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10 Most Outstanding Recent Feats of Modern Technology

Science and technology have influenced the quality of human life in many ways. From health and medicine, transportation and communication, security to production and manufacturing among others, humanity have benefited tremendously from the advancements in modern technology. It is undeniably true that technology is here to change the world in more ways than we imagine to be possible. Smart innovations and inventions that are instrumental in creating stability and sustainability in the world to improve the quality of human lives have never been more abundant. Presented below are the top ten outstanding feats of modern technology in recent years.

1. App That Helps Accelerate Cancer Research by DreamLab

The DreamLab App is a smartphone application that can download and solve complex research questions on an idle smartphone. The app is designed to enable the user to help researchers to find the cure for cancer by volunteering their smartphone computing capacity in a pool with other users to solve research problems faster. According to Vodafone Foundation, the DreamLab app have helped millions of cancer researchers complete the Project Genetic Profile; the project dedicated to computing genetic similarity between the brain, sarcoma, lungs, and melanoma cancers ahead of schedule.

Since cancer is associated with human DNA, researchers need to understand the DNA sequencing and decoding to the cancer patients to detect, diagnose and treat the disease. The DreamLab app provides the infrastructure for smartphone users to pool together their processing space to create a smartphone supercomputer that increases the capability of researchers to crunch data faster. For instance, with 5 million users, the research data processing speed will increase to 150,000 times faster as compared to the current rate of data processing. The app users have contributed in the completion of over 20 million researchers, with New Zealand leading with over 220,000 sessions. This technology is instrumental in aiding the medical researchers to figure out the missing links on their journey to securing the cure for the much-dreaded disease in the world.[1][2]

2. Drinking Water Out of Thin Air by Skysource/Skywater Alliance

The Skysource/Skywater Alliance co-founders David Hertz, right, and his wife Laura Doss-Hertz demonstrate how the Skywater 300 works

Water and I mean fresh drinking water is instrumental in humankind’s life. Can you imagine life without fresh, clean water? It is probably chaotic and unfavorable human habitation. Thanks to SykWater and Sky source alliance team based in California, we have a machine that can produce up to 300 gallons of fresh water from thin air. The machine that is named Skywater can be powered by solar energy or burning biofuel attracts water vapor from the sky and converts it into clean water. The invention helped the Skysource/Skywater alliance team win the much-coveted Water Abundance XPRIZE worth $1.5million from XPRIZE. XPRIZE is an NGO based in California that organizes multimillion contests aimed at solving the problems in the world such as water shortage problems.

According to David Hertz one of the team leaders, the machine can benefit millions of people around the world that face challenges in accessing fresh water for use. The machine can produce enough water for farming, household consumption, and emergency services. The report of the team cites that atmospheric air carries over 37.5 billion gallons of water at any point in time, this is enough water to provide a solution to the water crisis around the world. Hertz also indicates that the water is cleaner than any river on the planet. Such feats and innovations in modern technology are not only valuable, but it is also lifesaving.[3][4]

3. Multipurpose Implants by Biohax International

biohax international Multipurpose Implants

Technology never ceases to amaze. For many years technological advancement has been developing a closer relationship with human bodies from phones in the pocket to smartwatches on the wrist, but no one imagined it would reach to small chips under human skin! Thousands in Sweden have adopted a new technology multipurpose chip implanted in their hands that improves human lives daily routine for instance; it provides security and access to homes, gyms, and even offices with a simple swipe of the hand. Further, Biohax International company illustrated that the chip carries essential contact information, train ticket within Sweden, social media information, and event tickets. The users are assured that the chip is highly protected from hacking, the information incorporated in the chip is safe.

Over 4000 Swedish citizens have already implanted the microchip and are using the technology. The approximated cost for the microchip plus implanting is as low as $180. With the chip the size of a rice grain implanted using an injection syringe like the vaccination syringe. The demand within the country is too high to the extent that Biohax International cannot keep up with the requests. The train industry has already adopted the technology other sectors such as restaurants, hospital, and shopping centers are lining up to incorporate the technology in their payment systems.[5]

4. Synthetic Embryo

Synthetic Embryo
Image Source

MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine in the Netherlands made a milestone breakthrough in the field of early science by using the traditional cells from the mouse sex organs to grow “a blastocyst-like structure.” The blastocyst forms during the mammal development and the Dutch scientist managed to create this without the use of sperms or eggs! This scientific breakthrough spells a lot of meaning and implication for human infertility problems in the world.

The scientists indicate that they implanted these blastocyst cells in the womb of a mice and it grew for several days. This was the first breakthrough in developing such a structure. It could have good news in solving the human infertility problems and discovering drugs that will sort out the human miscarriage problems. It will take time, but it is a significant discovery worth recognizing.[6]

5. Micro-Drones That Can Lift 40 Times Its Weight

Micro-Drones That Can Lift 40 Times Its Weight

Tiny drones designed with winches and engines can lift weights of over 40 times their weight. It was developed by innovative researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland and the Stanford University creating a host of small flying bots. The drones are described as the “flying, micro tugging robots” shortened to FlyCroTugs are composed of a system of winches, microspines adhesives allowing them to latch luggage and pull it off. With all other parts modifiable depending on circumstances, the winches are the only customized part of the drones, for instance, grippers can be moved depending with landing surface, and wheels can be added as need calls.

The researchers were inspired by the toes of a gecko and the insects’ ability to lift or move around big staffs, for instance, a wasp carrying its food. The drones can open doors, carryings off the ground, transport small suppliers in an emergency, explore crumbled buildings by flying around the building with a camera, and fly heavy luggage using several drones among others. The technology and innovation help resolve complicated situations that humans may be difficult to access in time.[7][8]

6. Robot Farming by Iron Ox

Feats of Modern Technology - Robot Farming

The startup Iron Ox developed a hydrated indoor farm that is entirely operated by two robots. The farm located in San Carlos California is fully automated in planting, caring, and harvesting for the crops. One robot is in charge of mobile activities on the firm, and it’s the size of a car weighing around a thousand pounds while the other robot is designed in the form of a human arm that is responsible for little manipulation activities such as handling seedlings, transplanting of plants. The plants in this farm are given just enough space they need; therefore, the is efficient maximization of space. When the crops on the tray mature, the mobile robot move them to the plant processing place where the arm robot transplants them into a more space tray. According to co-founder Brandon Alexander, the Iron Ox can do 30-acre farming in a one-acre robotic farm due to optimized use of space. Imagine 30-acre produce being produced in a one-acre robotic farm! Modern technology is here to influence human life in all aspects, designing, food production, manufacturing, and even farming. Humans are about to be relieved of the arduous tasks of farming thanks to modern technology.[9]

7. Robot Dogs by Boston Dynamics

Robot Dogs by Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is the company known for its agility in the robots have launched its first commercial products on the market in the form of dog-like robots named SpotMini. In the previous productions, Boston Dynamic is known for its robots named Cheetah, BigDog, and Spot in an experimental design. The company targets to produce over 1000 SpotMini robots per year starting July 2019. SpotMini have a close relative in the name of Spot which is 4ft and 160 pounds. The SpotMini is complete as compared to the previous experimental robots that had exposed wires and metals; it has a sleek body ready for commercials use. The robots are designed to perform multipurpose and flexible tasks such as in construction, security, delivery, and home assistance services. In the future, it will be common to see robots assist people with daily and routine tasks, thanks to new technology.[10]

8. Electric Vehicle-Charging Roads in Sweden

The government of Sweden is dedicated to attaining a fossil fuel free transportation sector vision by 2030 through the construction of roads that can charge electric automobiles driving on it. In a project titled eRoadArlanda, the government is targeting to electrify all roads in the country by the stipulated timeframe. As part of the project progress, the government has finished part of the Stockholm road that charges electric vehicles driven on it. All retrofitted automobiles are moving on the electronic road it allows it will low its arm to the road that enables the vehicle’s batteries to charge. So far 1.2 miles of electronic road has been completed as a trial, the government targets to bill the drivers for the amount of electricity consumed by their vehicles on the road. With this level of advancement in technology, on desires to live longer to witness what technology has planned for the future.[11]

9. Al Painting Sells That for $432,000

Al Painting Sells That for $432,000

The painting created by the Artificial Intelligence technology AI was sold for $432,000 at the auction in New York. The portrait of Edmond Bellamy was the first ever to be generated by AI. It was created by the Paris based art collective obvious by using an algorithm and set data of a total of 15,000 printed paintings for the period between the 14th and 18th century. The artwork was created as a product of the AI program and the set data from paintings through comparison. The technology harness information and data from the set artifacts and compares it to its information and produce a perfect piece. Charlie specialist Richard Lloyd organized the sell in an auction that attracted heavy media attention and views. the Christie’s Print estimated the initial value of the artwork at around $7000 to $10000; however, the fine work fetched a whopping $432, 000. The technology AI is the first technology that targets to improve the art market in the future.[12][13]

10. 3D Metal Printing by HP

3D Metal Printing by HP
Digital Metal 3D printed figures. Photo by Michael Petch

The 3D metal printing technology is the new method used in manufacturing and production developed by HP Printing Business and GE. HP’s 3D Printing Business launched its HP Metal Jet which is an economical technology used particularly for mass manufacturing of production grade metal parts. Parmatech was the first to adopt HP Metal Jet; the company indicates that other manufacturing firms such as Wilo, Primo Medical Group among others are lining up to adopt the 3D Metal Printing technology. The GE Additive developed the 3D high heat mental printing tech called the Arcam EBM Spectra H, used to print metals that tend to crack. These new technologies are destined to bring greatness and in the manufacturing sector and give hope of what more exploit the future holds.[14]

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