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10 Examples of the Most Ridiculous Feminism Ideas

Feminism is a form of social movement activism that primarily advocate for equal rights and opportunities between men and women around the world. According to the definition, feminism is a belief and force that holds that male and female genders should share the same rights, opportunities, and privileges. The activities of the movement delve into complex issues and scope that defy the nature and goals of the clean and straightforward definition of feminism by far. Over the years, feminist activists have engaged and pursued weird ideas and everything on the face of the planet encompassing fighting for women suffrage, banning of sexist books, movies, adverts; to changing words perceived to be feminine. Of the most extreme and baffling ideas advocated for by feminists, here are ten of the most ridiculous feminism ideas of them all.

Opposition to Condoms

The understanding of the goals and purpose of condoms confused many people including feminists. To many, condoms are a contribution of birth control that directly bestows the responsibility on men rather women; would be widely accepted and celebrated by women and the feminist alike. However, at the introduction of the clean rubber condoms in the 19th century, many resisted its use and sale and feminists were among the opposing force of the condoms. For instance, over 30 U.S. stated passed legislation and laws banning the manufacture, sale, and use of condoms. The feminist and those opposed to condoms are puritanical moralists who hate sex outside procreation. They did not want birth control that relied on men to exist. The feminist was opposed to condoms because it will promote the art of men cheating on their wives or do prostitution.[1]

Opposition to Sex

The activists and feminist extremist Andrea Dworkin rose to the highest league of feminism suffrage fights by trying to go ban sex. She is known for campaigning against pornography in the U.S. alongside Mackinnon, given a chance, Dworkin would ban all sex in the world. She was quoted as to have alleged that “all heterosexual sex is rape,” which she has disputed or denied. However, Dworkin’s contempt for sex has been depicted elsewhere. For instance, in the creed Intercourse in 1987, Dworkin stated that “Intercourse is the pure, sterile, and formal expression of men’s contempt for women.”

Ironically, while Dworkin disapproved heterosexual sex between partners, she seems to endorse incest. She wrote claiming that “The destruction of incest taboo is crucial to the development of a cooperative human society based on the free flow of natural androgynous eroticism.” However, Dworkin’s fondness for incest does not mean that she is a family type, as she expressed antipathy for opposed sex offspring. For instance, she cites that the patriarchy women’s first sons turned out to be her betrayer and the inevitable rapist and exploiter of other women in the world, therefore, Dworkin hates men including her on male relatives.[2]

The Temperance Movement

The temperance movement feminists aligned with feminists fighting women’s right to vote to ban alcohol claiming that banning alcohol will keep the men sober, stabilizing their jobs thus improving the lives of women and reducing domestic violence in the society. The leaders of the band of suffragists encompassed Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton among others who organized the Women’s state of Temperance Society. They divided their time between the temperance movement and the suffrage movement. The movement attached its ties to Women’s Christian Temperance Society which associated alcohol with all sins and evil in the world.

For instance, they claimed that drinking alcohol would disfigure one’s grandchildren and cause spontaneous human combustion. The prohibition of alcohol and women rights to vote were the main agendas. However, the ideas enclosed in the agendas are the craziest one can ever imagine. The prohibition party emerged, and it was the first political party in support of the women suffrage. Presently, the Christian temperance society still functions but advocating for different prohibition such as marijuana prohibition.[3]


The feminism activist movement FEMEN striped their tops off and took to the streets to protest against the voice of women displeasure against everything ranging from Vladimir Putin to Islamism. The protest had nothing to do with nudity or toplessness, or breastfeeding the issues in the protest are far off from the idea employed in protesting. The slogans of the protest were scribbled across the breasts and stomach reading: “Topless Jihad” and “F-k Your Morals” which triggered varying reactions from the police officers across Europe, many FEMEN members were arrested. For instance, FEMEN protest in 2013 against Barbie claiming its manufacturers Mattel has Nazi ideology. On other occasions, the FEMEN’s public protest encompasses publicly urinating on Ukraine president’s pictures outside the Ukrainian embassy. As usual, they were topless as it is their signature identity. A similar weird feminism idea was employed in the bleeding and defecting on the Islamic State flag.

Next, encompass the Vatican Square to shove crucifixes into their anuses as a public display and on the video to protest against papacy and religion as a whole. However, as the cost of FEMEN protests, they were arrested and fined $1,500 fines for exposing their breasts in a church in German on Christmas day with the slogan “I AM GOD” scribbled on them. The church leadership sued FEMEN claiming the altar boys were traumatized. Ironically, the FEMEN movement was founded by a man named Victor Syyatski. It is believed that he chooses FEMEN women particularly those he like see topless in the mane of feminism. In fairness, women should be protesting against such pervasive men like Syyaski instead of working for him.[4]

Opposition to the Speed of Light

The feminist has delved into the resistance of even scientific equation. The French Feminist Luce Irigaray shocked the world by terming the formula E=mc2 to be a “sexed equation.” The feminist claims that the equation is sexist because it privileges the speed of light over other speeds which are critically significant to humanity. Privileging that which goes faster is sexist according to Irigaray. All physics is sexist based on a massive male conspiracy that has conspired to make the fluid mechanics which she belongs in more feminine and less developed as compared to solid mechanics. Irigaray thinks that men physicists are deliberately not venturing into fluid mechanics due to the absence of a particular fluid in their bodies such as menstrual fluid. She has been in the scientific research for a long time since 1964 starting with the French National Centre for Scientific Research among others.[5]

The Society for Cutting Up Men (SCUM) by Valerie Solana

Solana’s made her unerasable mark in 1960s feminist scenes by publishing the SCUM manifesto which is a radical feminist creed characterizing all men to be accountable for all evil and wrong things in the world. she spilled all her hate for men in the SCUM, for instance, it includes lines like: “To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he is a machine, a walking dildo.” As the source of problems and wrongdoing, Solana’s suggests the extermination of all men on the planet and promote the creation of an all-female society as a solution to world problems. The goal of her work was to incite and encourage women around the world to overthrow governments, eliminate the money system, institute automation, and destruction of the male sex. The influence of the SCUM manifesto is tremendous.

For one, Roxanne Dunbar, a feminist, formed a militant feminist organization Cell 16 after reading the SCUM manifesto. The Cell 16 equipped members with military training and advocated for unflinching chastity as they sought to eliminate sex in the new all-female society because they believed that sex was inherently unnatural. Further, Solana’s let went her all-female society vision and took the matters in her own hands. She purchased an automatic pistol and went after the artist Andy Warhol in 1968 in his studio. She nearly killed him but survived only after open-heart surgery. When she was arrested, she claimed that the act was moral and that she considers it immoral that she missed. She spent the rest of her life fluctuating between prison, and mental institutions until she succumbed to her ultimate death in 1988.[6]

Gloria Steinem & American Psycho

The most acknowledged feminist Gloria Steinem, received the presidential medal of freedom was associated with the CIA, was a self-proclaimed radical feminist. Despite her reputation and fame, she led several questionable campaigns over the decades. For instance, Steinem claimed that firefighters were sexist because of the strength test. When the issue of carrying victims out of the burning house surfaced, she suggested that it would be better if firefighters dragged people out on the ground because there is less smoke on the ground. Steinem staged a campaign claiming that “porn means female slavery” because all porn depicts violence and domination over women. According to her, women reading playboy feels like a Jew reading a Nazi manual.

Further, the fight and campaign against violence stretched over written material and worked as well. For one, Steinem disapproved the book titled American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis because of the violence aligned against women in the book’s narration. She staged a boycott against the publisher accusing the author of subsequent murders of women around the country because of his book’s influence because of the narrator’s unsympathetic and unreliable narration. Unfortunate enough for Steinem and her team, American Psycho was later adapted into a successful movie. The American Psycho aroused heated reaction among the feminists. In the spirit of protesting against the book, one feminist activist named Baxter barged into bookstores in California and Santa Cruz and poured blood on every copy of American Psycho she could find. The feminists wanted the author death or skinned alive.[7][8]

Opposition to Strip Clubs

The feminists in Iceland felt that strip clubs were degrading the value and morals of women if not exploitative against women. The protest was successful in 2010 as the legislation passed banning all strip clubs across the country. The strip clubs in the country are illegal, during the crackdown, less than ten strip clubs were remaining. As by 2017, only two strip club could be found in Iceland though they have no future as they are illegal. Same activists target to ban violent pornography which they also attribute with degrading women, and many Icelanders think that it should be all forms of porn in the country. The strip clubs pose no problems to a feminist; however, the ban of strip clubs puts Iceland activists in the same unlikely bucket of Saudi Arabia which Hold prohibitions against porn and strip clubs along with banning women from driving.[9]

Renaming ‘Hurricane’ (Her-icane to Him-icane) by Roxzy Bolton

The famous feminist Roxzy Bolton hates the way the word “hurricanes” sounds. The idea Bolton advanced in her opposition resulted based on the word itself rather than the destruction that hurricanes cause. According to the system started by the U.S. Air Force and Navy meteorologists, they named hurricanes after women to help them in analyzing weather maps. Therefore, Bolton claimed that the name hurricane sounds like “her-icane” which sounds feminine and thus, a hurricane is misogynistic. The term makes women to be associated with disaster, destructive storms that ruin human lives and affecting society permanently. Bolton’s specific claims “women are not disasters, destroying life and communities and leaving a lasting and devastating effect.” According to her suggestion, the activist wanted to name hurricanes “him-cane” which the National Weather Service declined. However, she succeeded in making the National Weather Service alternate the names between female and male as from 1979. Before her crazy idea, all hurricanes were named using female names.[10]

Porn Prohibition

The feminist Catherine Mackinnon hates porn with a passion to the point that she characterizes it sexual terrorism propagated by men. Mackinnon believes that porn is an all embarrassing evil in society if not the entire world. her direct claim is “Show me an abuse of women in society, and I will show it to you that it is made sex in the pornography.” She explicitly criticizes the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in her book, Only Words. She claims that the first amendment and the freedom of speech enable outright terrorism, referring to pornography because it prevents her and other feminists from abolishing or banning pornography. In 1983, the city government of Minneapolis hired Mackinnon to write the anti-pornography Civil rights ordinance that was weaponized to ban porn by defining porn as an outright civil rights violation against women. The anti-porn laws were passed in Minneapolis city council twice, and the mayor vetoed it in both occasions. The same laws spread to Indianapolis but were later struck out by the courts as unconstitutional.[11]

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