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10 Bizarre Discoveries That Scientists Cannot Explain

Modern humans uphold a sense of superiority and advancement over their older ancestors that lived centuries back. For instance, people in our contemporary era boast of advanced housing, communication, transportation systems, lifestyle, and technological developments among other vital aspects that were absent during centuries ago. However, our ancestors appear to be a lot more sophisticated than we give them credit for. It is especially evident by some of their magnificent creations that have been unearthed by modern scientists. Also, a few natural phenomena have left some of the brightest scientists, scholars, and experts scratching their heads, with no concepts to explain them; a big puzzle that needs solving. The following is a list of the top 10 strangest discoveries that scientists have attempted to explain in vain.

1. The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript is an ancient book that has frustrated all efforts of the scientists and scholars in deciphering the content of the book. The manuscript is a well-organized book containing scripts that are consistent, meaningful, detailed descriptions, and discernible organization that could be valuable to science. The book is written in a language that no one has ever seen or understands, but the author of the Manuscript contains vital information that no human being in the modern society understands or know what it is. Further, no one has an idea of who or when the Voynich Manuscript was written.

The reason why the smartest scientist in modern society has failed to decipher the content is also confusing; it makes one wonder whether ancient people were more intelligent than the current generation. The experts across all fields have been solicited encompassing the cryptographers, linguists, mathematicians, military code breakers, as well as various groups of people who are paid to decipher patterns. However, the entire time is stuck, unable to crack even as a single word from the Voynich manuscript. Some of the views illuminating why the scientists are unable to break the code and find meaning is due to coded language that requires keys to break, it is glossolalia language, and others suggest that it is a hoax and waste of time and resources.[1]

2. The Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica

The Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica

In the surrounding of Costa Rica and the neighborhood, areas have evidenced the discovery of variously scattered giants of stone balls, smooth, and spherical. The size of the stones varies from massive to small sizes. The chiseled and shaped into perfect forms by humans. The aspect that the country, Costa Rica entered the bronze stone age in 2013 and the balls serves no specific purpose. The local inhabitants have blasted some of the stone balls in the hope of finding gold, treasures, coffee beans; some hope to see babies in the balls. Some of the stones are Roll-able and have been rolled around while others are too heavy. The mystery lies in the fact that there are no quarries around, therefore, one fails to explain the curving on the stones. The information is rendered useless with the fact that the rocks carved out of the volcanic evolutions in the region.[2]

3. The Baghdad Batteries

The Baghdad Batteries

Discovered in Mesopotamia during the early centuries as artifacts. During the period, Gozer is believed to be roaming around the earth, morphing thoughts and devouring different sources in the era termed the Gozerian period. The archaeologists discovered the batteries and assumed them like clay pots until they found the presence of the copper rods that have been corroded by the acid — the implication that the pots were used to hold the fluid that interacted with copper rods to produce electricity. The batteries date back over a hundred years since the first known modern battery was established. The burning issue that scientists are unable to explain is what the Baghdad batteries were used for.

Some attach the batteries to the use of lighting the Dendera light as they appeared to be electrical arc light. While the other people hold that the theory of the lighting is retarded and incredibly unbelievable, the more advanced exclamation points at the batteries were used to develop the electroplate properties with gold. There is no clear explanation for the uses of the discovery during the period.[3]

4. Baltic Sea Anomaly

Baltic Sea Anomaly

The discovery of the two friends found the Baltic Sea Anomaly, which forms one of the strangest bizarre discoveries that illuminate the existence of aliens on earth. The two found the aliens spacecraft in the sea that looks particularly like the UFO star in the Star movie. The only point that scientist attribute to the discovery is that some aliens migrated into the world millions of years ago. The scientists understand that the UFO, aliens spacecraft drowned in the sea and according to their understanding and study findings, they believe that the UFO is still in the sea.[4]

5. The Bloom

The archaeologists are scheduled in blowing the bloom pulled itself up and triumphantly blew itself in 1997. The national oceanic and atmospheric administration recorded one of the strangest sounds in the ocean, and the sound was both peculiar and loud. The noise was so loud that it was captured by two distinct microphones that are over approximately 3000 miles away from each other. The bloom as the sound is termed is a unique sound like other sounds ever heard of before, traveling at amazingly high speed. According to modern scientists, the sound was made by an animal and not the giant electromagnet sucking as many believed. The pattern indicated also illuminates that a human being but an animal did not make the sound.

The explanation falls short as there is no huge animal to produce the sound loud enough to match noise that was produced that could be recorded on two microphones 3000 miles apart. The sound could not be animal sound, by any means. The sound when posted on the internet by NOAA, the HP Lovecraft fanatics described Bloom as the Lovecraft sound of the giant murderous dragon.[5]

6. The Baigong Pipes

In China, the country that is densely populated with both people and industry, there is an opening on the peak of the mountain that is shaped like three mysterious triangular containing numerous ancient iron pipes of unknown origin. Some of the metal’s pipes are deeply buried into the hill while others stretch into the salty sea water. The tremendous number of pipes of uniform size and placed in an objective pattern format. The metals are dated back to the time when human beings were learning how to prepare food without burning themselves, let alone iron casting. It is a mystery that scientists are still trying to find out the purpose and why the metals were placed there.

The most exciting thing is the fact that the pipes are clean despite their age. Therefore, some scientists conclude that the pipes were just shaved into the underground tunnel for the sake of it. For the sake of cleanliness of the pipes imply that the pipes were not used during the period of installation. Also, the scientists cite that the mountains were inhabitable and could not have been used during the period for human habitation. Some astronomies’ holds that the Baigong Pipe was the old lab for astronomy or for particularly for spacecraft launching.[6]

7. The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism

The discovery of the Antikythera mechanism occurred in Greece and dated back in 100 BC. It is an ancient machine found among other Antikythera shipwreck treasures. The machine contains gears, the structures that are missing in devices of 1000 years at the time when the Chinese and the Muslims were working hard to invent the ship, at the time that Europeans were engaged in war with each other. The modern social scientists have failed to understand the purpose and the inventor of the Antikythera mechanism.
The one thing that most scientists seem to agree on is the place and area where the Antikythera mechanism was designed, created, and designated for use. The majority of the scholars credit the Greeks for the development and creation of the mechanism. However, in-depth research and probe into the machine attribute the design to have originated from Sicily and the development and creation of the mechanism done by the Greeks, a conclusion that scientists associate with the genius nature of the Greek.[7]

8. Naga Fireballs

Naga Fireballs

The mysterious Naga Fireballs have captured the attention and interests of the locals, world, and the scientist community. The fireballs occur yearly at Mekong river in Thailand, the mysterious red glowing bright lights explosions that emanate from the bottom of a muddy river. The locals attribute the dancing fireballs to the supernatural phenomenon that originate from the Mekong River terming it the Naga Fireballs.

cientists have tried to come up with a concrete explanation regarding the cause of the Naga Fireballs in vain. For instance, the science community associates the Fireballs with the accumulation of the swamp gases that are formed from the decomposition of organic material that develops pockets of methane that eventually finds its way on the surface. The oxygen ignites the methane bursting into flaming gas bubbles. This explanation is absurd and fails to explain the pattern of the Naga fireballs occurrences. Thus, scientists have no clear explanation for the Fireballs.[8]

9. The Hobbits of Flores

Hobbits of Flores

The year 2003 marked the discovery of the over 18,000 years old Flores man who eventually turned out to be a woman. It was discovered in the Island of Indonesia, Flores. The scientist’s findings at the time indicated that the skull and bones similar to that of humans, although smaller. It is three quarters the size of a normal human skull. However, the Homo floresiensis belongs to the archaic human species that existed after the extinction of the Neanderthals (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis), and scientists and forensics have tried to establish the connection to the modern human beings without clear explanation. With the size of the brain that could not match the tools and artifacts found within the vicinity of the discovery of the primal “Hobbit” as nicknamed.[9]

10. Longyou Grotto Caves

Longyou Grotto Caves

The cave was incorporated in a village in China, where great works for architecture was hidden in it. The secrets that were covered in the cave are troubling to the modern social scientists in trying to explain the meaning and the purpose of the treasures found in the cave. The cave was discovered in the 1994 and humankind was shocked and marveled with the artifacts contained in the cave. The exciting thing is the lighting that there was always lighting even though the cave was underground. The scholars and scientists could not understand and explain the mystery behind the cave.[10]

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  • May 17, 2019

    Please check your spelling errors on the palace, it’s not “Lolani” or “Lalani” it is ‘Iolani. It begins with an i. Also, out of respect for our queen, please do not shorten her name. It is Queen Liliuokalani.

    Mahalo, a local.

    • May 17, 2019

      Thanks for pointing that out, Mahalo! All corrected now.

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