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10 Insanely Dangerous World Records Ever Survived

Some Guinness World Records are safe but still astonishing, like the longest kiss. However, some records are just beyond human imagination. Being the best at something is a very fulfilling feeling, I mean who would not want to be the one person that comes up when something spectacular is mentioned? However, beating 7 billion people on earth for that top spot is never easy. While coincidences set some scary world records, some people just set out to do the unthinkable for the record’s sake. Sadly, not all people survive these quests, but these ten did. Of the many records set in the world, these are the ten scariest ones that were survived by the holders.

1. The Twin Tower Tightrope Walk Without a Safety Net

Insanely Dangerous World Records Ever Survived

The Twin Towers made history during 911 in the worst terrorist attack in US history. But before this sad day, French acrobat Phillipe Petite made a happy memory of them. He made the life-threatening walk across the two towers on a tight rope without any safety netting, a stunt that gave him an unbroken record for over 30 years. They were the second tallest buildings in the world standing 1350ft above the ground. Surprisingly, Pettit planned to conquer the tallest building in the world but the Chicago Sears Tower, the tallest at the time, had no second end for a rope, so he chose the two-spired WTC instead.

He was just an ordinary man with no athletic history who just decided to do something “spectacular.” His plot involved a very meticulous plan including posing as a reporter to get the details of what the top of the towers looked like. The second time, the group came posing as construction workers to get their way around and finally on the “day of the walk,” Petite and his four friends posed as architects to allow them entry with his gear.

He performed stunts for 45 minutes astonishing the crowd below and escaping police on both ends of the tower. He made eight trips in total lying, crouching and sitting on the tight rope before finally surrendering to the police. His walk was made into an Oscar-winning documentary “The Man on the Wire,” and finally a movie, “The Walk” in 2015. After defying death one too many times, the police decided to charge him with trespassing and disorderly conduct. He didn’t serve a sentence though; the government gave him a deal to perform for children at central square and get a free pass.[1]

2. The Longest Distance Thrown in a Car Accident

The Longest Distance Thrown in a Car Accident

How far does one land when hit by a car moving at 70mph? Well, no one would want to try it. Matthew McKnight wasn’t trying either when he was forced to fly a third of a football field shocking the whole world. He was just driving past an accident scene near Pittsburgh in 2001 when he got out of his car to help the victims. He was however struck by an oncoming vehicle becoming a victim of one of the most shocking accident records ever. Onlookers were even more shocked by the distance the man was thrown than his immediate injuries.

He set a record 188ft (over 35 meters) flight almost defying Newton’s Law of Motion. The doctors released the distance after treating him which shocked even McKnight himself. Not many people would survive such a flight. He suffered a collapsed lung, dislocated all shoulders with one broken, fractured his pelvis and both legs among other injuries that kept him in a hospital for two weeks and another 80 days in Rehab. The guy must hate flying![2][3]

3. The Heaviest Mantle of Bees Ever Carried

The Heaviest Mantle of Bees Ever Carried

Bees are scary in many ways; a single sting can cause the most excruciating pain ever leave alone the buzz of thousands of determined stingers. Ruan Lian Ming, a beekeeper from China, was, however, covered by over 500,000 of these killers setting the world record for the heaviest ever bee mantle. Bees are one of the most dangerous insects to handle, but some people are not afraid of them. The competition for the largest bee beard has been happening since the 19th century with people competing on the size of bees their head can attract. The bee beard, however, involves a manageable size of bees invoked by just one queen.

Some people, however, moved on to compete on the heaviest bee mantle, a test that can lead to certain death by one wrong move or even none at all. Bees are unpredictable, and they can turn into angry little monsters by any provocation even from the weather making this a very dangerous stunt. Most of these entertainers put one queen on their body, but Ruan Liang Ming put a whole 60 queens on his body. The resulting population of bees oh his body was utterly astonishing. The bees estimated at 637,000 weighed at least 140 pounds. To pull off the stunt, the performer has to remain still, and Ruan was forced to bear these deadly killers which weighed nearly as much as him for the whole period of the filming without making a wrong move. He must have been born in a hive![4]

4. The Highest Pool Dive Ever

Highest Pool Dive Ever

This record wasn’t set on an ordinary pool at all; it was set on a rocky cliff in Switzerland by a fearless canyoner in 2015. Diving can be fun, but diving from a very high point is very dangerous. Scientists agree that landing on water from a height over 46 meters is like landing on concrete. The odds of surviving such a fall are very minimal, but Laso Schaller tried it anyway. The daring canyoner jumped off a board set at a cliff in Maggia, Ticino, In Switzerland. The whole event was recorded on Camera as the Canyoner braved a fall from 192ft, the height of a 17-story building, off the cliff. The dive was carefully planned with a full examination of water depth and the ability of the board to support the leap. The dangers were still unthinkable, from hitting a rock or simply breaking every bone with the landing but he survived with only a dislocated hip which was a miracle. He literally had to be pulled out of the water but his record combined as both the highest cliff jump and also the highest jump from a board.[5]

5. The Most Lightning Strikes Survived

The Most Lightning Strikes Survived

With a current of 20,000 amps and over 100 million volts, the odds of surviving a lightning strike once are nearly one in a million. The odds for two times are way lower. However, when the number reaches 7, mathematics is defied. Roy Sullivan popularly remembered as the human lightning conductor from Virginia however survived 7, setting a world record that no one else would really like to contest. He was first struck in 1942 while hiding from a storm in a lookout tower. The tower was hit several times leaving Sullivan with burns to the right leg; he also lost the big toenail.

He was hit again a few years later while driving his truck in a shocking event during which he lost most of his hair. The third strike burnt him on the shoulder when lightning struck a nearby power transformer. Sullivan confirmed his curse in 1972 when lightning struck his ranger station in a fourth episode burning his hair again. He was hit three more times with the final strike coming in 1977 while he was fishing leaving him with burns on the head, chest, and stomach. Sullivan finally ended his own life with a bullet in 1983 because of relationship problems. A sad end for such a survivor. His record has however been contested by a certain Melvin Roberts from South Carolina who claimed to have been struck 12 times, but Guinness World Records never confirmed the claim.[6]

6. Longest Time Spent in Full Body Contact With Ice

Longest Time Spent in Full Body Contact With Ice

Many people are familiar with what a warm bath feels like, but what exactly does a 1-hour-long ice bath feel like? No one would dare the suicidal subzero bath, except someone with the superpowers of Wim Hof. Popularly referred to as Ice Man because of his scary adventures such as running barefoot on the ice and climbing icy peaks in sandals and shorts, Wim set a previous world record after staying in full contact with ice for 115 minutes. He was pulled out of the ice after his body temperature fell, his whole body was all red. He also won another record for the fastest marathon completed barefoot on ice.[7]

That experience sounds scary, but it didn’t prevent two Chinese men from attempting a similar feat in Ice filled boxes. Chen Kecai and Jin Songhoa both aged over 50 stripped before their bodies were buried in ice to the neck. Chen had to be pulled out after 1 hour and 48 minutes because his body temperature fell drastically. Songhoa, however, stayed for 1 hour 53 minutes even sparing enough time to write some praises for the communist party. His stunt totally disapproved known medical records.[8][9]

7. Most Watermelons Chopped on the Belly in a Minute

Ashrita Furman

Trusting another person to chop watermelons on your belly takes a special kind of courage. The scary act keeps the audience on edge for a long 1 minute as melon after melon is cut in half by a sharp blade to count in the record. The record holder, Ashrita Furman, has been credited for more than 700 world records. Enthusiastic about setting world records, he decided to become a daredevil, since he is not an athlete. In July 2018, he set the world record for the most watermelons self-chopped on the belly in a minute at 27.

This is still scary as it stands, but less than a month later, he decided to attempt the record for the most watermelons chopped on the stomach in a minute. The record was earlier held by a martial arts specialist, Vispy Kharadi, who allowed a fellow martial arts expert to chop 49 melons on his stomach before serving them to the shocked crowd. Furman entrusted his friend Bipin Larkin with a sharp machete slicing 60 watermelons on his stomach in one minute. He also set another record for the most watermelons chopped on the stomach while lying on a bed of nails.[10][11]

8. Most Motorcycles to Run Over the Body While Lying on a Bed of Nails

Insanely Dangerous World Records - Chayne Hultgren.jpg

Which is more dangerous, lying on the bed of nails or being run over by a motorcycle? Well, stuntmen across the world have competed on this record since Chayne Hultgren the Australian daredevil started it in 2011. He has since pulled off some of the deadliest stunts on record including juggling two chainsaws and carrying the heaviest weight with eye sockets. He survived a whole 20 times as cyclists jumped over his body on the scary bed. His record was however broken two years later by Simone Calati who broke the record by surviving 31 motorcycles which he encouraged to run on him at the same time instead. The Canadian group, Monsters of Schlock, then broke the 31-motorbike record in 2015 when Burnaby Orbax lay on the bed of nails for 70 motorcycles in 2 minutes. He stood up saying “I’m fine!”[12][13]

9. The Heaviest Car Ever Balanced on the Head

John Evans

John Evans is popularly referred to as strongman because of his ability to balance excessively heavy objects on his head. He has a thick neck at 24 inches which he attributes to his ability to lift such objects. In 1999, Evans lifted a 352-pound mini cooper on his head for 33 seconds in front of a crowd. Any wrong move by Evans would see his head forced in between his shoulders, but he survived the ordeal to set the world record. He walked and even clapped his hands with the car on his head as the crowds shouted. The only safety for his skull was a thin towel, probably not enough to protect an average person. He later went on to win more records including the largest number of milk crates balanced on the head. Maybe next time he will lift a whole ship.[14][15]

10. The Highest Wire Walk

Freddy Nock

Phillipe Petit’s 1350ft record stood for 30 years until the Swiss daredevil Freddy Nock decided to break it by doing the 411-meter highest tightrope walk across the highest peaks on the alps. His walk was more dangerous because he had to balance on a 50-meter slope across the two ends of the rope. Unlike Petit’s ordinary background, Knock came from a family of professional tightrope walkers and started practicing his stunts at the age of three. The highest peak stands at 9800ft above sea level; he survived enduring the cold winds while balancing on the 18mm thick rope for a whole 39 minutes. He got the idea for this walk while looking out a window from a summit hotel room. Knock also holds other crazy records including the fastest tightrope walk and even had a wedding on a tightrope.[16][17]

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