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Top 10 Gender Prediction Myths from Around the World

The first thing most people do once they discover they are pregnant is to find out whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Learning the gender of the unborn baby is one of the most intriguing aspects of pregnancy. For a long time, there have been bizarre myths and misconceptions purported for gender prediction, some of which are creepy. Based on tales and folklore, all aspects of the pregnancy are a sign or symptom that can be used to determine or indicate the sex of the fetus encompassing the position of the bump, the cravings, moods, and severity of the symptoms like heartbeat rates among others.

However, the modern generation has devised the technology that helps to identify the gender of the fetus as well as all vital facts of the pregnancy. Several decades back, the only way to tell the gender of the unborn baby is to wait and see during delivery day. Many midwives and old ladies swore by different myths to predict the unborn sex kid. In this list, we explore the top 10 of the gender prediction myths to guess the sex of the fetus.

Morning Sickness

During the first trimester of the pregnancy, about fifty percent of expectant mothers falls ill during morning hours. The myth holds a believe that severe and persistent morning sickness is an indication that the pregnant mother is carrying a girl. Their mothers advanced a different version that suggests that illness occurring at any time during the days is the sign that the baby will be a boy. The assumption behind the myth is that women carrying girls have elevated levels of hormones and this worsens morning illness while the mothers carrying boys have low levels of hormones, thus, explaining less nausea. There are limited literature and research by the medical team to prove what causes morning sickness in expectant mothers, as only speculations attributed to the rampaging hormones changes that influence the tweaking and changing the woman’s body. Hormonal imbalance turns the body into a system for the development and growth of new human and elevated levels if sickness that medically and professionally has nothing to do with the gender or sex of the unborn child.[1]

Play With Drano?

People do crazy things to establish the sex of their unborn babies. One of them is this particular test, which is believed to reveal the sex of the fetus. The myth of playing with Drano entails getting the Drano or an active cleaning fluid with similar ingredients, fresh Urine from the expectant mother in preparation for the experiment. The experiment should be outside or in a well-ventilated place. Pour Urine into a cup or glass of Drano and observe for a reaction. It is believed that if the emerging mixture rapidly turns brown and disgusting, the mother to be is carrying a boy; while if there is no reaction for some over 10 seconds, the baby will be a girl. There isn’t an explanation as to why the mixture should react differently. The are many failures of the test where a girl pops up in place the experiment predicted a boy. The only guaranteed way of knowing the gender of the fetus should be the use of new technology and the mother to attend the fifth-month scan.[2]

Fetal Heart Rate

According to the American pregnancy association, the fetus’s heart starts beating at week 6 and normal fetal heartbeat range between 130 and 170 beats per minute by the ninth week. The standard fetus gender prediction encompasses monitoring the heartbeat of the baby. The heartbeat rate of the female fetus has more rapid heart rate. There is a belief that suggests that a baby is a boy if the heartbeat is 140 and below. According to the study conducted in 2006, findings indicate no significant disparity between the heart rates of male and female fetuses during the early stages of the pregnancy.[3]

Position of the Bump

The position in which the mother to carry the baby is instrumental in determining the gender of the baby. The most significant emphasis is attached to how the mother carries the baby. For instance, if the mother carries the baby with frontward and high positioned bump, the gender of the fetus is predicted to be a girl. On the other hand, it is believed that the expectant mothers with the spread at the middle, feeling huge and lose their waist, downward bump indicates that the unborn baby is a boy. The factors that influence the size and shape of the mother’s bump encompass the position of the fetus and its size.[4]


Expectant mothers have cravings for a specific food, and things are a natural phenomenon. The desires vary widely. One generally held myth posits that pregnant women are expecting boys crave food that is salty and savory including potato chips while those expecting girls crave for sugary edibles and spices encompassing beautiful things like chocolate, ice cream among others.

The cravings in a mother to be is a standard fixture, but the type of desires have zero bearings on the gender of the fetus. Medically, it has to do with the hormonal raging and variation in the mother’s body and the nutritional requirements of the expectant mother. The intriguing attempt points that if the mother has severe and frequent heartburn, then the fetus is believed to have full grown hair according to the research reports, this nullifies the belief that spiced food cause heartburn.[5]

Cool Boys & Hot Girls

Pregnancy comes with many reactions and body effects that sounds bizarre and creepy at times. For instance, some expectant mother myths and tales are downright intriguing. It is believed that some pregnant mum narrates that their bumps act or behave like a system of the thermostat, which keeps them warm even in the cold winter. Their myth from the ancient times suggests that the warm and hot bumps are associated with girls, therefore, if the mother is carrying the female fetus, they tend to have a lot of heat in their body.

The unborn boy baby is thus attributed to causing coolness and cold in the mother to be, for instance, the mother cold has cold feet and hands even during the warm summer weather. Research indicates that temperature has some influence in determining gender and sex of the reptiles, but have minimum evidence to support the myth that it could be applied in human being. The explanation associated with the temperature of the bump of the pregnant mother is more relevant when explained in line with metabolism alterations with the pregnancy rather than anything else![6]

Doing ‘It’ Right!

The myth is built around the circumstances before conception! It is a strategy that is believed to predict the sex of the baby, and it revolves around a pregnancy that is not established. Well, it is said that one needs to ponder over it after the pregnancy is confirmed to understand the myth. For one, it is believed that if the partners want to have a boy, then the fathers are supposed to abstain from sex for a couple of weeks before the occurrence of ovulation. In the case of a girl baby, the couple should have plenty of sex.

The pseudo-scientific theory behind the myth holds that “boy” sperm tend to be lighter and swim faster than the delicate “girl” sperm, therefore, if the sperms are allowed to mature for some time, the male sperm will win the race to meet and fertilize the ovum ahead of the female sperm. And since the “girl” sperm is assumed to be slower and steadier to survive and brave the test of time, unlike the “boy” sperm. However, the myth is likely to be nonsense because all embryos start neutral, and the gender of the fetus is only apparent at around the 6th week into the pregnancy.[7]

Stress Levels Before Conception

The level of stress the woman is exposed to before conceiving influences the gender of the baby. The midwives suggest that there is a strong relationship between the stress hormone cortisol and the female to male birth ration. For instance, the woman with high-stress amounts before conceding is more likely to deliver a girl baby, because women with high levels of cortisol are associated with influencing the female gender fetus formation.

The example cited is that of the case of Greek island of Zakynthos caused a tremendous amount of stress in the society, and many births that followed indicates the high rates of female babies as compared to the male birth rates. There is no scientifically satisfactory statistics and data to affirm this myth; however, further research into the tale is welcome to eliminate the speculations.[8]

Spotty the Girl!

What is the possible relationship between the expectant mother’s beauty and the sex of the unborn baby? Well, many people believe that if the pregnant mother’s skin breaks out in more acne and facial blemishes is an indication that the expectant mother is carrying a girl as compared to the condition when the baby expected is a boy.

There are no scientific or research findings that support these assumptions and allegations that a female fetus sucks out or steal her mother’s beauty, making the expectant mother appear ugly. The acne is possibly brought by hormonal imbalance and poor nutrition. Being expectant causes hormonal uproar is a normal phenomenon. However, studies indicate that pregnancy improves the skin of women giving them a glowing appearance, but there is no correlation between spots and the sex of the unborn baby.[9]

Ring Gender Test

The old-school method of finding out the sex of the baby entails hanging a gold wedding ring from a strand of the expectant mother’s hair; in case of short hair, a thread can be used. The procedure involves holding a makeshift pendant over the swelling tummy or belly and observe how the pendant moves. For instance, it is believed that if it swings back and forth, the fetus is a boy while if the ring goes around or in a circular motion, the baby is a girl. This is more of manual practical, and no scientific logic can be derived from this premise, therefore, it has a high possibility of being a waste of time, but it does not pain having fun and try it out.[10]

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