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10 Crazy Facts About the Controversial Church of Scientology

The concepts of a free country and free will, are practically applied when it comes to the kind of faith and religion that people around the world choose to believe and follow. For instance, Americans are fascinated by Scientology, one of the most secretive, mysterious, controversial religions in the country that is tapped, “Prison of Belief” in the HBO documentary: Going Clear.[1] Scientology’s fascination is enhanced by a combination of its mysterious and paranoid actors with famous and popular celebrities such as Tom Cruise. Though Scientology may not have a visible presence in the crossword, its churches do make appearances in Los Angeles, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. The Church of Scientology is one of the 21st-century religions whose orientation is similar to Dharma-one of the leading themes in Hinduism on cosmic order.

Much can be said, but nothing can be done about Scientology because the United States is built on values and principles of religious free will and tolerance, giving religious entities the freedom to engrave creepy and weird beliefs in their doctrines. For one, its undeniably true that the Church of Scientology has its dark side, full of controversy, criminal, and cultish aspects in its beliefs and values. The Church of Scientology was established in 1954, and like other religions, it has evolved. There are essential, reprehensible, controversial, mysterious, and anachronistic tenets in Scientology that are disturbing and many have no clue about. Christian religions are associated with benevolent and positive values; however, the Church of Scientology has been accused of murder, human trafficking among other crazy things. Here is an amalgamation of 10 crazy and weird things about Scientology that you probably did not know.

The Church Has Been Banned From Editing Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is the giant online website encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The conflict of interest ensued involving the Church of Scientology and Wikipedia, the most extended dispute in Wikipedia’s history. The Webs arbitrage committee decided to block all open IP addresses operated by the Church of Scientology and its associates. The Church is applying its dictatorship on the views that contributors post online, for instance, the Church of Scientology computers were coordinating to edit all the Wikipedia articles about the church so that all views on Scientology have one voice – a specific viewpoint. Scientology’s article editing behavior conflicts with Wikipedia’s policies. According to policies of the site, if the user continually violates the site’s policies and rules, the site reserves the right to ban the user from posting on the site for good.

The Church of Scientology is among the most controversial on Wikipedia. It is compared to sensitive topics such as Abortion, Homosexuality, a presidential election among other contentious issues. The church intention was to censor and control Wikipedia so that they can control the views and articles posted about Scientology. According to the founder L. Ron Hubbard, one of the tenets and beliefs of the church is that “Man is an immortal and spiritual being with unlimited capabilities;” an idea that is controversial and disturbing both to some Scientology followers and non-followers.[2]

Physical Violence and Abuse Among the Leadership Members of Scientology

The messed-up version of religion by Scientology reveals more profound controversy. For instance, many defectors from the church give testimonies that are very creepy and scary about the beliefs and policies of the Church of Scientology that the outside world is not supposed to know. The church uses physical violence as a form of punishment for disobedience in the church. The leaders of the church such as David Miscavige use physical violence and abuse against subordinates. The church members suffer physical and psychological damage from the church which brainwashes them to acknowledge that it is not abuse. This is out of place, and it should be in the military training camp and not the church. People flee from the hard hustle and bustle of life to find peace, love, and kindness in the church. However, the Scientology version of religion that deploys physical violence and abuse against members is not only wrong, but it is entirely ungodly.[3]

The Church of Scientology Makes It Very Difficult to Leave, Even if You Want to

According to various studies around the Church of Scientology, the church is built on fictitious and fraudulent beliefs. The church teachings are designed to earn permanent loyalty at all cost including the use of lies, threats, and actual punishment to its members. For instance, based on Leah Remini, the church brainwashes its members to keep them in the religion. She defected from the church, and she is determined to reveal its dark teachings. One of the policies of Scientologists belief is that information that is not from a Scientologist source is evil and lies designed to destroy the Church of Scientology. Therefore, the outside information sources such as news, books, magazines, and the internet are forbidden for members. Thus, if found to have read or listened to external information, you are met with punishment at your own expense, including physical disciplines, prison camps among others. If you leave, they taint your name and brand you the as ‘a suppressive person’ that people should stay away from.[4]

The Church Has Been Sued for Wrongful Death

In 1995, Lisa McPherson died while under the custody and care of the Church of Scientology. The parents sued the church claiming it was responsible for their daughter’s death. The initial medical examiner’s report indicates Lisa died from unknown causes. The Church of Scientology was experimenting on people with unproven medicine and abused the disabled members of the church. Therefore, the church was charged with a second-degree murder case and a criminal felony for practicing medicine without a license along with the abuse of disabled adults.

However, the church leaders visited the medical examiner’s lawyer who influenced her to change Lisa’s medical report and altered her cause of death from ‘unknown’ to ‘accidental.’ Therefore, terming the lawsuit as an accusation for wrongful deaths. The lawyer who represented Lisa’s family, Ken Dander, later sued the Church of Scientology, its attorneys, and two judges for trying to destroy his life and career. The witness in the case is ex-Scientologist number two who proves that the church used over $30 million to cover up what happened when Lisa died. The controversial church may be engaged in illegal medical experiments that are destroying its members’ lives.[5]

Scientology’s Founder Was a Science-fiction Writer

The founder of the Church of Scientology, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was a science fiction writer and a self-proponent diabetic! The church was conceived in December 1953 and inaugurated in 1954, in Los Angeles. For instance, Hubbard authored the Battlefield Earth as his first science fiction work which was produced into a movie under the same name, starring John Travolta, a Church of Scientology member.

The church highly decorated Hubbard as the Navy commodore and war hero, that attributes the Navy records state otherwise. Although Hubbard was in the US Navy, the titles assigned to him are missing in the Navy records. He was not the commander in the World War II combat team as the church believes. He was in charge of a small vessel twice and was relieved of command on both occasions for controversial decisions. Since the church is based on science fiction assumptions, it seeks out famous actors such as Tom Cruise and Travolta and aims to bring in more celebrities. Many countries have closed their doors to and dismissed Scientology as a religion. For instance, France describes Scientology as a “fraud cult.”[6]

Scientologists Believe Mental Illness Doesn’t Exist

The Church of Scientology has consistently engaged in a war with psychiatry around the country. According to church founder L. Ron Hubbard, psychiatry is termed as an evil enterprise propagated by the devil, a form of terrorism, and the leading cause of crimes in the US and worldwide. The associates of the church use their founder’s belief to attack psychiatry and describe it as a fraud coined to appear like an illness. Scientists, physicians, psychologists, and therapists state that Scientologist claims and arguments are based on religious manipulation and pervaded beliefs with no scientific base. It can jeopardize millions of people’s lives around the world who need medication on mental illness.

According to Scientologist celebrity, Tom Cruise, psychiatry is a pseudoscience, and antidepressant drugs is a hoax because “there is nothing like a chemical imbalance in the human body.” The belief that the church is pushing for legislation to enshrine the views of the church on psychiatry in the US constitution and laws. The law should eliminate the medical units in the country in the field of psychiatry, illegalize therapy and psychiatry drugs because, according to the Church of Scientology, there is nothing like mental illness.[7]

There Was a Scientology “Prison Camp”

The church is built around strict policies on members obedience. The HBO much anticipated documentary; Going Clear is based on Scientology, and it raised a lot of controversial issues about the church. For one, the Sundanese resurfaced the most damaging accusations against the church encompassing a campaign to break Tom Cruise’s marriage to Nicole Kidman. The termination of the marriage was based on the church’s views that Nicole’s father is a psychiatrist thus very skeptical about the Church of Scientology’s teachings.

Weirdly disturbing findings of Scientology broke out following the defection of prominent members of the church such as Paul Haggis and an investigative Book by Lawrence Wright on which the HBO documentary, Going Clear is based. The is associated with slave labor on Scientology’s Sea Org boats where disobedient members were forced to disconnect from their families. The church leader David Miscavige allegedly maintains a prison camp that punishes and control senior church officials with alleged disorient of the Scientologists’ beliefs. The documentary revisits this in detail.[8]

The FBI May Have Investigated Scientology for Human Trafficking

The Church of Scientology was under scrutiny for a scandalous criminal charge over the most controversial issues like no other before. The countries federal government secretly launched a nationwide probe into the Church of Scientology over allegations on human trafficking. According to Radaronline.com, the over 300 highly classified FBI files was uncovered proving the most controversial and secretive church in the country is dealing in human trafficking.

The FBI launched an undercover investigation into the issue following public whispers that the Church of Scientology is involved in human trafficking in 2009. The report according to Radar Online indicates that underground labor camps that are similar to concentration camps are the destination of human trafficking. The people are held and forced to work in these camps where Scientologists lives, with limited in the civil liberty rights. The FBI investigation briefing was in 2010, and the investigation was titled Garand Investigation Overboard; however, the findings and the charges were mysteriously dropped with no explanations. It is not surprising given the Church of Scientology have influence and control over people in the country. In 2011 a journalist mentioned the investigation in a New Yorker article, but the trail went cold. Both the church and the Federal Bureau of Investigation denied the claim.[9]

The Founder of Scientology Once Told His Wife He Murdered Their Child

The founder of Scientology religion and churches L. Ron Hubbard admitted to his second wife Sara Northrup that he killed their daughter. According to Sara, Ron admitted to her that he kidnapped their daughter, chopped her into small bits and threw her in a river in Cuba. This was revealed in the documentary about Scientology, “Going Clear.” Ron was mentally ill and was obsessed with the prophecy that he has found the cure for Psychiatry. According to him, the medical community in the country had a vested interest in psychiatry, and they were blocking him from spreading the psychiatry cure. The idea that the medical community will crap him and lock him in a psychiatry camp depressed him. When Sara threatened to leave him unless he seeks help, he kidnapped their daughter and fled to Cuba where he kept her in a cage before murdering her.[10]

The Church of Scientology Particularly Recruits’ Celebrities

The church is known to be associated with many celebrities in the country. It seeks out stars to bring them into the church because the founder L. Ron Hubbard believed that he was starting a religion for celebrities. Among the celebrities dabbed in the church include John Travolta, Elisabeth Moss, David Campbell, Tom Cruise, among others. according to Hubbard, celebrities are an investment that helps the religion to grow faster and become the “It Religion.” To bring in more of these celebrities, any person who recruits a celebrity into the Church of Scientology was rewarded. The church initiated the Project Celebrity that targeted recruiting more famous persons in the church. Many celebrities have come to Scientology, and some have stayed while others left because of the church’s controversial doctrines and policies.[11]

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