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Top 10 Creepiest Ghost Stories From Hawaii

Hawaii is the favorite holiday destination for almost any type of tourism, but every paradise has another side, and so does Hawaii. You get to choose any color of beach you like here, white, red yellow, black or even green. The volcanoes and the long cool shoreline give every visitor a chance to experience Hawaii in their own way. The culture and history of Hawaii also attract everyone seeking to have a taste of the centuries of Polynesian settlers’ culture as it has developed over the years. The years of folklore and supernatural experiences have however created a new attraction to Hawaii, ghost stories. While the locals bear most of the experience, thousands of visitors still narrate one or two supernatural encounters while visiting the Island or after their visit. Of the thousand tales of Hawaiian ghosts, these are the ten creepiest and most frequent of all.

1. The Night Marchers

These are probably the most feared Island ghosts in the world. They do not necessarily seek to harm anyone, just a group of ancient Hawaiian soldiers doing their job. Their role was to protect high ranking chiefs in life, a role that continues even into the afterlife. These are not the type of ghosts you go looking for, and when you happen to meet them, you are doomed. Well, not necessarily, their approach is always announced by the sound of drum beats although many people claim to have seen a misty cloud or shining of lights during their approach.

Their last victim, a lady cleaning a mall at night fell and died immediately the mist disappeared; she was allegedly seen joining the army of the marchers and sinking into a wall. The probability of surviving the night marchers is not foreign either, if you find yourself in their path, strip naked and fall face down. If your old relative is among the marchers, they may buy you a ticket to live. They are famous around Friday nights in around Halloween, but isolated sightings come in all year round. Well, don’t go looking for them and when they find you, peeing on yourself is allegedly a perfect cover.[1][2]

2. The Pali Pork Curse

The Pali Highway connects Honolulu to Oahu. While this is an ordinary highway, it only has one red flag; it is the no pork road. Taking pork over the Pali allegedly angers the mighty Pele, the goddess of the volcanoes. The curse traces back to a once upon a time when Kamapua’a the pig-headed demigod broke up with beautiful Pele retiring to the opposite sides of the Island in a never meet again truce. The sight of pork definitely angers Pele if brought to Oahu and may lead to an accident or even death. Most first-hand stories involve cars that will not start until all pork products are tossed. Recent developments involve a woman in white appearing on the road with a dog; if you feed the pork to the dog, your car will start, well, maybe but why try Pele in the first place, just keep off the pork.[3][4]

3. The White Fiery Pele

If you see an old lady in white on the road in Hawaii, always help her, this is the advice you will receive from any local because they believe that it may be Pele. Well, sometimes, she is not so old, she may appear as a beautiful tall lady or a fiery woman. It is the image that the first settlers allegedly saw when they reached Hawaii, beautiful peaks covered in fiery volcanoes. Pele the goddess came from Tahiti on a canoe and made her home in Hawaii protecting the land and sometimes sending a fiery wave to consume it in anger. Pele is the volcano goddess, and also the most famous supernatural being on the Island and every visitor aspires to see her. Her mention stirs up different reactions among locals but experiencing her presence is not necessarily a death sentence. She is seen by many people on both sides of the Island with most sightings confirming smell of cigar smoke, a lady lighting a cigar with the snap of her finger of simply a disappearing lady in white.[5][6]

4. The Kaimuki Devil House

Cases of haunted hotels and houses are common on almost any island, and Hawaii is no exception. In this case, the house is allegedly haunted by Kasha the murderous, bloodthirsty Japanese demon. The demon which enjoys feasting on human flesh first attacked in 1942 when a 10-year-old boy informed her mom of a bad odor from an evil spirit. The family was attacked and called the police for assistance to escape the invisible attacker forcing them to evacuate. Dwellers of the house never had peace since then.

The worst of them all came when three girls sharing the house were attacked in 1972. They called the police to escort them to the home of one of the girls’ mother. Kasha was strangling one of them. The first police officer was surprised when the car he was escorting got stuck into a parking lot as the girl ripped off her throat to remove an invisible strangler. The second phase of the attack involved an abnormally strong calloused hand wading off the officer who came to the rescue forcing him to call for backup. Even with backup and switching the cars, trouble continued as the police car would not start with the haunted girl inside. When she was put back in her car, Kasha attacked pulling off the car doors and pulling the girl onto the tarmac with the same death strangle; he was too determined to eat her it seems.[7]

5. The Haunted Palace

Queen Liliuokalani’s palace is the former seat of power for the monarchs now turned into one of the best museums in Hawaii, and recently, the home of the most famous and visited ghost site. Oahu ghost tours have become very popular as people seek out the haunted place. Their greatest inspiration is the chance of seeing Queen Liliuokalani’s ghost. The queen who was imprisoned in the palace for eight months when the royal government fell died in custody and very lonely.

Before she died, she resorted to singing songs and writing, and her spirit seems to have settled for the same hobby. Guards are common victims claiming to experience strange powers that open doors to the queen’s room and play the piano. The ghost comes every day at 5.30 am, and the guards sometimes hear an alarm that sounds without being set at all. The 2006 sighting of the queen’s ghost on the window of her former second-floor bedroom cemented most of the tales of the haunted palace. The old burial ground for royal families at the palace is also claimed to be haunted by unsettled spirits after the remains of 18 people buried there earlier were moved. Queen Liliuokalani’s palace remains a must-see museum in Hawaii; maybe the queen only sings to the visitors to welcome them at her home.[8]

6. The Walking Dead

Paranormal experiences at cemeteries are the most typical ghost stories of all time, but Hawaii’s walking dead appear in some places that are not cemeteries. Many ghost storytellers relate the regular ghost citing to former burial grounds and holy places that became inhabited without appeasing the spirits. Many people have been buried on this island for years, and maybe the angry spirits are justified. Although the burial mound at the palace has lots of recorded stories, many visitors also have experiences of vanishing women and children on the leeward side of the island.

The most common story is the picture taken on Halloween when no one was in the cemetery only for the developed image to reveal a guy in a suit. The photo was taken in front of 40 witnesses making it the most backed walking dead story in Hawaii. The reason was allegedly a provocation by a hysterical mourner who went over the bounds by falling into the grave during a funeral earlier that day. Other stories involve the strangulation of sleeping residents by cheeky ghosts haunting Honolulu, specifically the fire department.[9][10]

7. The Menehune

These are allegedly the original inhabitants of the Island having moved here anywhere between 0 to 350 AD. They are described as little people about 3 feet tall with hairy bodies and pot bellies. They are however not as useless as many may think, they are described as master builders and architects that build the Alekoko fishpond overnight among other mystery structures on the Island. They do not enjoy being watched while at work, they allegedly turned a prince and princess to stone years ago when they sneaked in on them while constructing the dam, well this is all legend that the little men became after the settlers from Tahiti pushed them to the forests.

Meetings with these little people are not so rare though; they are generally playful and harmless, mainly associated with befriending small boys. The most backed sighting is the 1940 Superintend George London sighting in the company of 45 school children in what is now Waimea high school. In 1989, a lady allegedly rammed into a group of 20 that were crossing the road denting her car; this was the scariest encounter, the common ones are mostly friendly. The little people love diving because they like fish and a strange splash in the water may just be the Menehune diving for dinner.[1][11][12]

8. The Mysterious Green Lady

This is the story of a sweet loving mother that lost her child in the gulch while using it to avoid cars on the bridge and comes up from time to time to take vengeance because people refused to help her find them. She went in to look for the lost child and was never seen again, well, by most people because sittings of her smelly moss-covered body are not rare anymore. Wahiawa botanical gardens are the most common siting ground for this strange lady; most people allegedly see her if they look down into the gulch at twilight. Six children in Wahiawa elementary school saw her and gave details of a monstrous green woman covered in grass and moss to the police. The police dismissed the claim although people still fear to take their children across the gulch in case the angry mother takes it out on them.[13]

9. The Drowning Spirit of Waimea Falls

Drowning is the cause of most tourist deaths in Hawaii, but Waimea falls have just too many supernatural drowning stories. This one has an interesting story behind it; the falls were allegedly created when the famous demigod slipped and fell. Waimea Falls are one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Hawaii with thousands of visitors every year. While the clear water in the pool below attracts many divers, it has many visible rocks that cause most fatalities although the force that seems to hold the bodies below keep the ghost stories alive. Unlike most cultures in America, Hawaiians used to make human sacrifices, well some gods seem to have taken up the role of picking their sacrifices now.

Waimea falls had a long history of diver deaths that led to the diving ban limiting access to professional divers only. They give entertainment to the tourists, but now and then, the thirsty drowning ghost takes one of them. The most famous tale is the story of three divers who witnessed their drowning mate struggling with an unseen force that kept pushing him back into the water by the neck. He drowned, and despite the early arrival of rescue teams, his body disappeared for days. Most dead people in the pond of a nearby pack also remain sank days after drowning which is not common with dead bodies. The bloodthirsty god allegedly takes them up as a meal and only releases them when he is done, quite a scary god that one.[14]

10. The Shark Man of Makua Cave

This is the alleged abode of Nanaue, the hybrid son of Kamohoalii, the king of all sharks and beautiful Kalei. He was born after the shark king transformed to a man to live with beautiful Kalei after they fell love, but their offspring was neither compatible with sharks nor men, so he was banished into this cave which was covered underwater at the time. The cave believed to be over 150,000 years old is allegedly haunted by spirits of people eaten by the shark man who used to pull swimmers underwater and drown them before later eating them. The scary entrance is wide enough to accommodate a walking man but as you get deeper, it gets narrow, and you have to crawl an this is allegedly when Nanaue catches the visitors. Although this site is not as famous, its stories are still terrifying with a few dozen deaths linked to the bay near the cave.[15][16]

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