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Top 10 of the Most Disturbing Confessions on Reddit

Long before the internet generation, people lived and went to their graves with their secrets. This trend changed following the birth of the internet, which has transformed the whole world into a global village. Major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and medium have provided platforms for people to engage in conversions and interact. However, there is one website that beats all of the above by providing a platform where people can share their thoughts and even let out the creepy, outrageous, and mind-boggling confessions. This site is famously known as Reddit. Reddit is made up of forums where members can share anything from breaking news, life stories to confessions, and anything in-between. The forums are segmented into small communities called subreddits. Reddit is among the top 5 famous websites in the United States. It is at position five after Amazon, according to Alexa.[1] Below are the top 10 most disturbing confessions on Reddit that will send chills down your spine. 

A Man Killed His Grandmother by Pulling a Prank on Her

A Redditor who went by the name u/iPissRedditOff confessed on how he killed his grandmother when he was eighteen years old through a harmless prank. Apparently, in the year 2012, this man moved out of his parent’s home to go and live alone. He was eighteen years at that time. Soon after moving out, he got himself a girlfriend for the first time in his life. Being happy, he broke the news to his family through a phone call. His grandma, who according to him, was a staunch Christian, congratulated him and at the same time warned him against early sex before marriage. One day, as he confesses on Reddit, an idea came to him to prank his grandmother and out of the blues he decided to tell his grandmother that his newly found girlfriend was pregnant through a phone call.

Being a Christian, his grandmother was shocked to death. After explaining all about his girlfriend, all this Redditor could hear from the other end of the call were chocking noises. It instantly dawned to him that his prank had gone sour. He hanged up the phone and called his parents, who rushed to see the grandmother only to find her cold dead on the floor. According to him, the relatives were happy that his grandmother died while speaking to him. What the relatives don’t know is the nature of the conversation the two had before her death. Nonetheless, commentators on Reddit have urged him to move on and not beat himself about because the death was bound to happen. One commentator said, “Absolutely this. It sounds like it was bound to happen sooner than later. Stop beating yourself up over this”.[2]

A Solder Was Forced to Rape Women During the War

A Redditor by the name u/jabukaso let out a chilling confession on how he raped an innocent girl after winning a war. This Redditor confessed that he was raised in a Christian family and being a warfighter was not in his plans. However, his father urged him to join the war as it was a sign of being patriotic to his nations. Nonetheless, he obeyed his father and joined the army. A decision he regrets every single day of his life. Unlike his colleagues who held the “fighting for their country” spirit close to their chests, this solder was against killing innocent people.

During the first mission, he was sent to fight a village which the army presumed it as their enemies hiding place. However, according to him, there were no attackers in the said village. They won the battle and held the villagers’ hostage. The army leader picked the village’s mayor’s daughter and had her forcefully raped by the soldiers, including u/jabukaso. He narrates that he first refused to rape the girl, but the army leader threatened him that he would be killed and his family jailed if he refused to follow the orders. He unwillingly raped the girl before many people. He confesses that he regrets his actions and that ever since the girl’s image has been haunting him every day.[3]

A Redditor Intentionally Caused a Car Accident

This is another shocking confession on Reddit. A Redditor going by the name u/Throwaway92539 on Reddit confesses his actions of setting up a roadblock that eventually caused an accident killing the driver. According to his confession on Reddit, he lives near a road that has twenty-five other houses close by. The road has a road sign that reads 25Km/h. However, drivers on this road ignore this sign and drive at high speeds to beat traffic hence posing a danger to themselves and the people living near the road. This Redditor took matters into his own hands after a fruitless call to the traffic police to come and solve the speeding problem and restore sanity on the road.

He came up with an idea of erecting a temporary road bump that would force motorists to slow down. He took a branch from one of the trees near the road and placed on the road at night. According to the Redditor, drivers avoided the branch at all costs, and it helped them slow down on the way. However, things went awry one night when a pickup truck driver hit the human-made road bump at high speed and ended up rolling over several times. The truck driver died instantly. He goes on to add that no one questioned about the branch and however placed on the road. He says that people thought that probably the twig fell off from the tree.[4]

A Woman Committed a Hit and Run & Had Her Brother Jailed

This is also another confession on Reddit where a woman hits a passerby and has her brother go to jail for it. Going by the name u/randomrundum5172, this woman confesses that she hit a woman on her way back home drunk driving. On this particular day, she drunk excessively and was driving at high speed. She says she was driving at a speed of 15-20 over the standard speed limit. She made a quick sharp u-turn and accidentally hit a woman at the crosswalks. What haunts her more is the fact that after hitting the woman and seeing her lying dead on the ground, she drove off, leaving the woman writhing in pain helplessly. She can’t tell whether her decisions were sparked by her being drunk or out of sheer panic. She went straight to her home and hesitated to call 911 out of confusion and the fear of going to jail and leaving her kids behind.

It was until the following morning when her brother realized that her sister had messed up. He demanded an explanation from her. They started hatching a plan to salvage the situation. Her brother offered to turn himself to the authorities in place of her so she could stay with her children. They lied to their mother, who was suffering from dementia that her son was moving to a faraway place and was not going to come back soon. Her father, on the other hand, supported in their decisions because apparently, she was the family’s breadwinner. Her brother went to jail, and according to her confession; her brother is halfway through his sentence. On the other hand, the woman she hit survived with broken bones and concussions. According to her, the victim also happens to have kids.[5]

A Boy Killed Animals & Almost Drowned His Brother

The Redditor going by the name u/sleepysleepseven penned down a lengthy confession on how he killed animals at his home and how he almost drowned his brother. He started this weird and outrageous behavior when he was twelve years old. According to his confession, he drowned cats and poisoned others by feeding them with food laced with rat poison. He would go ahead and tore the dead animals open, removed their inner parts, and replaced them with leaves.

On one occasion, he was told to watch over his younger brother, who was three years at that time. When his mother left the house, he attempted to drown his brother in a bathtub. He aborted his mission when his mother returned from her errands unexpected. He lied to their mother that the baby had soiled himself, and he decided to bath him. According to him, it has been more than twenty years since the incident, but it still haunts him, and he feels guilty for his childhood actions.[6]

A History Teacher Witnessed a Student Being Beaten & Did Nothing About It

Naturally, a teacher is expected to promote peace and harmony among students in school. But this particular history teacher on Reddit ignored his duties and watched one of the students beaten to a pulp by his classmates. On Reddit, this teacher confesses that the beaten student had been a troublesome kid all along. He said that he tried calling his parent, particularly his mother but the mother ended up defending the boy that he was a disciplined kid. This angered the history teacher because apparently, the kid was always mean to other kids in school and even destroyed other student’s school projects. On this particular occasion, the teacher was on the way to have coffee when he saw the kid being roughed up in a corner by other students. He ignored and went ahead to have his coffee. He said he has no plans on helping find the culprits who beat the boy who ended up going home early because of the beatings.[7]

A Redditor Sold Stolen Phones

Talk of people making use of every opportunity to their advantage. A Redditor going by the name u/rileyisquitequeer confesses on he/she sold collected phones under his care to make quick and easy bucks. According to the confession, this Redditor works in a ski resort that receives visitors who come to visit for a vacation or to ski. The visitors on occasions misplace their items which are collected and given to this Redditor to safely mark and keep them until the owners are traced and given back their properties. However, this Redditor does the opposite. He sells the collected items and keeps the money to himself without telling their manager or coworkers. This Redditor confesses that the items received mostly are phones. He makes as much as $100 per phone. The Redditor feels guilty and afraid of losing his job in case he is found out by his manager and or the police.[8]

Redditor Graduates Without Sitting for Exams

Unbelievable as it sounds, a Redditor confesses on how he will be graduating in a few times without having sat for exams his entire time while at the University. To add, after graduation, he will be joining the top law schools. He confesses that he paid thousands in dollars to others to write his papers and or sit for his exams. He went the extra mile to befriend his classmate and slept with her so she could help him pass his chemistry and biology exams. He scored well in the two papers and broke up with her after the exams. He admits that the only exam he sat legitimately for was LSAT which he passed. He confesses that laziness and too much partying contributed to his cheatings in exams. He feels guilty and confesses that he doesn’t deserve to graduate, but he is going to either way.[9]

A Redditor Stole Food Worth $1000

A Redditor going by the name u/yeetyeetboy64 on Reddit confessed on how he and his friend stole food and candy from Rite Aid. While in grade eight, this Redditor and his friends developed a stealing habit of stealing foodstuff and candy from Rite Aid. According to him, the store was located in a suburb, so the management saw no need to hire security or install security cameras. After a long period of stealing the Rite, Aid management realized the loophole and hired two security guards and installed cameras. The Redditor confesses that after the security was tightened at Rite Aid, many kids were caught stealing.[10]

A Redditor Lies & Has an Innocent Person Go to Prison

A Redditor by the name LifeVegetable confesses on Reddit on how he lied in court to have her ex-boyfriend sentenced to jail imprisonment. The court believed her lies and had the poor man sent to jail where he was assaulted and was permanently injured during the process. The man lost his wealth and health in the process also. According to the confession, the man wrongly accused is a kind man and doesn’t deserve what the lady put him through. The Redditor is guilty of her actions and regrets every bit of it.[11]

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