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Top 10 of the Most Bizarre Paraphilias

Paraphilia is a strong sexual attraction to nonconventional and atypical objects. The paraphilias attain sexual gratification and arousal from the strange things and activities such as individual body parts, age, activities like farting among others. The paraphilia is considered a mental disorder if it causes distress or threatens to harm someone in the process. The level of paraphilias vary accordingly with some are intertwined in common sexual culture across the world while others are critically illegal and practicing them conflicts with the laws. Society detests some types of paraphilia such as pedophilia. The causes of paraphilia are highly debatable, and no clear reasons are settled on even with the most elite scientist in the world. The most obscure of the paraphilia tend to be downright bizarre and creepy to the point that you will think that they are unreal, except that they are real and exist in this world. In this article, 10 of the most unusual paraphilia in the world are covered.



What comes to your mind immediately you see someone vomiting? To many, vomiting constitutes signs and symptoms of illness or unhealthy condition in an individual. But the emetophilia, vomit is a turn on, sexual arousal or stimulation. Emetophilia is a paraphilic condition where the person is sexually attracted to vomit, receives sexual pleasure and gratification from vomits. The literature of the subject of emetophilia is limited to one scientific study on three women. The first case, the woman was capable of voluntary vomiting, and she enjoyed doing it throughout her childhood. In her adulthood, she realized that purging during sex gave her an intense sexual orgasm and gratification. The other two women described vomiting and related fantasies to cause pleasant sexual arousal.

For any sexual adventure, the women had to picture themselves vomiting or watching someone vomit to get sexually aroused. However, emetophiles is not uniquely a women paraphilia. In scientific research, there was a 27-year-old Hong Kong man who was bisexual. In an interview, he describes that his best vomit preference is that coming straight from men who are dads, though he could also be aroused by vomits from homosexual men how are not dads. When asked thing he has done to get a vomit, he describes horrible adventures in the street in a desperate search for a vomit. Imagine licking a vomit from the edge of a loo! He also collects take away vomits from the road; this is entirely crazy.[1]



The bloodhounds, ok, have you heard of bloodhounds? Well, they are not dogs. Bloodhounds are menophile men who actively seek menstruating women to have sex with. They are turned on or sexually aroused by ladies on their periods. To this group of paraphiliac individuals, sexual enjoyment and gratification are attained when having intercourse with a bleeding woman as compared to one who is not bleeding. The menstruating women offer this satisfaction; therefore, the Bloodhounds are always on the lookout for ladies on their periods; it arouses them to have sex.

It is different from a husband or boyfriend having sex with his wife or girlfriend during menstruation. For healthy persons, menstruation turns them off; however, it turns on, arouses menophiles. They consider themselves superior men because of their paraphilic disorder. I guess you can’t stand oral sex with a menstruating woman! This disqualifies you from Hells Angel membership. Because the members of this group receive red wings from performing oral sex on menstruating women, giving the act its macho reputation. Menophiles are real bloodhounds because they love the taste of blood.[2]



What is your take on ghost sex? Well, it is real as many people claiming to be sexually aroused and attracted to spiritual and specter beings. Sepectrophiles claim to have sexual encounters with ghosts or supernatural nature of their affection. The scientific community has no proof apart from claims from individuals who claim banging ghosts, either consciously or unaware. The feeling and experience of ghost sex are described as similar to that of real earthly being. The ghost sex encounter entails touching in specific areas of the body and sensation feeling the pressure of another body, and penetration feelings. For many spectrophiles, ghost and spirit sex are sexually sensational, exciting, gratification, and turns them on.

However, not every encounter with a ghost or spirit in the bedroom feels satisfaction with the same sexual excitement. The fanatics of ghost sex also believe in ghost rape where a spirit sexually assaults a person against their will. The subject of ghost sex is strange and creepy enough, though many people reportedly have experienced the encounter. Based on known cases, the fetish is favorite among celebrities. For instance, Anna Nicole Smith explained how a ghost visited her bedroom regularly while she was living in Texas, and on each visit, she had sex with the spirit. The same claim has been registered by singer Kesha and actress Natasha Blasick who narrated to have had sexual experiences with ghosts, with some level of enjoyment.[3]



Macrophiles are individuals usually men, who are sexually attracted to huge human beings; they desire to have a sexual encounter with actual giants. The paraphilia is dominant in a heterosexual male, who are drawn sexually to giantess like ladies in the society. Macrophiles have trouble functioning sexually unless they fantasize about giantesses as their sexual partners. They are willing to submit to massive, powerful, and beauty of giants despite the imminent danger that such an encounter may yield. The men in this category of paraphilia desire giantesses to dominate over their life as superior beings, the giant will have little regard for them beyond supplying their needs such as nourishment for the giants and being used as sexual objects/toys.

In modern society, macrophiles have difficulties finding giants to seduce because giantesses are hard to come by across the world. However, with advancement in technology, virtual giants are instrumental for macrophiles because of the internet supply sufficient images and videos of gigantic women towering of small men. The different postures of these images from the internet are used to sexual arouse these men. Technology brings macrophiles virtual reality headsets which offer numerous ways to fulfill their macrophallic desires. In reality, macrophiles may be unable to engage in a sexual encounter with actual giants. However, the internet and technology bring them closer to reality.[4]



Europhiles are individuals who are sexually attracted to urine — the people who are intensely aroused when they have a full bladder. The thought of wet pants is very embarrassing, and unhygienic too, but to Europhiles, it causes firm and intense sexual arousal. In many societies, urinating on someone is a taboo, probably because it is unhygienic. The survey suggests that 41% of people interviewed admitted peeing on or being peed on by a lover. The act that is described as the golden shower by different researchers in the field of urophilia.

The atypical and extreme cases of urophiles encompass smelling other people’s urine to get an erection and sexual excitement. Some even admit drinking urine because it helps sustain stronger sexual arousal. How would the bedroom of an urophilia couple look like or smell like? Because scientific study reveals that foreplay entails golden showers and during the act, orgasm is attained by urinating on each other. Presumably, even the house will stink of fermented urinary unless cleaning is daily.[5]



Many societies around the world classify sexual adventure with an older adult as taboos. However, gerontophiles are sexually attracted to senior citizens in society. Psychiatrists highlight cases where younger men who are sexually aroused and achieves sexual gratification orgasm by engaging or fantasizing senior women. For an object to be qualified by gerontophile as elderly, the woman must be above 60 years. An example of a gerontophile case study involves a man who married a beautiful age-appropriate wife at the age of 24, had six kids with her. One day he met a senior woman and had stronger sexual attraction and arousal to her, he approached the old woman and had an affair with her. After that, he lost all sexual desires and appeal to his wife because he considered her too young for his taste. The old face, grey hair are the features that turn on a gerontophile man.

Don’t confuse cougars and sugar daddies with gerontophiles. No, gerontophiles are not attracted to mature bank accounts and few grey hairs. Real gerontophilia characters are free from momentary or financial motivation. They are seeking partners with crepe skin, stooped posture, and dentures because it is their thing, it turns them on, and optimizes their orgasm as well as sexual gratification.[6]



Can crying be sexually arousing? Well, dacryphiles are people who are sexually aroused or attracted to crying according to International Journal of Sexual Health study. There are two types of dacryphilia in society. The sadistic dacryphiles are aroused by crying as a sign of emotional distress. The dominant dacryphilia is turned on by causing the partner to cry/shade tears. The submissive dacryphiles are sexually aroused by being made to cry by the dominant partners.

The second class of dacryphilia is sexually attracted to witnessing the act of crying, and they do not desire to be the cause of sorrow. The pleasure and sexual gratification are in tears themselves rather than the reason behind the crying. These categories enjoy providing comfort to a crying person as their role. Other men are turned on by witnessing a crying woman stick out her lower lips.[7]



Necrophilia involves strong sexual attraction to corpses or engaging in a sexual relationship with bodies. The subject of necrophilia came to light because of the gruesome legends and serial killers. Necrophilia is a real phenomenon, and the necrophiles live among us in society; however, the practice of necrophilia is a taboo. It is culturally unacceptable. Even the sound of having sex with a dead person or a corpse is just scary, and accessing information regarding the necrophilia is very difficult. Necrophilia is classed in 10 tiers, ranging from level one to level ten of necrophiliac person according to DSM-5.

The stages vary in terms of characteristics, for instance, level 1 are role play who do not have intercourse with the body to level 4 who are sexually aroused by touching a corpse to level 10 necrophiles who exclusively have sex with a corpse, and cannot function sexually around living human beings. Scientifically, necrophiles are victims of low self-esteem who are extremely afraid of rejection; therefore, engaging in a sexual adventure with an unresisting and powerless partner leads them to dead bodies.[8]



Do you know that the most substantial form of punishment is not whipping and beating? Uncontrolled convolution of laughter is a perfect instrument of torture. For Knismophiles, laughter is a crucial component of foreplay, and they are turned on or sexually aroused by tickling each other. Tickling causes loss of control over one’s emotions resulting in eruption into giggles, the vulnerability, achieved by creating it or receiving it, is what appeals to knismophiles.

Though many people assume knismophiles to be childish because of the laughing and giggling in the bedroom, real knismophiles do not wiggle around. For instance, knismophiles use instruments such as restraints, blindfolds, ice cubes to subject their partners to extended tickle torment. This is instrumental in sexual aggravation. Knismophilia is triggered by sexual attraction and arousal if the tickling is done under the right circumstances. For example, a knismophiles will find touch and wiggling erotic when paired with sexual activities in the bedroom; however, they are not aroused when playing around with kids.[9]



To many people, farting or passing gas is the most embarrassing encounters in their lives, to eproctophile, it sets the romantic mood in the room. Eproctophilia is sexual attraction to flatulence or a person sexually aroused by flatulence. The subject of eproctophilia has limited literature with few cases. The most prominent case entails a man who described how he discovered that he was an eproctophile. When he was young, he was fascinated with flatulence which is bizarre, and when he was older, the appeal strengthened. As an adult, he discovered that he is sexually aroused when a beautiful lady lets loose a disgusting stinker fart. The internet is instrumental in helping eproctophiles to connect. For instance, thirty years after his death, James Joyce the author of Ulysses was discovered to be an eproctophile based on the letters he sends to his wife.[10]

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