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10 Hard to Believe Facts About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler remains the most unpleasant name in history because of the wreckage the man caused in the whole world. He is the best example of how one deranged person can lead to the end of humanity. He is personally blamed for the deaths of millions of people, those that fell fate to his crazy antisemitic ideas and those that tried to stop him. However, despite being the closest image of a human monster the world has ever seen, many people don’t really know Hitler. He was a man with many faults and a little good too, and these are the facts about him that are so hard to believe.

He Was the First European Leader to Ban Human Zoos

The debate on which European country started human zoos in the first place has caused division and regret for many years. The practice started early even before Adolf Hitler was born when people flocked human zoos in Berlin, London and Paris to watch “foreign humans” or “the others” mostly from Africa as they were paid or forced by their masters to perform rituals and dances for the crowds.

This remains one of the most demeaning practices in human history, which is why everyone can’t help it but thank Hitler for his decision. Hitler banned all Human zoos and visits in Germany becoming the first person to do so at the peak of the practice when more than 1 billion people are believed to have visited them in Europe. The tradition however continued in other nations with the last zoo being shut down in 1958 in Belgium after wide international condemnation.[1]

He Was Not a German by Birth

A close look at Adolf Hitler’s roots gives an image of someone too simple to make the monster we hear of today. He was born in a small town called Braunau am Inn in Austria to short-tempered father Alois who worked as a customs official. His journey into Germany started after his failure to secure graduation in secondary school and his father’s subsequent death.

He attempted a career as an artist in Vienna but failed being forced to live in homeless shelters because he had used all the money he inherited from his grandfather. He then escaped Vienna to Munich to avoid compulsory military service which led to him serving in the German army in WWI. Today, many people around the world wish Hitler never set foot in Germany in the first place.[2]

He Never Won an Election Personally

Some people accuse democracy of putting Hitler in power, but this is not entirely true. Adolf Hitler never beat anyone on the ballot; circumstances caused his rise to power. In 1932, while Hitler was leading the Nazi party, the party received 37 percent of the vote. Paul Von Hindenburg, the incumbent, then beat Hitler in the 1933 presidential run becoming the president but had to create a coalition with the Nazis because his party didn’t have a majority. Hitler was then appointed as Chancellor, not elected by the people.

The increase of antisemitism ideas and hate for communism, however, increased in Germany with the advancement of the Nazi ideology leading Hindenburg’s weakened position. Hindenburg’s death in 1934 changed the nation drastically because the Nazis, then controlling the Reichstag pushed for a vote to combine the powers of the president and the chancellor to create the position of Fuhrer. The vote passed by more than 90 percent due to intimidation and propaganda, and since Hitler was the Chancellor, he automatically inherited all of Hindenburg’s powers becoming an unstoppable dictator.[3]

His Rise to Power Was Advanced Mainly by the Reichstag Fire

Fear was the greatest weapon used by the Nazis, and they used every opportunity they got to twist events in their favor. The Reichstag (German parliament) had no majority since 1928 and Nazis in a bid to reduce the opposition from communists, sought a way of reducing their numbers. After becoming the Chancellor, Adolf Hitler appointed 50,000 Nazis as SAs (auxiliary police) sending them into the streets to terrorize people that allied to communism. In February 1933, just a few days before the fire, Hitler ordered a raid on the communist party headquarters and allegedly seized papers that pointed to a planned attack on state buildings.

On the night of February 27th, the Reichstag building was set ablaze most likely by the SAs themselves burning down more than half of the building and causing over $1 million in losses. The arrested Culprit at the scene was Marinus Van Der Lubbe, a jobless Dutch construction worker who was caught sweating and shaking with firestarters near the Reichstag. The tragedy was immediately blamed on the communists leading to the arrest of the party leader and more than 20 of the party’s top officials. More than 400 people were also arrested, leading to fear that forced communist representatives to stay away from the Reichstag. This left a parliament short of more than 80 opposition members which allowed the Nazis to pass legislation that allowed Hindenburg and later Hitler to invoke article 48 which made the president a dictator.[4]

He Was Closer to Jews Than People Knew

Adolf Hitler pioneered the deadliest antisemitic ideas of all time, killing more than 6 million Jews, and it is only natural to expect him to have lived his talk, but he didn’t. It is hard to understand his hate for Jews because, in his teenage years, he secretly admired Stefanie Rabatsch Isak despite her Jewish last name and relations. He also grew up thanks to a Jewish family doctor Eduard Bloch who was very nice to their low-income family and even treated them without pay.

His friend that helped him when his life hit tough point was Joseph Neuman who stood by him after failing two attempts to enroll at an arts college and running broke in the streets of Vienna. After joining the Nazis, despite preaching the loudest antisemitic policies of all time, he still found a friend in a little Jewish girl Rosa Bernal Nienau with whom they shared a birthday. It is so hard to understand why he could end up looking at all these good people as an unworthy race that had no place in his “new world.”[5][6]

His Nephew, William Hitler Fought in the U.S. Navy

Alois Hitler, Adolf Hitler’s half brother, lived in Liverpool and married Bridget which made his son William Patrick Hitler a Briton. He earned a living writing story for magazines in London and became even better at his job during the late 20s when Hitler’s popularity was increasing. His surname would, however, prove to be his doom in the early 30s when Hitler became Britain’s arch enemy. He attempted to convince his uncle to get him a job in Germany, but he refused, so he tried to blackmail him by threatening to write a story about Hitler’s alleged Jewish ancestry.

He later decided to make cash by writing a story called “why I hate my uncle,” a move that made his uncle angry. They fell out, forcing him to go on the run back to Britain and later to the U.S. as the world descended to full-scale war. In the U.S., joining the army was an even tougher task because of his second name. He was later allowed to serve in the Navy as a medical officer ending up with a purple star. He then changed his name and settled in New York where he lived till his death in the 80s.[7]

He Wanted to Convert Moscow Into a Lake

The Soviet Union suffered the worst losses at the hands of Nazi Germany thanks to an unprepared army and a scared Stalin. The Nazis advanced fast, and by June 1943, they were just 180 miles from Leningrad. There were more than 3 million Nazi soldiers deployed, and while they were busy thrashing the Russians, Stalin was busy assembling the most powerful army Russia had ever seen for the battle of Stalingrad.

The funny thing about the advance, however, is that Adolf Hitler had no plan of coexisting with the Russians, he already had an idea in place to level Moscow, kill all the 3 million inhabitants to avoid the burden of having to feed them in the winter then pump water into the city to form a lake. The same winter he was counting on however worked in favor of the Russians because the Nazis had no idea just how cold winter can get in Moscow.[8][9]

He Was a Strong Supporter of Animal Rights

What is the point in campaigning for the rights of animals when you have no consideration for humanity? Anyway, Hitler, the most genocidal man in history, was both a vegan and an animal rights campaigner. It was a Nazi habit to protect the environment and pass strict animal conservation laws including euthanizing of terminally ill pets, mandatory use of anesthetic when cutting ears and tails off dogs, and humane practices of slaughtering animals.

Adolf Hitler was personally a lover of dogs, spending many hours with his dog Blondi. He hated hunting, forcing animal conservation throughout Germany and even France after the invasion. Under his rule, Germany became the first country in the world to put a wolf under state protection. Germany also banned torturous experiments that harmed animals and even introduced animal conservation courses in German universities.[10]

He Personally Never Visited Concentration Camps

At the onset of the Nazi regime, there were more than 9 million Jews in Europe, and more than 6 million of them never lived beyond those dark years all thanks to Hitler’s “Final solution.” Initially, the Nazis planned to forcefully expel all Jews to Madagascar or the Arctic circle, although this would have caused many deaths, Hitler also considered it too expensive. Hitler was still decided on doing away with the Jews, although he didn’t say it in public or associate himself in any way with the activities in the concentration camps.

There is no record showing an order for executions from Hitler to Auschwitz or any other concentration camp for that matter. This, however, doesn’t mean Adolf Hitler didn’t know what Himmler and his other deputies were doing, he was fully aware. Hitler mainly started the Idea of “the final solution” after realizing that his soldiers were able to carry out a massacre as they did to the Soviet POWs. He then stayed away from all the dirty work, including all the concentration camps.[11]

He Survived at Least 42 Assassination Attempts

The most famous assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler’s life today is operation Valkyrie which ended in total disaster, but this was just one of the many assassinations attempts on Hitler’s life. Contrary to popular opinion, the allies were not the main plotters of most of these attempts. Germans were the greatest victims of Hitler’s cruelty, which is why they are the ones that tried the most to kill him. The other famous attempt was carried out by his inner circle regularly referred to as the July plot. They put a bomb in a suitcase and placed it next to Hitler’s table, but someone moved the briefcase away by mistake, causing the blast only to injure Hitler’s eardrums. He went out of control and executed nearly 5000 people for their role in the plot.[12]

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