[10]

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