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10 Terrifying Facts About the Black Knight Satellite

The Black Knight Conspiracy Theory is one of the craziest conspiracy theory on the planet. According to this theory, aliens successfully managed to install a device on the earth’s polar orbit 13,000 years ago when we humans were figuring out how to domesticate animals. Humans didn’t even know what science and technology were at that time. Since the discovery of Black Knight Satellite, it is regarded as one of the most remarkable and outstanding discoveries in space objects. Causing significant media attention upon itself since the late ’50s, Black Knight has become one of the most cited objects ever discovered by humans. This article covers the top 10 facts about the ‘Black Knight Conspiracy Theory.’

The Black Knight Satellite Was First Sighted in the 1950s

In early 1950, a report claimed about the apparition of the Black Knight revolving in the polar orbit which was the cause of the bizarre radio signals. The first sighting of the Black Knight made its debut in media in 1954. New York Times printed an article claiming that Dr. Lincoln Lepaz discovered two objects orbiting the Earth. The only problem was that in 1954, Neither the Americans nor the Soviet Union had enough technology to make an object revolve around the planet in any of the orbits at that time. This was the time of deep suspicions for the entire world. What Lepaz saw was enough to put the Pentagon into suspicion for a while that the Russians might have beaten the Americans into space. However, some theorists believed that alien was the real answer. In 1960, Time Magazine wrote about “The Black Knight Satellite.”[1]

Tesla Was the First Person to Communicate With the Object

Probably the satellite had been transmitting radio signals from the time it started revolving around the earth. The humans hadn’t made any device that could receive and interpret the signals coming from the outer space. However, when high voltage radio device was built in Colorado Springs in 1899, Nikola Tesla, a brilliant Serbian Inventor, was the first who intercepted the external signals unlike other natural source’s signals of the Earth.

After having constant interference from a bizarre electric signal, he concluded that the signals were from ET. Although he couldn’t figure out what extra-terrestrials were trying to tell him, he didn’t stop to write for ‘Collier’s Weekly,’ a magazine, about his experience. He frequently published an article titled “Talking with the Planets.” He also assured the readers that the strange signals were “entirely intentional” and probably came from Mars. But the actual source of the signal was still an excellent question for him. Many believe that Tesla was getting messages from the Black Knight Satellite.[2]

Black Knight Emitted Bizarre Radio Signals Unlike Other Satellites

In 1927, these signals were again caught by the radio devices and were heard by the amateur radio operator Jorgen Hals of Phillips Eindhoven Laboratories in the Netherlands. Unlike other signals, these signals had bizarre timing as it bounced back to him (Jorgen Hals) several seconds after the original transmission had ended. These signals were called Long Delayed Echoes (LDE’s) which was very difficult to express in terms of radio waves.

Besides this, professor Carl Stormer of Oslo was exploring different avenues regarding short wave radio transmissions, when they started getting their very own signs, being handed-off back to them. On October 28 Th, 1929, Dr. Van der Pol of Phillips affirmed that he had likewise heard the echoes, being repeated in the meantime every morning. Later it would be guaranteed that the Black Knight Satellite was in responsible for it, by sending the signals that achieve it, back to their unique source.[3]

The Signals Were Believed to Have Sent by Extra-Terrestrials

Tesla and Hals both heard bizarre radio signals they attributed to the extra-terrestrial life from the space. In the year 1960, another hypothesis becomes tied up with the image by Ronald Bracewell. But Ronald Bracewell thought the things a step further by publishing a theory on how life on the other planet in the space is trying to communicate with the humans on Earth. Some conjecture that the Black Knight could be this hypothetical transmitter, known as a Bracewell Probe.

Such probes ought to be equipped for covering more prominent separations and subsequently can achieve the planet it has been attempting to convey. If the certainties are connected, these transmissions could be equivalent to that found by Tesla and Hals. According to Bracewell, intelligent beings in space might have filled a probe or satellite with all the information and have launched it into space. The satellite would then look for civilizations capable of decoding its messages. Such satellites are necessary as it can travel vast distances, but it has to get near to the planet with which it is trying to communicate.[4]

The Radio Signals Triggered the Space Race Between the Nations

The space race was at its peak by the end of the 1950s between U.S and USSR and both of them successfully installed satellites in orbit of the Earth. But in 1960, a radar owned by the U.S Navy picked up the presence of a strange and dark object that didn’t belong to either country, according to Skeptoid. The Americans suspected that the Soviets had secretly launched a spy satellite against them. This object was revolving in polar orbit when satellites launched by U.S. and USSR were in an equatorial orbit.

The Department of Defence claimed the object nothing but a piece of innocent space junk, a part of Air Force Discoverer Satellite. But this was not true. The declassified documents that were the part of a secret project doing reconnaissance on Russia rejected the Defence Ministry’s claims. For conspiracy theorists, if the government lied once, why wouldn’t it lie again? Must have been the Black Knight satellite.[5]

The Lost Tapes of the Black Knight Satellite

In 1961, a computer scientist named Jacques Fabrice Vallee made a startling discovery of a bright, unidentified object in the retrograde orbit of the Earth. The technology to put an object in the retrograde orbit of the earth didn’t exist at that time. But Vallee and his colleagues thought of the object as an innocent material like an asteroid that might have gotten caught in the Earth’s gravitational pull since it was accepted, around then, that no rockets existed that were ground-breaking enough to dispatch such a satellite into space.

But when Vallee showed the tape of the object to his supervisor, his supervisor impounded the tape and erased the footage. Then in an interview, Vallee said that his supervisor didn’t want to publicize incomplete information which made no sense with other countries involved in that project. Vallee made no discussion about the tape after that. However, the footage that Vallee recorded might have been one of the hard evidence of the presence of the Black Knight Satellite.[6]

Cooper’s Encounter With the Black Knight

In 1963, when Astronaut Gordon Cooper was orbiting the earth, he claimed that he saw glowing green lights which probably came from the black knight. At the same time, NASA’s Muchea tracking station in Australia, over which the spacecraft was orbiting at the time, reported seeing the strange object on radar. But NASA forbade press from asking Cooper about the sighting and claimed that it was a malfunction in space capsule which resulted in the lights.

NASA also said that Cooper had a hallucination due to the leakage of carbon monoxide and he did not see any UFO. However, Cooper also produced transcripts saying that on his Mercury mission on the Earth’s orbit, he never saw anything hiding his encounter with the object. In spite of NASA’s endeavor to clarify what Cooper saw with an increasingly everyday clarification, he proceeded for a mind-blowing duration to reveal stories that point by point his encounters with UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.[7]

The Endeavour’s Encounter

One of the most recent and cited evidence that proves the existence of the Black Knight satellite dates back to 1998 when the crew of Endeavour, a Space Shuttle Orbiter, captured the images of the strange object on the lower orbit of the earth. The photos are often referred to as most rigid proof that object. However, the object seemed to be nothing more than space debris or the thermal blanket of the spacecraft. Be that as it may, on the closer perception, the structure likewise bears an uncanny likeness with space garbage.

NASA anyway has looked to expose the cases by saying that the Black Knight Satellite was a thermal blanket unintentionally dropped from a space transport. But according to the space historian James Oberg in his history of the incident of ‘STS-88 and The Black Knight’ said that the blanket burned up when it fell out of the orbit about a week after its disappearance which proves that the object was a UFO, specifically of extra-terrestrial life.[8]

It Had Been Orbiting the Earth for More Than 13,000 Years

It is also said that the answer to the mystery satellite in the sky was given by the man named Duncan Lunan, a science fiction writer in 1970. He mapped the Long Delayed Echoes Jorgen Hals found in 1920 against constellations. He concluded that the signals were from the star Epsilon Bootis and they arrived here first 13,000 years ago, the same time the Black Knight was supposed to come here. A satellite from a far removed outsider civilization had been circling the planet since pre-history.

According to Lunan, the object is orbiting our Moon, not the Earth. But later Lunan withdrew his words saying that the original data was faulty. But this didn’t stop the theorists from connecting Lunan’s name with the conspiracy of Black Knight Satellite which made him deny that his thoughts of long-delayed echoes have anything to do with it. Professor Bracewell, who authored outsider satellites, was persuaded Lunan had demonstrated his hypothesis. Lunan’s discoveries were additionally approved by the esteemed British Interplanetary Society, the most established space support body on the planet.[9]

The Black Knight Satellite Could Be Still Revolving Around Us

The Universe is a vast place which consists of things which we’ve successfully discovered and those we haven’t discovered yet. Probably we are not alone in this universe. Astronomers are trying to find the signs of other life while some have even searched for alien probes near Earth. But the discovery of the Black Knight is not the answer. There has been no productive proof to interface the LDEs of Nikola Tesla, and those got in the 60s, with the sightings of unidentified satellites starting during the 1950s, which give off an impression of being very certifiable and unexplainable.

Anyway, the guaranteed sightings of UFOs “shadowing” the Sputniks is scarcely affirmed. However, an alleged spilled video of the purported ‘Black Knight UFO’ following the International Space Station (ISS) has risen online in spite of the presence of the legendary ‘outsider satellite’ being adequately exposed in 2016 which was the most recent encounter of humans with the UFO.[10]

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