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Top 10 Real People With Remarkable Superpowers

Our world hosts people with varying abilities that make it a truly fantastic place. People with superpowers are part of the exclusive category of extraordinary humans with abilities that is beyond human understanding and scientific explanation. Some of these people heroically deploy their capabilities for the benefit of the world, while others misuse the superpowers to destroy society and commit crimes. Either way, these real people with real-life superpowers have unusual abilities that are either learned or inherited. They achieve feats that are considered humanly impossible. Meet real people with actual superpowers.

1. Raj Mohan Nair – “Electro Man”

Raji Mohan Nair is the Indian national with superpowers that led him to be known as the electro man. Nair discovered his special ability when he attempted to commit suicide at age seven by climbing an electric transformer and holding on one of the live wires. To the great amusement and shock of many, he was not hurt or harmed in any way. This brought him to the realization that he has a supernatural gift, an ability that he believes is God-given.

The man can withstand outstandingly 10 amps of electric current flowing within his body. Different studies and research reveal that Raji Mohan Nair has the ability makes him withstand over ten times currents of electricity flowing in his body more than an average human body can sustain. One of the stunning superpower capabilities of electric man is the ability to power light bulbs and electronic appliances by allowing electrical current to circulate via his body. To enhance conductivity, he uses the tongue as a connection point. For instance, in the show Superhumans, Raji Mohan Nair displayed his super abilities by powering blenders via his tongue which requires approximately over 5 amps of electrical currents. Usually, for a human being without such special powers it would be a suicide mission to try and generate this amount of electricity in their body.[1]

2. Natasha Demkina

The is a Russian lady with superpowers relating to her vision. Natasha Demkina’s ability with her sight earned her the title of the X-Ray Eye Russian girl. At the age of ten, Natasha discovered her superpowers when she realized and revealed to her mother that she could see her internal organs. Even more fascinating is the revelation that she could switch on and off her X-Ray vision whenever she wants to. Her strange ability enabled her to see through the human skin and diagnose medical complications inside their body.

She constructively used her superpower X-Ray vision to avail medical consultation to the local people in her society. The media took notice of her, and she participated in the Discovery Channel in 2004. Her exposure to the media got her a lot of attention which helps her use her extraordinary vision to diagnose various ailments of the willing people in the study. Despite the display of her superpower that would have been helpful in the medical arena, the research around her ability lacked evidence to accumulate support.[2]

3. Stephen Wiltshire

Born in London, at the age of 3, Stephen Wiltshire was autism diagnosed. At the same period, he lost his father in a motorbike crash. As a means of communication and expressing himself, Stephen developed extraordinary artistic capabilities. His gift started getting noticed and at the age of eight, he received his first commission from the former Prime Minister Edward Heath for a sketch of Salisbury Cathedral. His superpower resides in his photographic ability and memory. He can recall the images of an entire city he has seen and replicates them in drawing with incredible accuracy. He has recreated many of the major cities of the world, such as New York, Sydney, London, and Singapore from a single helicopter ride. As the victim of autism, Stephen uses his abilities to solicit funds and create awareness for autism support globally.[3]

4. Masutatsu Oyama

Masutatsu Oyama

The karate trainer and master, Masutatsu Oyama, is well known for creating and founding Kyokushin Karate style which is the most influential in karate contact. He is well known for training and mentoring the most successful martial art champions worldwide. The title the God-hand emerged from Oyama’s ability to battle bulls with his bare hands. In one occasion, he demonstrated his super ability when he killed three bulls with a single barehand strike. The second outstanding display was revealed when Oyama finished and emerged as the winner in 100-man Kumite three consecutive times within three days, defeating three hundred opponents in the process. He died in Tokyo at the age of 70 in 1994. In his memory and legacy, a manga series and anime of 47 episodes were created based on his abilities. Several other fighters and karate characters in various films were based on his legacy.[4]

5. Wim Hof “The Iceman”

Wim Hof (The Iceman)

The Dutch athlete, Wim Hof, had the capabilities that led him to be known as the Iceman because of his ability to survive under extremely low temperatures. The superpower is associated with special and unique breathing features and techniques. One way Hof excelled in surviving under such conditions is by conscious hyperventilation which enables his heart rate and adrenaline to operate at optimum. The unique breathing method is instrumental in regulating body temperature and increasing his nervous activities. Some of Hof’s superpowers was attested when he took the longest ice bath of one hour and fifty-two minutes, and he also completed a marathon in a temperature of about -20 degrees in Finland wearing just shorts. He further advanced his name as Iceman when he climbed Mount Everest in shorts.[5]

6. William Trubridge

He is a New Zealand world champion record holding free driver. At age 8, William Trubridge was able to free dive to 15 meters. He was also very competitive in free diving at the same age against his brothers who loved to test who could dive the deepest and hold the longest.

The superpower of William came to limelight when Martin Khodabakhshian’s documentary, Breathe. The real-life documentary acted as the platform to expose William as the first free diver to reach a depth of three hundred feet on a single breath. Further to this, he holds an impressive 15 world records of free diving encompassing the free immersion dive of 396 feet in a single breath in 2011. Studies reveal that William’s ability is not genetically acquired, but learned through extensive training, perseverance, consistency, and a long time growing up in the water.[6]

7. Byron Ferguson “Master Marksman”

Bryon Ferguson found out about his love for archery when he was just 12 years old. He demonstrated the great ability and achieved incredible feats in his ability and skill with the longbow. He attributes his perfection and improvement to training in dark rooms and shooting arrows at candle lights. One of his accomplishments is demonstrated in Stan Lee’s Superhumans where Byron was able to shoot at an aspirin pill in the air. Byron featured in several TV shows such as History Channels More Extreme Marksmen and the Extreme Marksmen. The master marksman was attributed to the better than normal eyesight and vision of 20/15 rating implying Byron can see at 20 feet while normal humans only see at 15 feet. His superpower is a product of combining skills and talent making him a perfect marksman master.[7]

8. Liam Hoekstra

Liam Hoekstra

Liam Hoekstra was extraordinarily strong since his childhood. The adopted parents who raised him realized his physical capabilities and strength at an early age. For instance, just at the age of six months, the young Liam was able to walk upright without being aided by anything or anybody, he could walk up and down the stairs. With normal children at the same age, cannot manage to do this. The real power of Liam manifested at the age of one, he was doing chin-ups and, by the 18th month of age, Liam demonstrated extraordinary physical strength by moving heavy types of furniture around the house.

The doctors carried out the strength test when Lian Hoekstra was three years old and the findings were shocking. For one, he was four times stronger as compared to kids his age, with over 50% muscles. Secondly, he was stronger than 91% of the children two times older than him and stronger than 75% of kids three times his age. The research and studies contacted to establish the source of Liam’s strength point at the deficiency in his protein known as myostatin which contributes to faster muscle mass development and increased fat metabolism in his body.[8]

9. Tim Cridland

Tim Cridland

Tim is gifted in the endurance over pain. He is a side-show actor and is known as the torture king because of his extreme ability to endure and withstand pain. As one of the inventors of the Jim Rose Circus, he featured in many feats for many years. For example, Tim demonstrated the ability to skewer himself via any part of his body, encompassing electrocution, sleeping on a bed of nails, and swallowing flaming swords among others. The real superpower of Tim emanates from a genetic disorder called Congenital Analgesia that enables him to be immune to pain, according to experts.

However, he attributes his extraordinary abilities and powers to his greater understanding of martial arts, anatomical science, and the teachings of the middle east. The real superpower of Tim has given him a ticket to feature in shows such as the Ripley’s Believe It OR Not, the Superhumans by Stan Lee, and traveling globally to perform in shows.[9]

10. Concetta Antico – “The Rainbow Woman”

Antico is an artist with superpowers and super abilities to see way more colors others normal. The feature that scholars attribute it to a condition known as tetrachromat which gives her an extra mutation on her X chromosomes. The superpower to see a different variety of colors than other people is instrumental in her career as an artist. The eyes have more cones than a normal person’s eyes thus explaining her powers and abilities.[10]

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