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Refer The Best Doctors In Ghaziabad For Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Refer The Best Doctors In Ghaziabad For Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD of Sexually Transmitted Diseases is the medical term used to refer a condition which is acquired usually from sexual contacts. The bacteria or organisms are causing STD usually transmitted from one person to another during sexual contact and pass. It passes in semen, blood, vaginal and other fluids. 

STD can also be passed to another person without sexual acts like a mother to infant in the phase of pregnancy, shared needles and blood transfusions. STDs can be acquired even from healthy people who are not aware of the virus. The condition doesn’t show any symptoms, which is why diagnosing it at an early stage is difficult for doctors. 

Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

There is no range of symptoms found in Sexually Transmitted Diseases patients, and hence it can easily go unnoticed until any complication arises. Some of the common signs of STD in patients include:

  • Painful sexual acts
  • Rashes on hands, feet and trunk
  • Painful testicles
  • Discharge from genitals
  • Burning and painful urination
  • Bumps and sores on genitals
  • Herpes in testicles, thighs, buttocks, anus and mouth

Reasons for Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD)

STDs include all types of infections. The bacterial condition includes syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia. The viral STD includes genital herpes, HIV, hepatitis B and genital warts. The condition of the parasite mainly causes trichomoniasis. 

Bacteria that cause the condition usually hide in blood, semen, saliva and vaginal secretions. These organisms usually spread via anal and oral sex, and in some cases, genital herpes and warts are caused, and it may spread via skin contact. Sexual activities usually play a pivotal role in spreading all of these infections. But in some cases, it can also spread without sexual contact.

The Treatments for STD:

The STD caused due to bacteria can be treated easily, and viral infections are managed and not cured completely. The treatment options usually include antibiotics and anti-viral drugs prescribed depending upon the infection affecting the patient. Antibiotics are prescribed in a single dose to treat STD and parasite infections. Anti-viral drugs are used to treat herpes and preventing it from recurrences. The doses are decided based on infections and bacteria.
Preventive measures must be followed to prevent the STD from getting into your body. Condoms are commonly used to prevent acquiring the bacteria and infection during sexual acts. You can also go to the recommended sex doctors in Ghaziabad for the best treatment or advice.


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