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10 Most Controversial Quotes by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte is another controversial political figure like Donald Trump. He has been in the news headlines for the wrong reasons than most other presidents for his inclination to say what he believes, however raw. For example, talking about Islamist terrorists recently, he said: “Give me salt and vinegar, and I’ll eat terrorists’ livers.” He continued, “If you want me to be an animal, I’m also used to that. We’re just the same.” But it’s not just what he says that gets people worried, but what he does too. Some of the things that get people talking about him are not only crazy but outrightly disturbing. In the midst of all the controversies, however, Duterte has managed to remain popular with Filipinos, with an approval rating of 86 percent.

1. He Referred To Former U.S. President Barack Obama As “Son Of A Whore”

He Referred To Former U.S. President Barack Obama As “Son Of A Whore”

Barack Obama who had intended to meet and speak in person to Duterte, couldn’t go through with the plan. Expecting this meeting, Duterte openly warned Obama not to bring up human rights problems. “I do not have any master except the Filipino people. Nobody but nobody,” he stated. “You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions.’ Son of a bitch, I will swear at you in that forum.”

2. Rodrigo Duterte Compared Himself To Hitler And Idi Amin

Rodrigo Duterte Compared Himself To Hitler And Idi Amin

When citizens began to challenge Duterte’s plans to kill thousands of Filipino people, he didn’t try to justify it. “Hitler massacred three million Jews,” Rodrigo Duterte reminded his many supporters. “Now, there are three million drug addicts… I’d be happy to slaughter them.”

That wasn’t the only time he cheerfully likened himself to a tyrant. Afterward, he said, “I will retire with the reputation of Idi Amin. I am not afraid of human rights. I will not allow my country to go to the dogs.”

Hitler murdered more than six million Jews—and Duterte is so determined, that he has set up a public scoreboard for the world can keep track of just how many people his police force have killed.

3. “I Don’t Care About Human Rights” – Rodrigo Duterte

"I Don’t Care About Human Rights" - Rodrigo Duterte

“Forget the laws on human rights…” Duterte declared to his voters. If elected, he would execute one hundred thousand people in his first months. “It’s going to be bloody,” he promised.

The masses loved it. Rodrigo Duterte won the election by a landslide. With nearly 15 million votes, and he went through with his promise. Shortly after he was sworn into office, he flagged off a shoot-on-sight order that empowers police to open fire at suspected drug dealers they see.

He boasted that he would deposit so many bodies in the water that “the fish will grow fat.” He placed bounties on drug dealer’s heads, promising to reward any officer who kills a drug lord the sum of $28,500—and he has gone through this.

4. He Promised To Pay For His Mistresses By Himself

He Promised To Pay For His Mistresses By Himself

“If you want me to become your president, you should know everything about me,” Duterte said while addressing his supporters. “They are telling me that they heard I am a womanizer. That is very true.”

Duterte told the crowd that he had more than one wife. There was another woman he had impregnated on a trip to the United States, and he had two other side girlfriends. “I do not support them with the money from the government,” he assured them, “but from my own money and allowances.”

He also promised that his mistresses weren’t expensive. “When I was young, I could do overnight, which is more expensive.” These days, however, he “could do a short time only… After one erection, that’s it. No more.”

5. He Was Upset That Gang-Rapists Didn’t Invite Him To Have A Turn

He Was Upset That Gang-Rapists Didn’t Invite Him To Have A Turn

During his presidential campaign, Duterte described a hostage incidence that occurred while he was still mayor.

“They raped all of the women,” Duterte described. “There was this Australian lay minister… I saw her face, and I thought, ‘Son of a bitch. What a pity.’” He was not angry because she was raped—he was angry because he didn’t get invited to join in. The mayor should have been first.”

He was referring to the case of Jacqueline Hamill, an Australian woman who was taken a hostage, brutally raped and murdered by a gang of escaped convicts.

Duterte’s daughter later stated the press that she had been a rape victim herself. When the news brought his daughter’s rape story up, Duterte simply rolled his eyes and brushed it off as a made-up story. He said, “She is a drama queen. She can’t be raped. She carries a gun.”

6. He Threatened To Quit The UN And Start His Own Group With China

Rodrigo Duterte Threatened To Quit The UN And Start His Own Group With China

When the UN criticized Duterte’s take on crime, he got vicious. With his characteristic eloquence, Duterte said, “You do not just go out and give an sh—tting statement against a country.”

He went ahead to call the UN expert who was going to investigate him “a very stupid expert” and produced his list of 10 horrible things he can say about the group. He began by calling them inutile. F—k you UN, you can’t even solve the Middle East carnage,” Rodrigo Duterte alleged. “Shut up all of you.”

Duterte eventually decided he’d go his own way. “Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations,” he suggested, before proposing starting his union and inviting China to join.

7. He Called Pope Francis A ‘Son Of A Whore’

Duterte Called Pope Francis A ‘Son Of A Whore’

The Pope was visiting Manila, the Philippines’ capital and there was heavy traffic. Duterte was trapped in the gridlock, and he asked what would cause so much traffic. “They said it was the pope,” Duterte recounted. “I wanted to say, Pope, son of a whore, go home. Don’t visit anymore.”

Although Duterte considered apologizing to the Pope for a while, he changed his mind. Instead, he decided to attack. He started criticizing the church for claiming that the priests can forgive their sin. He vowed to limit families to three children to spite Catholic doctrines, and declared, “The most hypocritical institution is the Catholic Church.”

Rodrigo Duterte also claimed that he was sexually abused by a priest when he was 14. He narrated to the press, “It was a case of fondling—you know what—he did during confession.”

8. He Encouraged Civilians To Murder Drug Addicts

Duterte Encouraged Civilians To Murder Drug Addicts

“If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself,” Duterte said. “Getting their parents to do it would be too painful.”

Targets on his list get anonymous threats from total strangers. Someone showed a reporter a chilling text message from an unknown number that reads, “Bro, just wait. You’ll be next.”

Dead bodies are heaping up in the streets, and they were not all killed by the police. The bodies are often seen with their faces tied up in duct tape, and cardboard signs that read, “I’m a drug pusher. Don’t be like me” on their chests.

9. He Promised To Kill His Own Children If Caught With Drugs

He Promised To Kill His Own Children If Caught With Drugs

One reporter asked Duterte what he would do his own children were caught taking drugs. Probably thinking he would catch him off-guard. However, Duterte did not even have to think about it. He responded promptly, I will kill him.”

Although, he has not had to kill any child of his own yet—but he has killed other people’s. Four-year-old Althea Barbon was shot down by Duterte’s police simply because her father was on a suspects’ list. Sitting behind her father on his motorcycle, she held to him tightly while he took her to get some popcorn, then police spotted her father.

Duterte’s “shoot-to-kill” order meant that the police didn’t have to ask questions or pull their suspect over—they could open fire. An innocent five-year-old was also shot down shortly afterward, this time by vigilantes hunting her grandfather.

10. Rodrigo Duterte Promised To Pardon Himself For Murder

Rodrigo Duterte Promised To Pardon Himself For Murder

Duterte is aware that things will be difficult for him when he leaves office—but he seems ready. He informed the public of his power to forgive any criminal he wishes, as president. He has promised to “issue 1,000 pardons a day” to any police officer charged with brutality or human rights violations.

Duterte has also be known to publicly boast about how he shot a classmate while in college after he hit him. He never faced prison for his crime although he was expelled for the shooting.

Meanwhile, you have the power to pardon yourself as President of the Philippines. “Pardon given to Rodrigo Duterte for the crime of multiple murder,” he joked before a crowd. “Signed, Rodrigo Duterte.”

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