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10 of the Wackiest Florida Man Headlines in 2019 So Far

No doubt, Florida has a reputation of being the home to some of the weirdest people that ever lived in the United States. There have always been tremendous tons of unbelievably weird “Florida Man” headlines that leave reader shocked, traumatized, or confused or all at the same time. From heinous crimes to moronic behaviors, modern technology makes it easy to collate and aggregate stories on social media, making this bizarre Florida man’s stories readily available to readers around the world. Recent months have surfaced a viral challenge called the ‘Florida Man Challenge’ (the #FloridaManChallenge) that involves searching online to find the most cringe-worthy Florida man headlines that come up for your birthday.[1] In this top ten list, we explore ten of the wildest Florida Man Headlines in 2019, so far.

Florida Man Arrested at Mar-a-Lago, Says He Came to Talk to Trump About ‘his $6.3 Trillion’

On 3rd of January 2019, Brian Whitehurst was arrested on trespassing charges after he drove to Trumps Mar-a-Lago resort. He parked in the entrance area of the club and claimed he wanted to talk to president trump about his $6.3 trillion. He refused to leave until he has spoken with the president and told the secret service agent; he has even booked a reservation to stay at the resort. The Secret Service Agent Tim Donohoe reported that Whitehurst had no reservation at the Mar-a-Lago resort as he claims and asked him to leave, but he declaimed and had to be arrested and reigned in the Palm Beach police custody. He was reigned in the courts and charged with trespassing. The 30 years old was released on his recognizance, he was assigned to be re-arraigned in Palm Beach courts on 22nd January 2019. The president had planned to spent Christmas holiday in Palm Beach, but he spent the holiday in Worthington because of the government shutdown.[2]

Florida Man Killed Ex-Girlfriend While Trying to ‘Get Rid of the Devil’

The Florida man, David Murdock, 60 years old was arrested on 5th of January 2019 for shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend and injuring another woman. According to the Polk County Sherriff’s Office, Murdock claimed he was trying to get rid of the devil as an excuse for murdering his ex. The interesting thing about the whole drama is that even the 56 Lisa Bunce, the victim who survived with head and face gunshot injuries was his former girlfriend who ended the troubled relationship in 2017. She had moved to Ohio, and she was in Florida for a holiday and was scheduled to return to Ohio on 8th January when she met with her assailant. Further probe reveals that Murdock had threatened Bunce with violence and had tried to call both victims before the incident. In the 911 call, Murdock admitted having shot two people and explained that he had to get rid of the devil. The dispatch found him sitting on the porch by the light with a gun close by, as he promised that he will not leave and apologized for the mess, that he had to get rid of the devil. Murdock was arrested without incident and charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, armed burglary with assault/battery and shooting into a building.[3]

North Florida Man Beat, Pepper Sprayed Mom Because ‘She Was a Narcissist’

The North Florida man is behind bars for battering and pepper spraying his mother claiming that she was a Narcissist. The Volusia County deputies arrested the 24-year-old Robert Eddington after the 23rd incident which occurred in the victim’s home in Daytona Beach. Reports indicate that Eddington’s mother invited his son for lunch in her house; however, the assailant son showed up with a knife, pepper spray, and zip tie moments before attacking her. He left her mother seriously injured after repeatedly punching and slamming her face at the window, and pepper sprayed her eyes because Eddington claims that her mother is a narcissist. The North Florida man called the 911 and confessed to the incident. He explained that he peppers spayed her because it had to be done, he tried zip tying her hand before calling her narcissist. The mother informed the police that Eddington has bipolar and had not been taking his medication for some time.[4]

Florida Man Dances Through DUI Sobriety Test

The laws regarding driving are that no one should drive while under the influence of some substances, such as alcohol. On 7th February this year, a Florida man was arrested for driving under the influence after he appeared to be dancing during a field sobriety test as captured on the deputy sheriff’s body camera. The reports indicate that Christopher Larson, was found sleeping at the wheel in front of a closed business in Holiday Florida by the corps at 2 a.m. when the deputies on duty awoke him, he tried to get out of the car while it was still in drive. A deputy had to intervene to stop the vehicle from causing damage. The Florida man was asking the deputies which city it was because he thought he was in a different city. Larson found himself completely disoriented when asked to perform a sobriety test by the deputies; he did not follow instructions. The body camera’s captured Larson dancing along the test line. He was however arrested for DUI.[5]

Florida Man Recorded Himself Having Sex with Dog

A Florida man was accused of dressing in a black dog costume and recording himself molesting a dog. On 12th February, Christian Steward Oscar Nichols, 21 years of age, was arrested following the recording and charged with aggravated animal cruelty. The investigation into the matter started when reports reached the Pinellas County Animal Services of the existence of video and photos on the internet of a man making love to a dog. According to the report of the detective investigating the allegation said that the dog in the video appears distressed and tried to run away, but the Nichols used both his on penis as well as penis shaped toys to engage in inappropriate sexual contact with a Siberian Husky dog. The investigation entailed tracing the source of the videos and the image which ended at Nichols when interviewed, and he admitted having recorded the video and photos with his Husky pet. He was booked in the Pinellas County jail and was held for $5,000 bond, with further charges and the investigation continues.[6]

Arrested Florida Couple Pleasure Each Other In Back of Cop Car

In Fort Pierce, Florida man and woman were arrested for shoplifting at Walmart on 26th February 2019. The crimes they committed was not the incredible thing about the arrest was the claim that the arresting officer allowed the couple to engage in sexual activity in the back of the car. The internal investigation into the claim involving the Fort Pierce police officer Doug McNeal captured the Zachary Moellendick and Krista Leigh, both 23 years from Palm Bay, Florida for the theft of a baby toy and jewelry in 2018. The officer initially handcuffed Leigh with her hands at the back and later changed to allow her to smoke a cigarette. The office moved the couple to the back of the car for transportation to jail for Booking at St. Lucie County Jail. The couple engaged in sexual activities using their hands while McNeal played the Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of You Babe” on the stereo of the car. The officers at the Jail port noticed the sexual activities of the love birds. The officer McNeal was punished for unbecoming conduct and failure to follow police procedure.[7]

Florida Man Goes Viral for Crushing Dance Routine to Post Malone Song

If you are an online fan, the chances are that you have seen or heard about Mike Alancourt, a 43-year-old Florida man, not for bad things but dancing. The Florida man achieved the greatest virility for crushing the dance routine to post Malone’s song, “Wow.” And thanks to this song we will probably be seeing and hearing more of Mike because of one of the biggest modern rap artists. The video taken from 1Vibe dancing studio appeared on 3rd of March and had over 5 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. The Alancourt gained the attention of several celebrities encompassing Post Melones himself who reposted the video on his social media pages when it first went viral. The bigger surprises await Alancourt. He was invited to perform the dance that made him viral on Allen Show, while there he was shown a video from Post Melones inviting him to dance at one of his shows. The exact wording of the invite reads, “Hey Mike; it’s Postie. I love your moves, and you kick a**, and I’d like to invite you out to my show in Arizona this Sunday.”[8]

Florida Man Accused of Exposing Himself to Sammy’s Exotic Dancer

A Florida man was arrested by the Pensacola police in at Sammy’s during a private party. John Bonanno aged 26 comes from Osprey Florida was allegedly charged with the misdemeanor battery and indecent exposure that emanated from the private party incident. The arrest report cites management at Sammy’s describing Bonanno to have touched one of their exotic dancers who they say was unwilling. The exotic dancer assaulted indicated in the Pensacola police department report that she rescued Bonanno from the main dance hall where he was buying drinks for everyone and suggested he goes back to the VIP for a dance. Bonanno allegedly pulled the exotic woman’s underwear up exposing her and pushed her back to the couch before exposing himself, that is when she called for help. The management got hold of Bonanno’s driving license making it easier for corps to identify and arrest him. He was arrested and charged for indecent exposure and misdemeanor battery, he made bail worth $2,000.[9]

Florida Man Steals Hot Air Balloon from Indiana During Florida Man Challenge

The regular activities regarding famous people are people taking on google to search for information about them such as date birth, hobbies, interests, likes, among others. Similar things happen concerning Florida man. However, one man took the Florida man challenge to a whole new level by becoming the Florida mam himself. He stole a hot Air balloon from Indian on the 24th of March. According to Marion County Sheriff Department, the report of the missing Hot Air Balloon reached them from the Bloomington police department, when the deputies responded they found the stolen at the Villages Hot Air Balloon Festival out of Indian police jurisdiction. The owner refused to press charges as he just wanted his Hot Air Balloon back. It Makes sense to cite that the first Hot Air Balloon to lift humans was back in 1783 in Paris France. The man made it to the Florida man list.[10]

Florida Man Arrested for Stealing Nearly $6,000 Worth of Sunglasses

The police officers arrested the 19-year-old Mark Linde from St. Peters-burg for stealing sunglasses work in the region of $6,000. Unknown to the Florida man, the incident was captured on the surveillance camera, as he burglarized the Mercedes-Benz’s parked in the Coffee Pot Bayou area. The man was arraigned in court and charged with stealing saint Laurent, Chrome Hearts, and Tom Ford’ sunglasses along with $200 cash, the approximated value of the stolen items was $6,000. Worse still he was found in possession of marijuana. Therefore, he is faced with double counts of burglary and marijuana possession. Probably this was a sad day in the office for the Florida man![11]

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