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10 Hilarious but Canceled Comedy Central Shows & Where to Watch Them

Comedy Central, through years of televised air time, has broadcast an abundance of humorous and dynamic television since the station first hit the airwaves in 1989. No matter how hilarious you might find your favorite TV shows, however, they will inevitably come to an end. Industry run time can vary based on many things, such as ratings, content, cancellation, or planned and scripted endings. The good news is, saying goodbye to your favorite Comedy Central show doesn’t necessarily mean saying goodbye forever anymore. In the age of the internet, many outlets now allow us to stream canceled or discontinued programming. And should you be inspired to “throwback” some vintage Comedy Central programming here is a list of hilarious old favorite shows canceled or no longer airing on Comedy Central.[1] In this list, we’ll explore ten hilarious, but canceled Comedy Central shows and where to watch them now. Sit back and enjoy a possible throwback from your earlier Comedy Central days.

Reno 911!


Reno 911!, a law enforcement parody, is a show following actors under a fictitious role as law enforcement in a spin-off of the Fox Entertainment show Cops.[2] Heavily set as inappropriate, and politically incorrect, Reno 911 followed the everyday duties of the fictional Reno Sheriff’s Department, through hysterically humorous acts. While basic plots of the show made of scripted writing, most were the product of improvisational acting, creating a greater illusion of realism for viewers. First airing July 23, 2003, the show was a captivating success, being renewed for six additional seasons after its initial airing on Comedy Central’s late night comedy block.

Upon the release of its sixth season, on April 1, 2009, six of the original characters did not return for the final season, having their lack of appearance stated as fatalities during its airing. On August 13, 2009, Thomas Lennon, one of the show’s leading role characters announced via Twitter that the show had reached the end of it’s six-year, six-season run. Later leading to the residents of Reno county to petition the shows return. However, you can still view this show directly through the Comedy Central website.[3]



Following three rambunctious college dropouts, Adam, Blake, and Anders, Workaholics is a party filled comedy show, first airing April 6, 2011, through the Comedy Central network. Set in the fictional California town of Rancho Cucamonga, viewers follow these dropouts 9 to 5 and 5 to 9 as they share every wild party, prank, and adventure. Each character brings creative awkwardness to the show, undoubtedly what brought their success to light through several seasons of drunk, stoned madness.[4]

Amazingly, the show had been primarily written by the loveable, bromance trio. Sadly, all great things have to come to an end, later announcing that their seventh season would recap and end the show, airing its final season airing January 11, 2017, and series finale on March 15, 2017. Is there light at the end of this tragic tunnel you may ask? There is! You can still view the show in its entirety on Hulu.[5]



Imagine yourself accidentally falling into a cryo freeze time machine, only to wake up in the 31st century. Animated hit, Futurama is precisely that.[6] The storyline follows Philip J. Fry, better known as “Fry” while he lives 31st-century life in a 21st-century body and brain. Working for an interplanetary delivery company, Fry and his co-workers take on hilarious adventures throughout the universe head-on. The show was thought up and created by Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, in the mid-1990s.

After successfully pitching his creation, the show first aired on Fox on March 28, 1999, staying on the network until Comedy Central picked the show up. Futurama remained on the Comedy Central network until it’s final episode September 4, 2013. Winning six award during its seven-season run Futurama was a six-time award-winning program, being nominated for 29 awards! If you so desire to watch this animated masterpiece, you can still watch it via Hulu or directly through the Comedy Central website.[7]

Key & Peele

Key & Peele

If sketch comedy is your niche, you’ll love Key & Peele. Funny enough, was named after the show’s creators, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jordan Peele, who initially intended to call the show “Beige.” A typical episode starred the duo consisting of several skits of knee-slapping comedy. First airing January 31, 2012, Key & Peele aired for five additional seasons until its conclusion September 9, 2015. The show later went on to win a Peabody Award and two Primetime Emmys, well deserving to the cast and crew of the show.[8] Streaming services allow you to re-watch this sketch comedy through Hulu or Comedy Central directly.[9]

Chappelle’s Show

Chappelle’s Show

We return to sketch comedy with Chappelle’s Show, one of Comedy Central’s earliest. Dave Chappelle the shows leading role, mixed stand up comedy and sketch work, birthing comedy gold as the product. You’d be surprised to learn it had first pitched to HBO but rejected, later being picked up by Comedy Central premiering January 22, 2003.[10] This three-season mashup became short lived when after numerous setbacks Dave left production leaving the network only three episodes to broadcast.

Despite the shows unfortunate end, such a hit the show earned multiple reruns after ending July 23, 2006. Notably, TV Guide ranked Chappelle’s Show number 31 out of their “TV’s Top 100 Shows” List. You can still watch this program on the Comedy Central website, or buy seasons over Amazon. Dave even has a stand-up comedy special viewable on Netflix, being well worth the watch.[11]

Drunk History

Drunk History

Most wouldn’t consider learning history a comedic experience, but Comedy Central’s Drunk History was just that. So why is it called Drunk History you might ask? Well, the answer is merely that pre narration, narrators would get drunk off alcohols they had their worst experiences with, and inform viewers on history! The show hit the airwaves on Comedy Central on July 9, 2013.[12]

Although Drunk History recently received its renewal no longer leaving us without this masterpiece of comedy works on January 15, 2019, now on its sixth season. Viewable on Hulu and Comedy Central’s website, Drunk History is well worth the watch, striking all your daily giggles and history with one stone.[13]

The Sarah Silverman Program

The Sarah Silverman Program

First Airing February 1, 2007, The Sarah Silverman Program, starring Sarah Silverman as the leading role, although fictionally, was a three-season Comedy Central, inside the life of Sarah show. Each episode was premised around Sarah and her friend’s adventures around Valley Village, California, playing a fictional version of herself.

The shows comedic kick comes from her childlike, and awkward personality in social situations, making it a hilarious, maybe even relatable watch for viewers.[14] The show had a successful three-season runtime airing it’s final season April 15, 2010, after receiving its cancelation. You can still watch The Sarah Silverman Program directly on Comedy Central’s website.[15]



Like nature, comedy, animation, and all that good stuff? Brickleberry is just that. Created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, first airing on Comedy Central September 25, 2012, Brickleberry was an animated series following park rangers and their obscene daily lives in fictional Brickleberry National Park. Most notably, the show was co-produced by one of Comedy Central’s own Daniel Tosh, known for his hit show Tosh.o. Daniel also voiced one of the show’s characters main characters, Malloy, who loved junk food alongside his love for pranking the rangers.[16] January 7, 2015, the show aired it’s final and third-season, shortly after being canceled by Comedy Central. Should you dabble in the lives of these hilarious park rangers, you can now view through Hulu or directly through Comedy Central’s website.[17]

Kenny VS Spenny

Kenny VS Spenny

Starring Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, Kenny VS Spenny was the ultimate Canadian, competition comedy. During a typical episode, Kenny and Spencer would challenge each other in competitions; the loser would have to face various forms of humiliation selected by the winner of the challenge. Premiering August 23, 2003, the show became nominated for numerous Gemini Awards in 2005 and 2006, and two Canadian Comedy Awards in 2010 and 2011. Typically shot in hometown Toronto, Ontario, in a home they shared. The show reached six-seasons of comedic success until it’s cancelation September 7, 2010. Nowadays you can still view Kenny and Spencers comedy in the competition through Youtube or Amazon, although we recommend Youtube to save your pennies.[18]

Nathan for You


Lastly, and authors top pick, we explore docu-reality success, Nathan For You. Starring himself, Nathan Fielder, the show follows Nathan as he offers businesses his outlandish services to struggling businesses. A typical episode can consist of proposing a parody of coffee shop named “ Dumb Starbucks,” or making an auto body shop commit to a lie detector test, assuring customers they’re not being ripped off. Most proposals would decay into failure or leave owners scratching their heads. Nathan For You makes it cringy and personal for viewers through character development during the show, with Nathans discreet, yet constant search for love and friendship. Examples of this could include Nathan often offering his clients to “hang out” after his services, or hosting an entire dating show within the series to prove he could find love.

This cringe comedy show first premiered February 28, 2013, on the Comedy Central network with approximately 357,000 viewers and nearly doubling for episode two.[19] However, after reaching four-seasons of success, Comedy Central on October 18, decided Nathan For You would not return for a fifth season, instead would pursue other projects. Nathan Fielders, Cringe docu-reality show can still throwback via Comedy Central’s direct website or Hulu. Who knows, maybe Nathans methods could bring your struggling company success! Although not recommended.[20]

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