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10 of the Creepiest Wikipedia Pages That Will Shock You

If you’ve been on the internet for a minute, you would probably have come across “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit,” Wikipedia. With almost 6 million articles in Eglish and growing, it is by far one of the most useful and popular websites on the internet. However, this fantastic resource has its dark corners not for the weak at heart. You will find some of the articles thereon creepy and downright eerie. From a laughter epidemic to gruesome cannibalism, here are the top creepiest Wikipedia pages you probably should never visit. They will keep you up at night.

1. Armin Meiwes 

The gruesome story of Armin Meiwes might be one of the most disturbing ones out there. Meiwes is a German former computer repair tech who had a cannibalism fetish. In 2001, he posted an advertisement online on a website called The Cannibal Cafe that was looking for a volunteer aged between 18 to 30 that is willing to be slaughtered and then consumed. Crazily enough, Bernd Brandes, a Berlin engineer replied to his ad. Their meeting was at Meiwes’s home where they made a videotape about the whole ordeal. Brandes took 20 sleeping pills before, with his consent, letting Meiwes cut off his appendage using a knife. He then fried it in a pan, but it got burnt, so instead of consuming it, he fed it to his dog. The videotape, which is about four hours long, includes explicit and graphic details.

Brandes soon fell into unconsciousness due to blood loss, and Meiwes killed him by stabbing him in his throat. He then hung Brandes’s body on a meat hook, and throughout the next ten months, he consumed his flesh. Meiwes posted another ad online, and a college student found it and alerted the police who found the videotape and body parts of Brandes. He was convicted of manslaughter in 2004. Meiwes has since become a vegetarian.[1]

2. June and Jennifer Gibbons

June and Jennifer Gibbons

June and Jennifer Gibbons, nicknamed ‘The Silent Twins’, were identical twins born in 1963. Early on, they migrated with their parents from Yemen to Wales where they went to school. Due to a multitude of reasons including their skin color, they were bullied and ostracized at school to the point that they were let out early by their school administrator to help them avoid the bullying. As the traumatizing bullying continued, the girls developed a language that was incomprehensible to others and spoke to no one except each other and their younger sibling.

To make them communicate with others, they were sent to therapists when they were 14. However, none of them succeeded in making the girls interact with the outside world. The solution was to send them separately to different boarding schools but that failed as well, and they became more isolated and withdrawn. After their reunion, they isolated themselves in their bedroom for several years.

They were interested in writing, and each of them wrote many novels that exhibited bizarre and criminal behavior. Their attempts to sell their books and short stories were unsuccessful. After committing some crimes, they were admitted to a high-security mental hospital where they stayed for 14 years. Their selective mutism continued throughout their extended stay at the hospital.

The girls truly believed that if one of them died, the other would get to live her life normally and would start to speak again. While being transferred from the high-security hospital, Jennifer slept in June’s lap during the trip. Upon arrival, they couldn’t wake her up, and she died soon later in the hospital due to an inflamed heart. After Jennifer’s death, June stated that Jennifer had given up her life for her to be liberated and free.[2]

3. The Murder of Junko Furuta

The Murder of Junko Furuta

Born in 1971, Junko Furuta was a 17 years old Japanese high school student who was abducted and murdered in 1989. What’s exceptionally horrifying about her abduction was that approximately 100 people knew about it, yet did nothing to help her or save her life. As a teenager, Furuta was envied for her good looks and popularity. So when Hiroshi Miyano, another student who was associated with the Yakuza, was turned down by her, he couldn’t bear the rejection.

It was nighttime when Miyano and a friend of his spotted Furuta cycling back home. Miyano ordered his friend to kick Furuta off her bike, and he himself acted like an innocent bystander, offering to walk her home. What she didn’t know was that he was actually leading her to a warehouse. He raped her twice, before calling his friends and bragged about his actions. She was held captive for 40 days, was raped over 400 times during that period and was brutally tortured. The police were contacted but refused to intervene with not enough evidence and their fear of the Yakuza. The boys tortured her unmercifully for days until she succumbed to her wounds and passed away. The Wikipedia page of her murder case includes graphic details of the torture that she endured during her captivity.[3]

4. Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien Hand Syndrome

The Alien Hand Syndrome is a condition in which one of the hands of its sufferers – usually the left hand – acts as if it had a mind of its own. This condition is documented in people who have had the two hemispheres of their surgically separated due to an extreme case of epilepsy. It can also happen after a brain aneurysm, tumor, and other degenerative brain conditions. 

Sufferers have reported to not be aware of what the ‘alien hand’ is doing unless something draws their attention to its behavior. The alien hand acts disobediently. In one case, a patient with the condition put a cigarette in her mouth using her non-affected right hand. Then, as she reached for the lighter with her right hand, the left hand pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and tossed it away. In another case, a patient was doing the bottoms of her blouse with her controlled hand, while the other ‘alien hand’ was unbuttoning her blouse.[4]

5. Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic 

When you stumble upon an article about a laughter epidemic, you would think that it’s something out of a fictional book or movie. However, the laughter epidemic was a real event that happened in 1962. 

On January of 1962, three girls in a village called Kashasha in Tanzania, began hysterically laughing while walking throughout the school. Out of the 159 total students, 95 were affected and their symptoms varied between a couple of hours to 16 days. Due to the non-stop laughter, the school shut down. The students went back to their home, spreading the epidemic to the nearby village of Nshamba. 217 people consisting of children and young adult suffered from the laughing attacks. No adults were affected by the epidemic.

After reopening, the Kashasha school had to be closed again, and the epidemic spread to another school, affecting 48 more students. The common symptoms were pains, fainting, rashes, respiratory problems, and random screaming. The epidemic died off 6 to 18 months later.[5]

6. Bunny Man 

Bunny Man

The Bunny Man is an urban legend that started in 1970 in Virginia. There have been multiple incidents that occurred under a bridge in Colchester Overpass, which is sometimes referred to as the Bunny Man Bridge. People report seeing a man wearing a bunny costume and holding an axe with which he attacks people. It’s said that the Bunny Man’s ghost appears on Halloween to commemorate his passing. 

The first incident where the Bunny Man was seen was reported by a couple. While out visiting relatives during midnight, they parked their car and waited inside with the motor running. They spotted something moving in the dark before their front passenger window was smashed. The man reported that he saw a figure wearing a white suit with bunny ears. They also found a hatchet that was used to break the car window on the car floor. 

In the second incident, a security guard named Paul Phillips saw a man wearing a gray, black and white bunny costume standing on a porch of an unfinished home. When he approached the man, he saw him chopping the post of the porch using an axe and threatened the guard. After both incidents, 50 more people contacted the police claiming that they have seen the bunny, one of which reported seeing him eating a runaway cat.[6]

7. Dancing Plague of 1518 

Dancing Plague of 1518

Dancing is supposed to be a way to express yourself and have fun, but in the summer of 1518, dancing became an outbreak that only leads to tragedy. It all began when a woman by the name of Mrs. Troffea, she started dancing in the streets of Strasbourg, France, for a period between 4 to 6 days. Within a month of this happening, 400 other women and a couple of men joined the dance outbreak. 

People did die of heart attacks, exhaustion, strokes and it got so bad that it was reported that it killed around 15 people per day. It’s not known what the exact cause of this outbreak was and what drove these people into dancing to their deaths. Local physicians believed that it was a natural disease, and instead of prescribing medications, the authorities built stages and hired musicians thinking that the dancers would recover. Their plan, of course, backfired.

Modern medicine theorizes that the dancing plague might have been caused by food poisoning by ergot fungi found in wheat. The chemical product of the ergot fungi is a psychoactive structurally related to LSD.[7] 

8. Monkey Man of New Delhi 

Monkey Man of New Delhi

The monkey man’s first appearance was in May of 2001 in New Delhi, the capital of India. Many people saw him as he appeared at night, attacking and scratching innocent bypassers. Witnesses described him being four feet tall, covered in thick black hair, red eyes and have a snout. He reportedly wore a metal helmet and had metal claws. Others have said that he was eight feet tall and muscular to the point of being able to leap from building to building.

Two people had died because of the Monkey man as panic ensued when he appeared, and people would fall down the stairs or jump from tops of buildings in their panic state.[8]

9. Green Boots

In 2001, French climber Pierre Paperon recorded a video showing the body of a corpse on Mountain Everest. The corpse was wearing green Koflach mountaineering boots, and that’s where the name Green Boots originated. Although his identity is unknown, Green Boots became landmark overtime. It’s suspected and believed that the corpse belongs to an Indian climber named Tsewang Paljor who wore green boots when he climbed Mount Everest in 1996 and died. 

In 2014, Green Boots went missing, presumably due to being covered by stones and snow. However, in 2017, he appeared again at the same altitude.[9]

10. Exploding Whale 

Exploding Whale

Cases of whale carcasses exploding whether it was done spontaneously due to buildup of gas during decomposition or using actual explosives to dispose of the carcass. 

For example; in Oregon in 1970, the carcass of a 7300 KG sperm whale washed ashore. They decided to use dynamite to be able to remove the whale–thinking that the resulting pieces would be manageable and more easy to remove. Half a ton of dynamite was used, although a military veteran warned them that 20 sticks of dynamite would suffice. The explosion happened, and pieces of blasted blubber landed near buildings and parking lots miles away from the shore. Ironically, a large chunk of blasted blubber fell on the new automobile of the military veteran, completely flattening it. 

The second case happened in Taiwan in 2004 where the carcass exploded due to the buildup of gas inside the decomposing whale. Although no one was hurt during the explosion, cars, nearby shops and bystanders got covered with the splattered blood from the whale.[10]

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