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10 of the Most Convincing Mysterious Time Travel Claims

The concept of time travel was popularized by H. G. Wells’ 1895 novel “The Time Machine.” Proposed in 1905, Albert Einstein‘s theory of relativity is believed to make time travel possible. It shows time passes differently for people moving relative to one another and when a thing moves at a speed of light, this effect becomes large enough to result in the phenomena of time travel. But is time travel really possible? Here are ten of the most convincing mysterious time travel claims.

A Time Traveller Who Made Unbelievable Stock Returns

In March 2003, an article on Weekly World News which was also shared on Yahoo announced the arrest of a Wall Street wiz called Andrew Carlssin who made extreme returns from stock market of new york. Within two weeks, he turned his little $800 investment into a portfolio valued at $350 million which came under eyes of exchange authorities. He made this returns by doing 126 high-risk trades without losing a single cent. Andrew was taken into custody by FBI and SEC in a jail cell of Rikers Island. The spokesman of exchange authorities said “He made capitalized unexpected business developments which cannot be turned into luck. The only way to do it with illegal inside information”. In a four hour confession, he claimed to be a time traveler from 2256 of age 44 years old. He made all the research from the future for 2003 stock exchanges and established huge returns from the stock market.

He made a deal with the FBI in which he would tell them some historical facts like the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden and cure for AIDS disease in exchange for his freedom. He refused to reveal the location of his time travel machine and how it can be operated for the fear it may fall into wrong hands. Within a short period of Andrew’s arrest, a $1 million bail was registered by an unknown man. On 3rd of April, on the way to court for this bail hearing, Andrew disappeared mysteriously under super tight security. His disappearance has let so many unanswered question, but as we know, Osama Bin Laden was not found until 2011.[1]

Journalist Experienced Air Raid 11 Years Before It Happened

Two newspaper reporter experienced this time slipcase J. Bernard Hutton and companion photographer Joachim Brandt mentioned in the book “The Little Gaint Book of Eerie Thrills and Unspeakable Chills” written by Ron Edwards, C.B. Colby, John Macklin. In 1932, these two are assigned for a feature story on Hamburg shipward, Germany. They drove to the massive complex in a motor car and interviewed several executives and workers working in that shipyard. After interviewing and taking pictures of the site, they completed the assigned work by late afternoon. As they decided to leave the shipyard, they suddenly heard sounds of fighter aircraft. The sky was filled with fighter aircraft. With that, the city anti-aircraft batteries became active and opened a massive bombing on those aircraft in the sky. In few moments fuel tanks were hit, building and warehouses collapsed due to high explosives. That place became a war zone with death, smoke, darkness, and chaos everywhere. Before rushing out to save their lives, they inquired about what was happening there from a security guard of that shipward and asked if they need their help, but the guard asked to leave the area immediately. They rushed to the car and as they drove into Hamburg, things changes.

The sky cleared up, and all was back to normal. The warehouses and buildings were fine. There was no panic, and shipward’s staff was doing the usual work. Hutton and Brandt were shocked at seeing this. On the way to their home, they thought what a mysterious world they experienced. Next day at the newspaper office, all the pictures of Brandt’s camera were developed. Both men got another surprise. During the air raid, Brandt continued shooting photographs, but the developed photos showed everything normal same as when they arrived. There was no evidence of an air raid. Their colleagues dismissed their claim by declaring that both stopped the car on their way and drank heavy alcohol which made them see the imaginary air bombing. Both left this matter behind as there was no proof. Before World War II, Hutton shifted to London. In 1943, on one morning he read the news in the newspaper where it was written about a successful air raid on Hamburg shipyard by Roy air force squadron. The printed pictures represented the same scene as witnessed by Hutton and Brandt 11 years ago during their assignment.[2]

Air Marshall’s Time Slip Adventure

This is one of the most famous time travel stories experienced while flying a fighter jet by an air marshal Sir Victor Goddard of the royal air force named. One day of 1938, he was flying to Edinburg (Scotland) to Andover (England). During his usual flight, he passed over an airfield in Drem, Scotland. That airfield was a place for cattle grazing, and Goddard saw as he flew over a farm. He continued his journey and reached his destination at Edinburg. A few days later, after completion of his work, Goddard began his trip back to his home in Andover through the same route. Some moments before he flew over Drem, he ran into a storm. There were high winds and torrential rain; the storm clouds were yellow. It didn’t take long for Goodard to lose control of the plane. Goddard had enough experience to retain the control and prevent the plane from crashing. Suddenly the clouds vanished, the rain stopped, the sky turned sunny, and he again saw the ground.

The first vision he saw on the ground was Drem airfield which seemed to be no longer abandoned and looked good and new. On the airfield three yellow painted planes with a monoplane were parked and saw few mechanics dressed in blue uniforms. Goddard was astonished as in 1935, the royal air force planes were not painted with yellow color and mechanics wear brown uniforms not blue. Another weird thing was no monoplane was owned by royal air force that time. Goddard didn’t have much time to think about it as the storm returned accomplished with heavy rain and yellow clouds, again the sky got cleared up, and he reached home. Goddard heard in 1939 that royal air force decided to paint their planes yellow and dress the mechanics in blue uniforms. This made Goddard wonder if he had traveled about four years in the future in 1935. He didn’t want anyone to think he was crazy, but later he retells it in his 1975 book Flight Towards Reality.[3]

Hipster Captured in a Photograph

A hipster photograph in a crowd was made available to the public in 2004 which was captured about sixty-nine years before. This photograph was taken in 1941 during the reopening of South Fork Bridge in Canada and had been circulating with the name “A hipster Time traveler” since 2010. A hipster refers to a person who is eager to follow the latest trends and lifestyles which may not be a part of culture yet. The person captured in the photograph was considered as a time traveler as he was way too modern for 1941.

He was wearing a printed T-shirt which on closer inspection was a sweater similar to the one used by Montreal Maroons, an ice hockey team of that era. The wave style sunglasses which he was wearing were not available anywhere in the 40s. The third and the most astonishing thing was he was carrying a Kotak Folding Portable camera. This camera looks more compact compared to the models available in the 40s. Kotak had introduced such type of small portable models after ten years. many dismissed it as just a photoshop. But on closer investigation, the picture looks authentic a case study still unsolved.[4]

The Man From Taured

On a hot day of July in 1954, a man was stopped from boarding a flight at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan as he was carrying a passport of a country called ‘Taured’ which do not exist. But the stamps on the passport were genuine. He said to customs agents that he was European and this was his third trip of the year to Japan for his company. To get the details of the country ‘Taured,’ they started questioning the man and presented him the world map so that he could locate ‘Taured.’ On viewing the map, he got angry because at the location of Taured which was between Spain and France there was Andorra of which he had never heard. He told the officials that Taured had existed for at 1,000 years.

The officials neither found the company which he claimed to visit there nor the hotel where he had his reservation. But as he could speak Japanese well which was proof that he had previous contact with Japan and spoke French as a native language. The officials decided to talk with government authorities to clear the matter. For the time being, they arranged a room for him at a nearby hotel with armed guards posted outside his room. He was served dinner in the room and soon went to sleep. In the morning, when the room was opened, the man had vanished mysteriously. His Taured passport kept in airport security room also disappeared.[5]

A Police Officer Travelled From 1996 to 1950

In July 1996, a police officer named Frank went shopping with his wife, Carol, in a market of Liverpool, a city located northwest of England. As it was Sunday, the police officer was off-duty. The couple decided to shop separately for the stuff of their interest. His wife entered a bookshop while Frank stepped into a CD store as he was a movie lover. After that Frank walked down the street to find stuff. Instantaneously, the busy road converts into a strange silence.

A small van starts honking at him to give way as he was standing in the middle of the road. The model of the van was like those who run on the road in the 1950s. Everyone on the street was wearing clothing of 1950s style. He was confused and decided to go back to the bookshop. But when he got there, in place of the bookshop, a woman clothing shop named Cripps was there. Suddenly, when he entered Cripps, all became normal again, and it was the bookshop. On investigation, he got to know that Cripps clothing shop exists precisely at the same place in 1950.[6]

Four Friends Experienced Time Slip During a Trip

In 1979, Four friends named Geoff, Pauline Simpson, Cynthia Gisby and Len were on a trip to Spain. They were traveling through France. It was late midnight when they decided to find a place to camp. They took a room in a hotel down the road. They found it a strange hotel as rooms had heavy wooden latches with no locks and windows only had thick wooden shutters without any glass. They don’t have much time to think about it as they were tired and went to sleep.

In the morning, they ate breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, the four friends encountered two French police officers who were dressed in 1905 uniforms. The next surprising thing was the hotel bill which was only 19 francs because other hotels charge at least 200 francs. They cleared the bill and continued the journey. On returning from Spain, they decided to stay in the same hotel again as it was so cheap. But the hotel had vanished from that place and was nowhere to be found.[7]

The Man Who Disappeared in 1876 & Reappeared in 1950

Rudolph Fentz is one of the most mysterious cases of time travel in the 20th century. In June 1950, a man dressed in 1800s clothing with a mutton chop sideburns that had gone out of fashion many decades ago suddenly appeared in the Times Square. Witnesses said that he was shocked and in an apparent state of panic. As he started to walk forward to inquire where was he, a car hit him and he died. On his body, police found 70 dollars in nineteenth-century currency, a letter dated with 1876 and a business card which identified him as Rudolph Fentz.

The case was turned over to Captain Hubert V. Rihm of the New York Police Department’s Missing Person Squad who found a bank account linked to the name of Rudolph Fentz. He got to know that the account holder who died five years earlier was actually the son of the mystery man. When the police investigated his son’s old widow, she said his husband’s father had suddenly disappeared in 1876 at the age of 29.[8]

The Mystery of John Titor

On November 2, 2000, users of an online discussion platform saw a post by an American user named John Titor on which he claimed that he is a time traveler from 2036. He was on a mission to travel in 1975 to take the IBM 5100 computer to 2036. A problem has been faced by computer scientists of 2036 which will be solved with the help of IBM made 5100 computer, and he was in 2000 due to some fault in his time travel machine. He further stated that he was chosen for this work as he is part of the military and secondly his grandfather was part of the IBM 5100 creation project. Readers thought that its a hoax and gave no attention to John Titor’s post. After that John Titor post pictures of his time machine called ‘Gravity Distortion Time Displacement unit,’ its design and start guide manual. He said it is capable of traveling at a speed of 10 years per hour installed in a car.

This made John Titor famous as he became a trending topic in several bulletin boards in 2000. With that, he made many predictions; like the 2001 earthquake in Peru leading to the death of hundreds of people and IBM had a secret language installed on their computers which can convert modern computer language into old one. IBM officially confirmed this in 2004. But all other predictions of John Titor were wrong. ‘John Titor’ has been said to be a hoax, and a likely creation of Larry Haber, a Florida entertainment lawyer and his brother Morey, a computer scientist; but this claim has not been confirmed either.[9]

Time Traveller on Youtube in 2018

A YouTube channel that features mysterious and paranormal activities called Apex TV uploaded a video in 2018 of a person named Noah. In the video, a lie detector test was going on. Noah claimed in the video that he was a time traveler who was stuck in 2018. He made some future prediction of events going to happen in 2019, 2020 and 2028. He predicts that in June 2019 there will be an invention of a computer chip which will allow paralyzed people to walk again. In January 2020, there will be a protest against artificial intelligence technology, and in November of the same year, Donald Trump will be re-elected as president of united states.

While talking about the time travel, he said, “Government had hired us to work on time travel, and they treat us more worst than the fast food workers. After 12 years in 2028, private organizations will admit to the world that time travel is real and possible to experience. Authorities were working on time travel since 2003. I am not here to gain fame but to expose our governments what they are trying to do. Also, I look like a 21-year-old young boy, but I had crossed 50 by using a type of drug.” In the video, Noah passed the lie detector test. After this video, Noah has made some more predictions in other videos. The world is waiting to see whether or not his predictions will come true.[10]

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