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10 Most Shocking Cases of Modern-Day Cannibalism

According to Robert Louis Stevenson, “Nothing more strongly arouses our disgust than cannibalism.” It is the ultimate taboo of all human races. However, cannibalism is still being practiced in this age of artificial intelligence and driverless cars. Eating a fellow human being is naturally the highest evil anyone can ever commit. However, some people still hold onto cultures that believe it is okay to eat someone. Cases of modern cannibals, however, are simply cases of deranged people who do it for the thrill. For whatever reason, there is no explanation for the level of deprivation that forces a man to eat others. That said, we still have to deal with these ten shocking cases of modern-day cannibalism.

1. Rudy Eugene, Florida

The story of a naked man chewing off a homeless man’s face in Florida of all places has shocked the world for years since 2012. Rudy Eugene became the most famous American cannibal in when he ate off Ronald Poppo’s face for “stealing his bible.” He stripped him and chewed off most of his skin including the nose and eyes before the police came. The police were forced to shoot him dead after he refused to stop despite warnings. It is believed he was on drugs at the time because he was hanging on a street lamp post before turning Poppo into dinner. Toxicology revealed he only had marijuana in his system. Maybe we need to investigate if cannibalism is the worst effect of marijuana.[1]

2. Armin Meiwes, Germany

Armin Meiwes always wished to eat human flesh and even thought of grabbing a teen and eating them but he finally found his wish in his gay lover. He became the most feared cannibal in Germany after he ate his gay lover Jurgen Brandes. Meiwes, commonly referred to as Anthrophagus, his alias in the chats, volunteered to eat his lover after he advertised himself online needing someone to kill and eat him without leaving a trace. The two men met and cut off Brandes’ genitals first.

While attempting to share the genitals, Brandes who was bleeding profusely fell unconscious. Meiwes then kissed him on video and killed him with a knife before freezing the flesh. He fried and ate his friend with cabbage and potatoes recording every step of the events. The first court case only convicted him of manslaughter and sentenced him to 8 years in prison, it was later overturned to murder which put him behind bars for life. He is now one of the most feared men on earth for doing what he claimed was his friend’s best wish.[2]

3. Cannibal Warlords, Liberia

Civil wars have lots of scary stories but the Liberian Civil war was beyond human understanding. When Doctors Without Borders launched a case to Amnesty International with evidence of Cannibalism in the war tone country, the investigators said evidence of killings was enough, it didn’t matter what they did with the bodies. One general, however, then known as Naked Butt because he fought naked confirmed to the BBC that eating and killing children was normal for the tribal generals.

He confirmed that politicians knew about it but and that it was done publicly. The armies killed young children in village-wide ceremonies and shared their hearts as a sacrifice for winning the war. Naked Butt alongside other generals were however not convicted for these crimes, the nation was too keen to heal, cannibalism was just a regular crime like any other as far as the truth commission was concerned.[3][4]

4. The Uruguayan Rugby Team, The Andes

Ever heard of the Andes 16 that survived on human flesh? This is the story behind the famous movie “Alive.” Unlike Lost, Wrecked and other movies where planes crash on islands with fish and boar, the Uruguayan rugby team landed on the ice carpeted Andes peaks. The Valley of Tears, as the place of their landing, is called offered no mercy on life. The team was stuck on the mountain for 72 days without food or water and forced to do some unthinkable things to survive. According to Dr. Roberto Canessa, who was a medical student on the team, they were not ashamed to live off the flesh of their dead teammates. They needed the flesh for proteins and fat and also to use them as test subjects for his first cuts when learning how to treat the injured teammates. He said his teammates would not mind if their bodies saved lives. Well, maybe they didn’t because the 16 made it out alive.[5]

5. The Cannibal Couple, Russia

Dimitry and Natalia Baksheev had the most twisted kind of love story in the 21st century. When they walked into a restaurant and a Natalia felt a waitress was trying to “snatch” her husband, she convinced him to abduct her and use her body parts for dinner. The evidence found at their house in a Russian military academy included foodstuffs from human body parts. This was not the first murder by the couple. Natalia and Dimitry had a long history of cannibalism with reports of Natalia using the meat to make the pies she supplied in the town. They were arrested after a phone containing their photos with dismembered body parts was found by construction workers. The police arrested them and went for a search in their house which revealed the longest cannibal history in Russian history. The couple had killed more than 30 people since 1999. They had preserved some of the bodies in Saline solutions and even took photos of meals containing human body parts.[6][7]

6. The Cannibal Magicians, South Africa

Mkhonyovu a traditional healer/magician from Kwazulu-Natal shocked the police in August 2017 when he handed himself in claiming he was tired of eating human flesh. The police dismissed him until he produced a bloody human hand forcing them to arrest him immediately. Alongside his 5 accomplices whom he promised riches, they had abducted Zanele Hlatshwayo and cooked her body for his customers. A search of his house produced 8 human ears cooked in a pot. Other villagers later confirmed having eaten human flesh knowingly. Most of the fake healer’s customers were local criminals who were convinced that human flesh made them invincible to bullets and the police. His activities were linked to nearly 12 local abductions in a space of 2 months.[8]

7. Cannibal Ituri Rebels, DRC

The DRC Pygmies have not seen civilization for years but they are not cannibals, No, in fact, they were the victims of cannibalism in a war they knew nothing about. Amuzati, the world’s most famous pygmy shook the UN human rights commission with the tales of what the rebels did to his family and clan in Ituri forest. The clan had never left the forest until the rebel fighters took his family and roasted it in front of him. This is the first case of modern cannibalism that forced the UN to send peacekeeping missions to the DRC. It was no longer a civil war as the men turned into animals preying on the civilians eating them and even forcing them to eat members of their families.

Thy Pygmies were forced to leave the forest for the first time in history because they were being hunted and killed with AK 47s, a situation they never faced before. When the report on torture, rape, and cannibalism was filed at the UN, the world was too shocked to ignore anymore, troops were sent in making some arrests and allowing the Pygmies to go back to their forest. So shameful how people that have met civilization became more inhuman on the most primitive tribe on the planet.[9][10]

8. The Human Pastries, Brazil

These are serial killers turned cannibals who intended to depopulate the world by killing three women every year. Jorge and Elizabeth da Silveira alongside his mistress Bruna Oliveira attracted women with the promise of a well-paying nanny job before killing them. Jorge was performing ritual killing because he heard “voices” that were calmed only when he killed women. His wife and mistress, on the other hand, joined the satanic feast as a purification ritual.

They also stuffed the meat in Pastries and distributed it to the neighbors then buried the remaining flesh in their garden. The three were arrested in 2012 and sentenced to 20 years at first before a guilty plea in 2014 served real justice. Jorge was given 70 years, his wife 68 and his mistress 70 years and 10 months. Well, they will be too old to depopulate the world by the time they come out.[11][12]

9. The Aghori Monks, India

The famous CNN show The Believers starts with the producer Aslan sharing with a violent Aghori believer who rubs his face in cremated human ashes. The monks get angry when Aslan speaks “too much” and even threaten to decapitate and eat him. Well, the end was not so friendly either as the whole production crew had to take off in fear of their lives. The group is an extreme cannibal sect of the Aghori tribe who make a small portion of the tribe.

The monks live near crematories and eat remains from cremated people. They also meditate on corpses and drink from human skulls a practice that scares even the most devout monks in India. The monks, however, believe that their practices bring spiritual enlightenment. They are one of the greatest attractions to dark tourism in India as more people try to see what real cannibalism means. Well, Aslan, the documentary producer said fried human brains taste like charcoal, at least we know now.[13][14]

10. The Human Flesh Restaurant, Nigeria

What happens when you walk into a restaurant that has roasted human head on the menu? In most cases, many people would run and tell the police but the unsuspecting customers of this restaurant in Nigeria enjoyed the meat as the restaurant’s most expensive treat. The search of the facility later revealed two fresh human heads that were being bled into plastic bags. They also found automatic weapons and cellphones. A pastor who ate at the restaurant was shocked that the expensive meat he enjoyed was of human flesh. 11 people were arrested in the shocking case that left many Nigerians weary of the town’s restaurants.[15]

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