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10 Really Creepy Paranormal Stories From Russia

Russia is the largest country on earth. But that’s not the only interesting thing about this enormous nation. Russia has many eerie corners and nightmarish paranormal stories, many of which are unknown to the rest of the world. These paranormal stories revolve around Russian cultures, monsters, ghosts, aliens among others that are diverse to different cultural beliefs around the world. In this article, we explore the top 10 creepy paranormal stories from one of the most astonishingly strange countries on the planet.

The Hell Screams

In 1984, the Soviet Union geologists carried out a task to create an exploratory well. They dug an enormous hole, approximately 10 miles, 14.4-kilometer-deep into the crust of the earth. The work was possibly out of boredom of geology as a profession. Amazingly, they discovered more than they primarily targeted, because they find out that the depth of the hole carried the screams of hell itself. The geologists reported that the bottom of the pit opened into hellish temperatures of about 1093° Celsius (2000° F) the scorching heat that possibly no living organism could survive, but they claim to hear terrifying screams of agonizing pain from the depth of the pit.

According to the project leader, Dr. Azzacove, he as a communist does not believe in the existence of God, but as a scientist, he feels in the presence of hell because he has witnessed it. In the first night, the scientists report that a massive, bat-like creature escaped from the hole and painted the words “I have Conquered” in Russian, helping in their conclusion that they have indeed opened the gates of hell. Here are the exact words of Dr. Azzacove: “Needless to say, we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw, and we know what we heard. And we are convinced that we drilled through the gates of Hell!”[1]

The Black Bird of Chernobyl

A famous paranormal story across the United States revolves around a mysterious Mothman, who according to folktales was responsible for the collapse of the Silver Bridge that tragically claimed 46 lives. The Presence of the Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia was catalytic to the destruction of the bridge. The Mothman is an amateur compared to the counterpart, or perhaps the same creature in Russia, the Black Bird.

Unlike the bridge and traffic tragic accidents, the Russia creature triggered the worst nuclear catastrophe in human history; the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 in Russia. The disaster was reported to have been engineered by this mysterious black creature, that eerily resembles that Mothman. Before the calamity at Chernobyl, several people were said to have encountered the beast, and they received strange phone calls followed by horrible nightmares. The survivors of the reactor explosion who later died of radiation poisoning testified to seeing a huge black creature like birds flying away from destroyed nuclear reactors circling in black plumes emanating from the explosion. Just like the American mysterious black creature, the Black Bird of Chernobyl has finally claimed its share of victims and may never be seen again. A terrifyingly fascinating tale.[2]

The Brosno Dragon

Lake Brosno is the deepest freshwater lake in Europe making it a home to many mysterious living forms. Many bizarre stories revolve around this incredible natural water body mass, but perhaps the most creepy and scarier of them is the Brosno Dragon! The monster has inspired terror among the fishing villages around the lake. Many theories, narrations in Russia revolves around this bio luminous aquatic creature. Some describe the beast as a 16 feet long iridescent dragon-like monster with serpent/fish-like head. The creature can fly.

One of the stories surrounding the mysterious Brosno Dragon monster dates back to the 13th century Tatar Mongol Army traveling to Novgorod to blunder. The leader of the Mongol soldiers named Batu Khali commanded the army to stop by the freshwater lake to take a rest and allow the horses to drink before resuming the journey to Novgorod. However, when the horses ventured closer to the lake, a giant roaring beast emerged from the lake and devoured all the horses and the soldiers alike. The surviving troops were too terrified to continue with the mission, they turned back, and that is how Novgorod was saved. The Russian legends claim that an enormous mouth appeared on the surface of the water and swallowed fishers and sand mountains while describing the beast. Recent tales claim that the Dragon, an allied sympathizer during World War II, Swallowed the Nazi war airplane, to saving the allied![3]

The Ghosts of the Kremlin

Kremlin, Moscow’s largest fortified district in Russia probably has a more layered fabricated history than any other parts of the world. Kremlin has seen a significant share of its mystery, deceit, and death. However, it has seen a few cases of ghosts roaming the streets and alleyways of the district. The region has been home of power and leadership for centuries; therefore, many of its ghosts are famous and noble figures in society. Ivan the horrible, the 16th-century cruel ruler is believed to mourn his great sins in the Great Bell Tower where one could hear his footsteps if they are courageous enough to listen. A theory exists that Ivan visited Tsar Nikolay II (who is Russia’s last tsar murdered by the communists) before the Ivan was declared a bad omen in the country.

Another famous Kremlin ghost is that of dictator Joseph Stalin. On many occasions, the cruel dictator is known for manifesting during a crisis in the country and order the sitting rulers to restore order in Russia using any means possible. The restless spirit of Joseph Stalin is ever present in Kremlin whenever a room is left cold, as the Russian legend points out.[4]

The Sakhalin Creature

The Sakhalin creature is an alleged aquatic monster discovered by Russian soldiers decomposing along the eastern coastline of the country. Sakhalin is the furthest east of Russia near the border of Japan, and approximately 5000 miles east of Moscow. The local people have no idea what kind of creature that was, for it was neither a fish according to its teeth, nor an alligator or crocodile because it was hairy. The people speculated that the monster is an extinct aquatic dinosaur that was washed to this isolated region.

Scientists and local community were left in dire confusion as the Russian military carried the remains of the creature away. People could only form stories and have a nightmare of the monster. The beast, many decades later, the military scientist came up with the theory that it was a large male beluga whale which was washed to the coast by a powerful storm. The belugas are Arctic whales. The female measures up to 9 feet while the male beluga whale can measure to around 16 feet in length, which was an approximated length of the Sakhalin creature.[5]

Nina Kulagina

The famous Nina was a retired Soviet Union tank radio sergeant injured during the later stages of the second world war. She started a family after healing and leaving active battlefield activities. Nina developed enormous paranormal skills during the remaining parts of her life until her death in 1990. The retired sergeant’s psychic powers to heal people, see colors with her fingers, reveal what is in one’s pocket and the most astonishing skill of psychokinesis, ability to set things in motion using her mind. Kulagina powers started manifesting whenever she felt angry. Poltergeist activities began to happen around her, and later she learned that the energy came from her mind. She began training to focus her skills and started moving objects around her at will.

The first scientist to test her claim involved moving of match sticks to one corner of the table and dropping them one by one and was conducted by the Soviet Union scientist, Edward Naumov. Another scientist, Dr. Genady Sergeyev, tested Nina’s psychic powers by using a tank of water and broken egg. She was able to separate the egg yolk and egg white and moved them in the opposite directions. She had the ability to both move objects and stopped objects in her mind. It is said she once stopped the heart of a frog using her will power. However, she was not able to move heavy objects such as a human heart because using her skills caused extreme physical discomfort in her body. In many occasions using her power, she suffered to the point of shivering. Her ability has never been scientifically explained, but she was never discovered to be a cheat.[6]

Rusalka Week

The Rusalka is a fabricated version of a succubus, a female demon that preys on and seduces men. Slavic Rusalka is described as mermaids, ghosts, fish women who are created when a woman or a child dies violently. The Rusalka manifest in many ways including scaring away livestock, drowning the men they seduce and stealing children. To some extent, the Rusalka is known to have a tremendous influence on fertility in the community.

The succubus female demon is alleged to be more active during the first week of June described as Rusalka week/ Rusal’naia week which is traditionally a week of both fear and celebration. The Rusalka week entails a ritual of making effigies and destroying them to appease the spirits. Women have a chance of protecting themselves from the Rusalka by leaving their hair unwashed while the men decorate themselves with walnuts and garlic. During this week, swimming or water sources such as swamps, rivers, lakes, are extremely discouraged for obvious reasons.[7]

Cosmonauts & UFOs

The most told stories by Cosmonauts include a close encounter with unidentified flying objects, UFOs. One Russian space veteran Vladimir Kovolyonok, claims that he saw elliptical objects following their craft for some time before disappearing in flames, during their Salyut VI mission in 1981. Also, the MIR space station is known for UFO stories and sightings in space indicating that at least two of their crew witnessed the objects. Some argue that the stories about the UFOs sightings are based on conspiracy theories and biased sources which questions the credibility of the stories.[8]

The Blazing Orb of Chelyabinsk

In 2013, the Russian town Chelyabinsk was streaked over with a meteorite. The meteor flowed at an intensity of 30 suns bursting into an explosion of an air-burst, the largest ever since the 1908 famous Tunguska event. The air-burst explosion resulted in over 1200 casualties, many of which lost their lives. No one saw it coming, causing a massive fear in the world because it meant that such a tragedy could happen anywhere, anytime, without notice or warning from anyone. The Russian Blazing Orb of Chelyabinsk was a shock to the world, and many ventured into research around the cause and origin.[9]

The Russian Roswell

The Soviet Union missile base was kept a top secret. However, there were mysterious things and events that happened at that place. For instance, Kapustin Yar was reported to have a reputation of spotting unidentified flying objects, UFOs. In 1948, a year after the Roswell incident, the Russian fighter flying closer to the Kapustin Yar reported being blocked by a UFO, and he had to use missiles to shoot it down. The rocket disrupted the anti-gravity field around the UFO spacecraft causing its crush from the sky. The Russian army collected and transported the remains of the UFO to the underground base in Zhitkir. Another story claims that the Russian spaceship engineers reversed the engineering program of the UFO spaceship and it took off after that. Some reports classify the mysterious spacecraft an alien UFO that hovered over the base for about 2 hours, directing beams of light on the military base before taking off. It happened in 1989, and many military officers claimed to have witnessed the visitation.[10]

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