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10 Movie Sets That Were Haunted by Actual Curses

Every movie has a story behind the scenes which may not be as entertaining as the movie itself. Some are haunted by a series of misfortunes that follow the crew, actors and sometimes even the fans. While belief in the supernatural ultimately depends on individuals’ point of view, these ten movie sets have stories so creepy that also converted some nonbelievers as well. These are the top ten movies with both entertainment and horror right from their production.

1. The Omen

The Omen

Omen became the most thrilling horror film in the 70s, and its sequel as well in 2006. The reason for this film’s popularity is more of curiosity than just the thrill. The extent of coincidental deaths and events surrounding these movies are just too scary to be called anything short of a curse. Gregory Peck, the lead actor, became the first victim of the curse two months before filming started when his son committed suicide. A few months later he himself narrowly escaped death in the crashed LA flight that he canceled and the plane crashed killing everyone. Then came the series of lightning strikes. David Seltzer who wrote the story escaped death in aligning attack on his aircraft closely followed by Mace Neufeld, the executive producer who also experienced the same horror.

One of the most exciting scenes involving the baboon was also aided by an animal handler who was eaten alive by lions a few days after the filming. The peak of the Blockbuster curse came when the designer of the accident decapitation scene was involved in a car crash leaving his aide decapitated like the movie scene. The accident happened near a sign labeled “Ommen 66.6km.” Quite a shocking tale there right? Not just yet, the 2006 sequel was not spared either. Pete Postlethwaite “Father Brennan” of the 2006 sequel lost his brother shortly after drawing 3 Sixes in a card game. The movie also became the victim of the most significant script loss ever when 13500m of the film was accidentally lost in the studio. Maybe the Omen caught up with its producers after all.[1][2]

2. Batman


Batman love has spread globally with fans across all ages, but very few people have heard about the Batman curse. The Colorado massacre came when a deranged James Holmes started shooting at the crowd during the Batman screening killing 12 people and injuring 59 others. When arrested by police, he claimed to be “The Real Joker.” Maybe this was an isolated event, well not really, Jack Nicholson, the actor of the role in 1989 had a tough life after acting the role and warned Heath Ledger against taking it in 2007. His fears were confirmed by the demise of Heath Ledger “The Joker” from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. He died six months to the release of Dark Knight after experiencing sleepless nights and depression since he took up the role.

Christian Bale, the Batman himself, also got his share of the curse after he was arrested of assaulting his own mother and sister. The curse did not spare the rest of the crew Either, Morgan Freeman who played Lucious Fox had an accident in 2008 when his car rolled several times and landed in a ditch. A few days later, he was divorced by his wife and then sued by his alleged mistress for negligence. The Special effects technician also had her career cut short when a truck she was filming from crashed into a tree. Anne Hathaway “Catwoman” wasn’t spared either, she plunged into expensive camera equipment while shooting. While the misfortunes are scary, Batman still went ahead to become one of the best shows ever.[3][4]

3. The Matrix

The Matrix

The original matrix became Warner Bros’ best seller for the 20th century by being the first movie to sell 1 million copies, and sequels were highly anticipated. However, the actors were just about to have the worst experience in their career because the aliens were very angry, well maybe. Aaliyah the musician that was playing Zee died in a plane crash before finishing her scenes. The producer was forced to take up a new actor pushing production months back. Gloria Forster who played the Oracle also passed away a month after production resumed although she had finished acting. Keanu Reeves the lead man in charge of writing the code also survived so many misfortunes during the production that he took up lighting ritual fire every evening to scare off evil spirits.

His girlfriend had a stillbirth in late 1999 leading to their troubles that resulted in a breakup. A few months later, she died in LA while coming from a party. Reeves himself had an accident suffering a spinal injury and Brocken ribs. After his surgery, he injured his legs again while shooting an action scene. After the long year with misfortunes, Filming was stopped because of a budget deficit forcing Keanu Reeves to fund the rest of the production with his own money. The movie was later released in 2003 after a year-long delay earning $199 million but not without a long spree of lawsuits. Maybe the aliens got really angry after all.[5]

4. The Exorcist

The Exorcist

It is the best-selling horror movie of the 20th century all the way into the 21st. However, the exorcist’s curse is also one of the saddest haunted movie stories of all time Leading to Billy Graham the evangelist naming it the core of evil. The first misfortune was a fire that burnt down the original cast house leaving only the room where the exorcism scenes were shot. The shooting was delayed by over a year followed by the death of Vasiliki Maliaros and a fellow actor shortly after the shooting. The two played roles of two people that died in the movie. Two actors also fell during the shooting suffering serious injuries that made the story even scarier.

Finally, on boxing day 1973, the movie came to the cinemas but not before Jason Miller who played Fr. Damien almost lost his son in a motorbike accident. The cinemas were also full of strange episodes of people throwing up and fainting because of the graphic scenes. One woman in the UK broke her jaw while fainting and sued the Cinema for it, quite unfair to the poor manager. Rome, the actual film setting also had its own share of the curse, lightning struck a church close to the cinema where the movie was airing.[6]

5. The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

It was more of negligence than a curse, really. It is the worst case of movie action scene becoming a real-life threat. The original Twilight zone TV series from 1959 to 1964 was welcomed receiving so many fans which made John Landis take up one episode to produce the 1983 Twilight Zone movie, but he went to jail before the film hit the screens. The crew was doing the last section of the production at 2:30 AM July 23rd, 1982 when everything went South. The scene which involved the actor Vic Morrow saving two children, Renee Shin-Yi Chen and My-Ca Dinh Le from a U.S. military helicopter strike turned real when the special effects equipment exploded in live action. The pilot lost control sending the plane crashing into the unsuspecting actor and the two children killing them all instantly. It was the worst twilight ever for any production, so unfortunate 3 great actors died while filming the cursed scene.[7]

6. The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror

The 2005 sequel of The Amityville Horror still haunts the fans years after their first view with claims of paranormal experiences coming in all the time. The movie, however, has a behind the scenes story that is even more disturbing. A dead fisherman’s body washed up just before they started shooting. Days into the production, the crew began expressing weird behavior by waking up at 3.10 am, the time when the villain killed his whole family in the original story. The team also claimed to have experienced strange depression and weird supernatural encounters during the production.

The original Amityville produced in 1979 became more popular when the leading actor James Brolin said he was motivated to accept the role because his pants mysterious fell while he was reading the script. The Inspiring scene of the movie and its sequels, 112 Ocean Ave in Long Island, is still considered America’s most haunted house after George Lutz and his family were forced to flee the home where spirits ripped doors from their hinges and slammed closet doors. The same house had experienced one of the worst homicides a year the family last born DeFeo killed his whole family in cold blood.[8][9]

7. The Passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ

Lightning seems to be the curse of God vs. Satan Movies, in this case, it did not strike planes, it struck Jesus himself. You don’t expect the ‘Jesus’ of most movies to be thrashed while shooting the Passion of Jesus, but Jim Caviezel wasn’t so lucky. He was accidentally thrashed by the deadly whips while carrying the cross which also dislocated his shoulder. However, these were not the actual curse of Jesus as the misfortunes were later called. An assistant in the Movie John Mikalini was also struck twice with lightning surviving both times. While ascending the cliff in the winter for the crucifixion, Jim also suffered Hypothermia due to the strong winds ending in pneumonia from the cold. Maybe they should have left Jesus’ passion for the Romans only.[10][11]

8. The Conjuring

The Conjuring

The devil visits a house in Rhodes Island forcing the family to escape, but he keeps up with the paranormal activity investigators and actors of all subsequent movies. Sound familiar? The Conjuring is based on the experience of Ed Warren, a paranormal activity researcher, and his wife when they went to investigate the famous haunted house on Rhode Island. The first movie released in 2013 became the second-best selling horror movie after the exorcist but not before the crew, and the actors had a fair share of the haunting. While shooting the film, the scene was struck by a strong wind that shook equipment and trees. On looking around them, the surrounding trees were not moving at all. Perron, the mother in the real haunted house also felt a strange dark presence in her house at the same time as the peculiar wind at the scene, she fell badly and had to go to the hospital.

Vera Farmiga who acted as ED Warren’s wife also found strange claw marks on her laptop screen just the same way the victims experienced in the movie. Movie director James Wan wasn’t spared either, an invisible being visited him in his house which scared him and his dog. Their troubles peaked when the hotel the actors and crew were staying in caught fire forcing them to evacuate. The 2016 sequel also had its fair share of misfortunes. The daughter of one of the actors woke up with strange bruises just like the mother in the original script. The Conjuring still went ahead to hit the screens with big money anyway, shame on the devil![12][13]

9. Poltergeist


Most skeletons even in the scariest movies are made of plastic or rubber, but in the original Poltergeist production, the producer chose real skeletons to reduce the costs. Well, this was a hell of a bad idea according to the Curse of Poltergeist believers who accused him of causing the premature deaths of most of the actors. Dominique Dunne who played dana was the first to die from strangulation by her boyfriend two months after production ended. Julian Beck, the insane preacher, died next from stomach cancer followed by Will Sampson the movie’s medicine man dying from malnutrition and kidney failure. The alarming deaths peaked when the leading actor Heather O’Rourke, who played Carol Anne the last-born daughter possessed by an evil spirit in the movie, passed away aged 12 from a cardiac arrest after a botched operation. Lou Perryman who starred as Pugsley also died in 2009 when he was killed with an ax by an ex-convict in his home. Maybe he should have paid the extra bucks for the plastics after all.[14]

10. Annabelle


It is another Ed Warren movie based on the scary evil doll Anabelle that haunts a family. After the strange events associated with the conjuring, the producer had a priest come and bless the cast before shooting started. According to Stephanie who acted as the caretaker nun, this helped settle the mood, but there were still some very disturbing events. First, the crew found three claw marks lit under the moonlight in the cast house. They were strange looking and very scary especially considering the claw marks in conjuring except their demon had three claws just like the ones on the wall. The actors also reported strange happenings at the stage including strange sounds and darkness when handling the doll. Maybe we should Ask Warren for an explanation, but it may have been too late for the janitor at the cast who was accidentally hit by real lights just as falling lights kill a janitor in the movie.[15]

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